Chapter 150 Shizuku's Body can't be Satisfied with Toys

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 While Alvin and the others were having a meeting at the temple.
 Hayate, who came home from her part-time job, and Shizuku, who had been practicing magic in their room all day, was lying in the same bed.
 The two of them were naked in the futon, cuddling together as they tried to fall asleep. The warmth of their smooth skin touching each other felt very comfortable to both of them.
"I'm sorry, Hayate-chan. I haven't earned any money yet, because ......I didn't get permission to go on any quests today, just training"
"Don't worry about it. It's better if Shizuku trains until you learn the magic properly. There's no need to panic"
 Hayate sincerely thought so.
 It was because Hayate was satisfied with her current situation.
 The place where she works was a store run by a couple with good personalities. The baby is cute and soothing.
 They also taught her magic, and although she is still not very good at it, she was able to use body-strengthening magic and feels that she was making progress.
 They can't afford luxury, but they don't starve.
 It's a perfect living environment. If she was to complain about this, Shinji would probably give up on her rehabilitation.
"Now Shizuku is my hug pillow. Here, here 〜♪"
"An~ Hayate-chan~ "
 Hayate's fingers crawl over Shizuku's body.
 Whenever Hayate's fingers touch Shizuku's erogenous zones, a sweet sensation of pleasure runs through her. Shizuku was certainly feeling the pleasure as she made a sweet sound.
 However, the delicate touch of Hayate's thin fingers was not as pleasurable as the strong caress of Shinji's burly fingers.
 She was supposed to feel good, but she felt inadequate.
 Of course, it was the same with toys.
 In fact, the difference is more severe with toys.
 The inorganic dildo, which had been coated with slime lotion to make it slippery, and inserted into Shizuku surely pleasurable for her.
 But it is not satisfying enough for her body, who has known men.
 It's different from Shinji's penis that filled her vagina to the brim.
 It's different from Shinji's glans that could pressed her womb.
 It's different from his penis which hot and could filling her womb with semen that made it even warmer.
 For the first time, Shizuku pretended to cum in front of Hayate.
 Shizuku was filled with guilt, and she tried to cover it up by caressing Hayate a lot and making her cum with the dildo.
 Shizuku couldn't look directly at Hayate's sleeping face as she slept peacefully.
"Nbu, Nmu~ ...... Juru ...... Jupu
 The next morning.
 After seeing Hayate off, Shizuku was called by Shinji.
 She was sitting on the bed with her face in Shinji's crotch and his erect penis in her mouth.
 Shinji has cut down his sleep and called Shizuku at home. As it turned out, the meeting at the temple continued late into the night.
 The Mazzola family and the temple were supposed to make a move to gather the soldiers at dusk today. Just before that time, Shinji and <Running Wolves> are planning to infiltrate the Paradise brothel.
 Shinji and the others are scheduled to sleep until around brunch, when they will leave at dusk to rest and recuperate.
 But he still sleeping late and waking up early to guide Shizuku, so Shinji was slightly tired. There must be a phenomenon called a tired penis, still Shinji's penis is more erect than the last time he fucked Shizuku.
"You're being honest today"
"Puha~....... noisy. Because you're not going to teach me magic until you make me ejaculate, right?"
 Shizuku glares upward at Shinji.
 She was obviously unhappy, but there was a fire of lust in her eyes. So, Shinji grabbed her head with both hands to make it easier for her to excuse herself, and pulled her back to suck on his penis again.
"If you know what you're doing, then let's move your mouth"
"......Hamu~ ......Jupu~ Jupo~ Nn~ Nn~ "
 Shizuku closed her eyes and started licking his penis again.
 As Shinji had planned, Shizuku used the excuse that she was grabbed by her head as a reason to serve him and sucked on his penis with care. Shizuku was aware that she was getting aroused. Her underwear was wet and shivering with her love juices.
 Her body, which had been developed by Shinji, was now fully awake as a lustful female. Shizuku no longer had any aversion to the penis.
