Chapter 162 Lovers' lewd sex

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 After returning to their private room in the temple, Alvin and the others dropped off their luggage and immediately gathered in the room with their lovers.
 Alvin, who had been under a lot of charm and suppressed his desire, suddenly became overwhelmed with sexual desire. He wanted Milis more than usual, and Alvin tried to lead her forcefully.
 The usual Milis would have gladly accepted Alvin's lead, but today's Milis was different.
 Milis remembered how Alvin had become obsessed with the aggressive and appealing girl in the brothel. Today, Milis would be able to excuse her aggressive behavior with the reason that she was charmed.
 So, when Alvin tried to push Milis down, she grabbed him tightly and tried to roll him over. Alvin was surprised by Milis' actions and let her roll him on the bed as she wanted.
 As she does that, Milis was on top of Alvin.
 Milis was more aggressive than ever, and her face was twisted in a lewd way that Alvin could tell she was excited.
"Al-kun. You were quite aroused in the brothel, weren't you?"
"T, that was because of the charm......"
"You were, weren't you?"
"Y, yes......"
 Alvin could only nod in agreement with Milis's unquestionable power.
"Al-kun, do you like aggressive girls?"
"The only girl I like is Mil!"
"I like you too, Al-kun...... "
 Milis loosens her own clothes.
 Seeing that, Alvin's heart was pounding as Milis looked even more seductive than ever, and although Alvin wasn't aware of it, Milis's willingness to have sex with him was stimulating him.
"I'm going to take the lead today, Al-kun~ "
"Wait, Mil...... Oh!"
 Milis attacked Alvin.
 That day, Alvin is being squeezed by the aggressive Milis, who is used to having sex with Shinji, and there is no way Alvin can beat her.
 Alvin didn't think too much about it, he was just happy to see his lover's inner side and it felt so good.
 Alvin had no way of knowing that his lover's body was already in a state that he could not satisfy.
 Another pair of lovers, Shinji and Renka.
 This time, Renka was completely unaffected by charm, but Shinji had been so charmed at the brothel that he was ready to push Renka over the edge.
 However, Renka was more aggressive than ever, and when she tried to resist Shinji's attempts to push her down, he tried to push her back down.
 Still, Shinji let Renka push him down and they kissed tongue to tongue until Renka was satisfied.
"Nn~ Chu~ Nmu~ Hah…… Shinji……"
"N, what is it?"
"I'll serve you......"
 Renka takes off her top and then her underwear, exposing her firm breasts to the open air, then she expertly removes Shinji's pants and underwear and guides his already erect penis into her cleavage.
 Renka drools in her mouth, wetting Shinji's cock.
 As she worked the drool-slicked penis between her breasts, Shinji's mouth let out a pleasant gasp.
"Feels good......? "
"Great ....... Can you also give me a blowjob......?"
"Nn...... Hamu~ Chu…… Rero~ Juu~ Nmu~ Nmu~ It's really big...... "
 Renka, who looks lewdly debauched, puts her mouth on Shinji's penis.
 She carefully ran her tongue over the tip of his cock, which was visible through her cleavage, and began to suck on it.
 The reason why Renka so aggressive because Shinji had kissed the prostitute in a brothel.
 Her heart was filled with jealousy.
 It was the same jealousy she had felt when he had sex with Milis before they left, but now it was rekindled.
 When Renka had sex with Shinji, she had often been passive because he had been so demanding, and Renka had been happy with that, but what about Shinji? He wondered if he liked girls who were more sexually active.
 Shinji was a maid lover and had many sex friends. Of course, she likes sex too. If so, wouldn't he prefer a girl who was sexually active? That's what she was thinking.
 So Renka kept her jealousy to herself and tried to be more active in sex with Shinji.
 Gyut~ , she squeezed her chest from side to side and moved hard to make him ejaculate. Shinji's penis quivered and Renka knew that he was going to ejaculate.
"Nmu~ .......N, .......Nn~ ......Nn, it's too much......"
 As the tip of his penis was in her mouth, semen poured into her mouth. The semen that is released with great force cannot be caught by the mouth alone, but splashes on Renka's face and breast, staining them white.
 Renka complained about the force of the cum, but her expression was moist, so it was clear that she was only complaining verbally.
"Renka, you're very aggressive"
"Because ......Mil and the prostitutes at the brothel were aggressive, so I think Shinji likes aggressive girls, too......
 Renka answered Shinji's question honestly.
 When Shinji heard the answer, he immediately moved. He pulled Renka, who was pressing her upper body against his lower body, and pushed her back down.
 Shinji looked down at Renka with a very lewd smile on his face. Renka's heart fluttered as Shinji changed the atmosphere.
"I like aggressive girls, but I also like attacking girls. And sex with Renka is the most comforting"
"Me too...... I like to have sex with Shinji. ...... I love you~ "
"I love you too......"
 Shinji inserted his cock into Renka in the missionary position.
 For Shinji, Renka's jealousy was very comforting. His cock was naturally becoming stronger.
 Shinji had never thought that he would become so addicted to his lover, as he had only been able to become strongly aroused by the act of cuckolding.
 But he didn't feel bad. He can remind himself that he had to protect his body and mind so that he could continue to hold Renka.
 Even though he realized the importance of a lover, Shinji did not feel guilty ......sleeping with women who had lovers.
 In fact, it gives him a stronger sense of pleasure. Shinji reaffirmed his awareness that he was twisted. He needs to be careful not to lose his good looks on the surface, but he can think about that later.
 For now, Shinji was determined to make love to his lover, who was right in front of him.
  • Milis-chan is very intense.
  • Milis-chan is the one who has grown the most sexually in this work. Milis-chan, who was always passive in the beginning, has become more aggressive......
  • Speaking of growth, Shinji now also aroused with lover play apart from cuckolding, thanks to Renka's love!
  • He's still a bit twisted, though, so he's still going for the cuckold thing.
  • But if it wasn't cuckolding, he still be fine......

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