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Monday, August 16, 2021

Chapter 21 I'm not Cheating

Two updates + one additional chapter.....
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 I look into Kurosawa-san's face, who is sleeping quietly on my arm pillow.
 Perhaps relieved that she won't be killed, she sleeps with a peaceful smile on her face.
 After one long, long session, we hugged each other like lovers.
 Our breathing is still ragged. And when I held her head on my chest, she repeatedly kissed my chest with a loving expression on her face.
 I love you, I love you, I love you so much
 I felt as if I could hear her sweet voice in between her kisses which look like a little bird pecking at me.
 I was so overwhelmed with love that I couldn't help but put my arms around her and she said, “It hurts, Kijima-kun......” then I couldn't take it anymore and put my mouth on her lips.
 What can I say?...... I felt happy.
 Because when I thought of the fact that I could make this beautiful girl mine, I felt a warmth spreading deep inside my heart.
 To be liked by someone. I was even surprised at how satisfying it was to be loved by someone.
Ugh..... What's wrong with this, Devi?
 That was the first thing Lili said when she appeared in the midair.
 And when she did, she twisted her head in a dubious manner.
What's going on?
If it were normal, Kurosawa-chan could have fallen completely, Devi
 I couldn't quite make out what Lili was saying.
But, she has been corrupted, right?
”Did you hear the level-up sound”?
 I gulped.
 Speaking of which, yes.
 That means...... her condition is still [Submissive].
It means she's just pretending to like me......?
 The feeling of euphoria cooled down quickly. I felt as if my fingertips were getting cold.
 But Lili shook her head.
That's not true, Devi. I've been monitoring Kurosawa-chan's mental state, Devi. She is definitely starting to like Fumi Fumi, Devi. However, when you are only pretending to like her, Kurosawa-chan herself may think so too, Devi......
Then why?
It’s true that she likes Fumi Fumi. But it's not as good as her boyfriend. That's her state, Devi..... But it's hard to imagine that she can stay still after having her body corrupted so much, Devi
 When we were talking about this――
Uuunn.... Kijima-kun..... What's wrong?
 Kurosawa-san woke up and rubbed her eyelids sleepily.
 Lili hurriedly touched her forehead with her finger.
 Then she stopped rubbing her eyelids and stopped moving.
Phew...... that was close, Devi. If she hears our talking, the suggestion will be broken
 That's true, I suppose.
 If she knew that her romantic feelings were forced upon her, she would be repulsed and turn it to hatred.
I've pinned her soul for now, Devi. Tomorrow...... I mean, today. It's Kurosawa-chan's reward time, Devi. And I'm going to have Lili's servant, who takes care of Kurosawa-chan, try to find out what's going on, Devi
Uh-huh. Please do
 I felt as if I had been thrown cold water over my high spirits. But the way she was kissing my chest, I couldn't believe she was lying.
 Maybe I was still missing something.
So, Fumi Fumi, go back to your room and sleep, Devi. You've hardly slept for a while, right, Devi? Because no matter how many energy drinks you have, you shouldn't be too reckless, Devi
Yeah...... you're right
 Before getting out of bed, I glanced at Kurosawa-san, who had stopped in a pose rubbing her eyelids.
 Then I left the room, gathering up my clothes, which were still strewn on the floor.
 ◇ ◇ ◇
Uuun....... Ki...... Kijima-kun?
 With a hazy consciousness, I stretched my hands in search of the man who was supposed to be sleeping next to me.
 The warmth that should have been there when I fell asleep last night is nowhere to be felt. And I feel lonely.
 Naturally, my hands only scratch the air in vain.
 And so, I decided to sit up while rubbing my heavy eyelids.
 I looked around and breathed a sigh of relief.
 Oh, it's that room.
 The room that look like a hotel suite.
 When I touched the place where I was sleeping again, it felt completely different from the hard bed I fell asleep on yesterday.
 It's soft and fluffy.
 The sheets that touched my skin smelled brand new and fresh.
 I looked down at my body and saw that I was wearing a light blue nightie, even though I must have fallen asleep naked and exhausted after the act.
 It was a little shorter than the previous one, and the shape of the shoulders was straight. The sleeves are also 3/4 length.
Have you been awake? Misuzu-ojou-sama
 I turned to the direction of the voice and saw the familiar silver-haired maid standing there.
I have one question for you.......
What is it, Ojou-sama?
What's the deal with the micro-bikini?
 I think it was my fault that I didn't check what I was wearing, but I think that was terrible. I look like a pervert.
I think Fumi Fumi-sama would have been happy to see you?
That's not the point!
Then would you prefer an old lady's beige gown with no sex appeal?
That's too extreme!
But if you were going to seduce Fumi Fumi-sama, then a micro-bikini would have been the best choice