"That's enough. I think it's time we had sex"
"......It's a magic ritual. It's not sex"
 He pulled out his penis and displayed it in front of Shizuku. Even if there is no estrus magic, Shizuku could't look away from the penis because she is in the mood for it.
 But she still tried to deny it with her words. It's still an act of lewdness, though.
"Here, insert it yourself"
 Shinji was lying on his back on the bed, his penis facing the sky. Shizuku straddled the erect penis by herself. She straddled him backwards so that she could not see his face, which meant that Shinji could see her asshole.
 As Shizuku grabbed the tip of his penis and slowly guided it into her vagina.
 She felt the sensation so good that it sent shivers down her spine just to insert it. So, she had to cover her mouth with one hand to keep her voice from coming out.
(It's no good...... It feels so good...... It's nothing compared to yesterday's toy...... Ah, my hips are moving......)
 Clap, her hips flattened against Shinji's body. Even without any caressing, Shizuku's vagina was in good shape.
 Shizuku began to shake her hips slowly, even though she was not told what to do.
 She could feel her love juices flowing and her asshole tingling.
"Shizuku is such an obedient student"
"Please~ Shut up~ Hurry up~ Quickly ejaculate~ Ah~ Ah~ Nn~...... N....... Nn~......"
 Shinji thrusts his hips up while praising her, and his penis gouges the back of her vagina. She could have easily climaxed if he poked and prodded the weak spot of Shizuku. But Shinji held back his ejaculation as her vagina tightened and tightened.
"Come on, if you don't move, it won't end"
"...... ...... Hii~"
 She was trembling from the aftermath of her climax, and Shinji, who had only raised her upper body, hugged her from behind. He pushes forward further, and Shizuku almost falls forward, it made her panics and puts her hands on the bed.
 As he grabbed her waist firmly with his hugging hand. The next thing she knew, Shizuku was in a position where she was being poked from behind by Shinji.
 The serious hip shaking by Shinji begins.
 Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan
"Aah~ I'm~ Ah~ Cumming~ I'm cumming~ I'm cumming~ I'm cumming againnnnnn~ ♡♡♡"
 Shizuku's sensitive vagina, which had just climaxed, was being mercilessly tortured and she was shaking her head from side to side with tears streaming down her face. Even so, Shinji doesn't stop shaking his hips.
 Shizuku had to be reminded of this.
 She can't win against this penis. She couldn't resist this pleasure. Her instincts were telling him to obey this man.
 At this moment, Shizuku had become a female. She forgot about maintain her magic, and sweated as she devoured the pleasure.
 Shinji didn't say a word. He just thrusts deep into her vagina to ejaculate.
 He ejaculated into her vagina as if he didn't need to hold back anymore.
 Doku Dopu Bupyu Buu
 Shinji ejaculated inside her in the deepest and most pleasurable state, with his hips and ass tightly pressed together. The pleasure of conquering the female Shizuku filled Shinji with every last drop of semen.
 After a long ejaculation, Shinji covered Shizuku and whispered in his ear.
"If you don't maintain your magic, it won't end. I'm going to make you feel good until you can maintain the magic"
 This means that if Shizuku chooses not to maintain her magic power, she can experience this pleasure again.
 Shizuku felt as if her head was in a haze, but she tried to maintain her magic. However, her body did not move as she wanted.
"Ah Ah Noo~ I can't maintain it "
 Shinji poked her vagina with his penis again.
 Shizuku continued to be fucked by Shinji until his time limit was up.
 It's not just the womb, but also the vagina that's filled with semen, and Shizuku's disheveled face is exposed to Shinji.
  • Magic Ritual Fails!
  • Shizuku was finally unable to learn the magic.
  • It was just cheating sex, wasn't it?
  • Well, normally, she would just appeal this act as a rape to the appropriate authorities.
  • But Shinji could ban her with a lewd crest, it's easy for Shinji to do so.
  • Shizuku's body is completely defeated (cuckolded).
  • Will Hayate notice?

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