Chapter 347 Running Wolves Go to Upper-upper Ranking Dungeon

 <Medio>'s dungeon is located some distance from the town. The dungeon is called <Demon's-Den(Akuma no Sokutsu)>, and as the name implies, it is home to individuals collectively known as (Demon(Akuma)). After resting well after their last adventure, Alvin and the other <Running Wolves> set out to challenge this dungeon first in order to climb the Hateyama.
 Demons(Akuma) have a variety of appearances, but they are generally skilled in magic. Demons(Akuma) with muscular bodies like Oni(Ogre) sometimes attack with magic, and Demons(Akuma) with small bodies like goblins use magic that can easily slaughter several people, making the danger in this place worthy of being called an upper-upper rank.
 The battles with the Demons(Akuma) they have encountered have been a series of unpredictable situations.
 The Demon(Akuma)'s words are unclear, but it doesn't matter as long as the Demons(Akuma)'s words can be understood to mean the activation of magic. One of the Demons(Akuma) pointed a fingertip at Alvin, who was cutting through a Demon(Akuma) with sharp claws. Even though it would be dangerous to take immediate evasive action, Alvin did not let up his attack.
 Because he felt a surge of magic from his beloved Milis behind him. Without saying a word, Alvin swung his greatsword to protect her.
「<Magic Barrier>!」
 The lightning from the Demon(Akuma)'s fingers that was supposed to strike Alvin's side was blocked by the colorless barrier created by the magic Milis had cast. Nevertheless, the magic that had blocked the lightning was also blocked by the Demon(Akuma)'s claws, as was Alvin's greatsword, which was swung almost simultaneously. But it did not matter to him.
 The strongest of this group of Demon(Akuma)s was the giant demon that was facing Alvin. Alvin's role is to halt this Demon(Akuma). Of course he's determined to defeat it, but he can't push through it alone.
「Alvin! Don't push yourself!」
「I know!!」
 The small Demon(Akuma) that had cast the spell on Alvin had already been knocked down by Renka's arrow. The other Demon(Akuma)s around him are also being defeated in turn by Flair. Then, Shinji's call is answered loudly by Alvin, who catches the Demon(Akuma)'s claws with his greatsword.
 The only way for the Demon(Akuma)s to win is to break through Alvin and kill the rearguard (Shinji's group), but Alvin, supported by Milis, is strong. In rare cases, if multiple units tried to attack, they would be blocked by Flair, and long-distance attacks would be blocked by Milis and Shinji. Whenever there was an opening, Renka would reduce the number one by one.
 The situation was in Alvin and the others' favor.
「Total defenses!!」
 Perhaps the enemy sensed the situation, or perhaps they had given up on their useless cronies. Magic surged from the Demon(Akuma) confronting Alvin. Then, sensing a sign that magic is about to be cast, Shinji shouts, and the Demon(Akuma)s unleashes their magic regardless.

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「<Magic Barrier>!
 Just before the Demon(Akuma)'s magic was released, Shinji's <Mana Link> was activated, and a large amount of magic power flowed into Milis. The term total defense is a term used to describe a predetermined strategy, meaning to protect everyone by using magic to the fullest without regard to magic power. The magic power that Milis would have lost was made up for by Shinji, and her barriers were created to protect each of the party members.
 A moment later, with a thunderous sound, lightning bolts were unleashed from the Demon(Akuma) in all directions. That lightning struck friend and foe and the Demon(Akuma)s around them fell prey to it.
 Originally, Flair, Renka, and Shinji would have been unable to prevent the lightning strikes, but Milis's barriers prevented all of the lightning, and as a result, the Demon(Akuma) that had cast the spell dug its own grave.
「Mil, thank you. You saved my life」
「Umu. That was good backup~noja」
 The remaining Demon(Akuma)s are surrounded by everyone. After that, the battle was over in less than a minute.
 ◇ ◇ ◇
「Ahh, couldn't push through...」
「Haha... Al-kun, that's too bad」
 Alvin looked disappointed that he couldn't defeat the giant Demon(Akuma) in one-on-one, and Milis was comforting him. It can be said that he played his role well in preventing the enemy, but if Alvin had been able to cut down the giant Demon(Akuma), he could have killed them all at once. Alvin reminds himself that he still has a lot of training to do.
「The most important thing is not to collapse, Al」
「Yes. It can't be helped that Lord going up against the strongest enemy of all~noja. If you want, I'm...」
 Shinji interrupts Flair, who has slaughtered many Demon(Akuma)s as a ranger, as if to make up for the fact that she had no part in the last adventure. Alvin's intention to fight the strongest enemy is because Alvin is the ace of the <Running Wolves>, and he is the one who needs to develop his skills the most.
 Everyone is aware that the growth of the intuitive-type Alvin takes place in actual combat, especially against strong opponents. So, Shinji would not allow Flair's words to deprive him of that opportunity.
「...I'm sorry, noja」
『Shinji gets mad』
 Flairs trembled at the thought of Freri's teasing. And getting carried away, Flair can't argue.
「I appreciate the thought, but it's my job! Even if it doesn't work now, there's always next time!」
「Umu, that's a man!」
 Taking advantage of Alvin's words, Flair tries to make up for her blunder, but Shinji's eyes are fixed on her as he picks up the magic stone. The magic stones of the Demon(Akuma) were obviously larger than the ones he had picked up so far, as the Demon(Akuma) used many kinds of magic. After collecting all the magic stones, Shinji joined the conversation.
「From the looks of it, as long as we're careful about magic, we should be fine. Now, let's keep our eyes open」
 Alvin and the others walked further in.
 Thus, the <Running Wolves>' conquest of the upper-upper ranking dungeon proceeded without any major problems. Because the adventuring is going so well, Alvin has to worry about something else... his engagement to Christina.

  • The adventure’s part.
  • At last, reaching an upper-upper rank, which is a requirement for Hateyama.
  • Work is going well, but the personal life is not.... Will there be any progress with Christina?
  • Let's continue the story.

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