Chapter 68 Revenge, Part One - 1 ★

 After pulling his penis out of Aika's vagina, they enjoyed a brief lingering moment together.
 And then, they left the bedroom together, each of them getting dressed and making the bed.
I'm going to take a shower
 Chihiro left Aika in the bathroom and went straight to the living room.
 Apparently, dinner is already almost ready, and Riko and her friends are relaxing around the table.
 Riko, who noticed Chihiro, looked up from her smartphone and smiled at him.
Ah, Chihiro, that was quick
 These casual words struck Chihiro unnecessarily hard.
Eh? Oh... no, that's not what I meant. I was just wondering if you've only done it once or so
Oh, yeah
 Chihiro answered and sat down in the chair.
 Then, Maria looked back at Chihiro and asked.
Hey, Izumi-kun, you used contraception again today, didn't you? What happened to the condoms?
 She said, her eyes shining with anticipation.
 It made him feel a little complicated to understand her meaning.
I'm still wearing it
 It was unhygienic and embarrassing, but it seemed like she'd want it anyway, so he kept it on.
 Sure enough, Maria nodded happily.
 She raised herself from the chair and knelt under the table.
Then I'll take it
 Maria unzipped Chihiro's pants and took out his rubberized penis, carefully removing the condom.
 Maria holds it lovingly in her hand, then returns to her seat and tilts it upside down.
 And then, a trickle of semen falls onto her outstretched tongue and into her mouth.
 Chihiro and Riko couldn't help but gasp and watch as the dark-haired girl slurped and swallowed the semen.
Thank you for the food
 Maria's voice brought a look of surprise to Riko's face.
 She put her smartphone down on the table, stood up, and crawled under the table like Maria had done.
 Her eyes, tinted with lust and dedication, looked up at Chihiro.
You already gave it to Takatsuki-san and Maria, didn't you? So, can I have some, too?
Umm, that's fine
 Riko then glances at Maria.
 Maria nods her back in ecstasy.
Let me do the rest. I'll go put the finishing touches on dinner
All right. Then leave Chihiro alone
 Riko takes Chihiro's rod in her mouth, deliberately letting out a mouthful of air.
 Although his rods are covered with Aika's saliva and the rest of his semen, she doesn't show any sign of displeasure with it, rather she twirls her tongue in her mouth and strokes it softly.
 The satisfaction of having made love is still there, but the intense desire to dominate and the pure sexual desire are consuming Chihiro body.
Ywu cwan pwut iwt owut anytwime, okway?
 Riko said to Chihiro with her mouth filled with the rod, then turned her gaze to his penis and began to serve him with all her might.
 In terms of blowjob stability, Riko is a cut above the rest. Her technique, built up through experience, gives a pure and straightforward pleasure.
 Maria, on the other hand, is unrivaled in the number of things she can bring out from her wealth of knowledge. Although she can entertain Chihiro with many different techniques, she tends to be overwhelmed by them. She is in the process of improving her skills as well as suppressing her overly strong sexual desire.
 Slurp... Lick...
 While moving her mouth, her tongue wriggles around.
 Whenever his rod or body quivered under the stimulation, Riko's eyes narrowed.
 Chihiro was told that he could put it out, but he had already ejaculated twice, and Riko's service was not focused on speed.
 So, he enjoyed her mouth for a while before ejaculating.
Mmm... ah
 Riko must have sensed the signs of ejaculation from the reaction of his penis.
 And without needing to warn her in advance, Riko received all the semen in her mouth.
 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttttt!
 After the ejaculation is subsided, Riko pulled her mouth away from the rod with a “slurp!” and smiled, opening her mouth full of white cum.
 Then a voice came from the entrance of the living room.
Eh, Riko-chan, you're terrible!
 It's Aika.
 She is wearing a rabbit-printed pajama, Riko called it "embarrassing" before, but Aika still likes it, and her hair is slightly wet.
 And the reason she seemed to be bothered because Riko had been serving Chihiro while she was away.
 Riko, on the other hand, gulped down the semen with a clear face and said matter-of-factly.
What's so terrible? I was just serving Master
But that doesn't mean you should do this!
You're worrying too much, or rather, you're mistaken. Chihiro said it would be very hard for you to handle him alone and it made him can't take it anymore
 It seems like they're going to continue arguing.
 Chihiro laughed bitterly and looked back toward the kitchen, where Maria was laughing in a similar way.
 Following her expression that said, "Leave me alone", he continued to watch them, and sure enough, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.
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