I don't think there is any situation in the world where a micro bikini would be the best choice......
That was the result of a detailed analysis of Fumi Fumi-sama's internet browsing history from his computer, and I decided that this was the best choice
Do you know the word “privacy”?
I've never had it before
 I involuntary held my head. It is wrong to be angry about this. It just the other person's problem. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't do it anymore.
Well...... does that mean Kijima-kun likes that kind of thing?
Fumi Fumi-sama's sexual preference is sexy lingerie rather than cosplay or bare. If so, I thought you should try the two extremes of sexy lingerie in terms of fabric area
I tried the one with the least amount of fabric...... Then, what's the one with the most fabric?
Yes. The other one is a gothic lolita type full of frills, with holes only in the nipples and private part
Am I a pervert!?
In the first place, sexy lingerie is usually reserved for perverts or frustrated ladies
 I had a headache.
Anyway, next time just go for normal
 Then Freesia's shoulders slumped blatantly.
It's a shame that this is the case...... Fumi Fumi-sama seems to have a rather mild S tendency, so I was thinking that the next step would be to go for a gothic lolita style with a maid outfit
I know what she means by “Mild S tendencies”...... But
 I can feel my cheeks heating up as I think about last night.
 ......It was amazing.
 I was stopped several times along the way, and because of that, I was engulfed in so much pleasure that I felt like I was going crazy at the end.
You know......Freesia-san. After all, that guy. I think he likes me
I've been saying that since the beginning. I told you that he love you, didn't I?
Yes, there is...... that too, but....... I mean, how many times do I have to tell him that I love him or that I belong to Kijima-kun?
 Freesia-san's eyes are smiling at me as I blush.
If Misuzu-ojou-sama responds, you will be treasured like a jewel, and it won't be long before Misuzu-ojou-sama is released....
Is that true......?
Yes, I'm sure
......Uh, I don't hate Kijima-kun. ......But that's still a problem. I have a boyfriend named Jun-kun
 Then Freesia-san tilted her head suspiciously.
Jun-kun is also good at sex?
Wha! Why do you say that!
Misuzu-ojou-sama, have you ever wondered what humans are born for?
Suddenly the story gets bigger!?
Needless to say. It is to give birth to children and pass on life to the next generation. Therefore, sex feels good because it naturally leads to the act of reproduction
 Then Freesia-san took a breath and spoke.
In other words, for humans, anything other than sex is just an appendage. To talk about sex is to talk about human beings
Isn't that too extreme!?
So how is it......? Are you saying that Jun-kun's sex is better than Fumi Fumi-sama's?
Why are you being so nosy? ......I don't know it
You don't know?
Because I've only...... done it once. It was the first time for both of us, and when he...... inserted it, it ...... ended immediately
But! When Jun-kun gets used to doing it, I'm sure he'll be able to do it just as wonderfully as Kijima-kun
 Then Freesia-san said with a very cold look in her eyes.
It's too much trouble
No, it's nothing. ......Ojou-sama. You can think what you want, but you must not say it out loud, because if Fumi Fumi-sama hears it, he will certainly be disappointed. And you won't be able to complain even if you're instantly killed off
Uuuhh...... I know that, I know that. It's not that I don't like Kijima-kun...... but I don't hate him anymore.......
Fumi Fumi-sama certainly loves Ojou-sama. But your position is so precarious that it can be turned upside down by a single misspoken word. You have declared that you love him and that you're Fumi Fumi-sama's woman, haven't you? Then you should consider that you love Fumi Fumi-sama the most as your lover, at least until you are released
I know, I know. I know that!
 I'm flapping my arm and legs. Ah, I don't want to talk about this anymore. It's hard, it's hard. I don't understand it either!
I'd rather have breakfast. I want pancakes. With lots of butter and maple syrup, and milk tea!
 Freesia-san said with a big sigh.
I knew you would say that, so I've already prepared it
 I looked at the table, where dozens of pancakes were piled up on a plate.
 There was a picture on the table that looked like the last page of an old picture book about a tiger that turns into butter.
Then how many dozens shall we start with?
The numbers are already wrong!
You have to eat a lot of food to keep yourself nourished, otherwise you won't be able to take care of Fumi Fumi-sama
Uuuh...... it might be right
 I got out of bed and walked over to the table.
 Still, my feelings are still messed up.
 I think I like Kijima-kun...... but I have to do that to leave from here.
 With that, I gently touch the pendant top on my chest.
Jun-kun, I'm not cheating on you. But this is so I can go back to Jun-kun's place

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