Chapter 444 Christina Recognizes the Difference

 The day after Christina was united with Alvin, she woke up in the arms of the man she loves. The touch of bare skin is comforting, and she checks on Alvin who is sleeping right next to her, but he is still deep in his sleep. As he sleeps, Christina gazes at him with a smile.
(Al-sama's sleeping face, so cute...♡)
 Alvin's energetic side makes her feel warm inside. She wants to watch him forever, but then Alvin leans down and his thing touches Christina's hand.
 Christina's cheeks blush as she touches his morning wood. At the same time, she thinks back to last night when Alvin held her.
 She could feel the happiness of being held by the man she loves. But now that it's over and the night has passed, she can't honestly say yes to the question of whether she felt satisfied.
 The sensation of a thick and strong rod filling her inside, the pleasure that takes away her thoughts, and the steady caresses that she is accustomed to making her squeal. And the seed that fills her womb to the brim.
 Christina, who had been held by Shinji for a long time, thought that these thing was the norm. She had thought that sex was supposed to be like that, something that would be tremendously pleasurable, but her experience with Alvin had negated that.
 Alvin was gentle and tender, with a sense of tenderness and care.
 Shinji was a continual climax, with a sense of virility and strength.
 Christina couldn't believe that she felt happier with Alvin and much more satisfied with Shinji.
(...It must be a coincidence. Al-sama must have cared about me...and was kind to me. I'm sure I'll be more comfortable next time)
 Christina's hand is crawling on Alvin's morning wood. She stroked his pole and played with his tip with her hands trained in a succubus dream, but it was thinner and shorter than Shinji's, which had been memorized by her.
 As she does this, Alvin is awakened by the sensation between his legs. He is confused by her act, but he is aroused by Christina's seeming willingness to do it.
「C-Chris... ah, ugh, not like this in the morning... ahh...」
「Al-sama...♡ Good morning...♡ you were getting bigger... does it feel good, Al-sama~♡」
「Ah...oh, wait, it's emerged...!」
 Her technique, which Shinji had trained, is more than Alvin can bear. Christina can't help blinking her eyes at the sight of Alvin's body falling down and the liquid staining her hand.  
(Eh, already...? It has softened too...)
 Alvin moans as she lightly rubs his thing, which is hanging helplessly in her hand, without any response. On the other side, Christina is slightly disappointed because her standard is set by Shinji, a man with an unparalleled stamina.   
 In the aftermath, Alvin is unaware of Christina's reaction, and by the time he regains consciousness from the aftermath, she is looking at him as if to ask him about his reaction.
「Haah, haah... That's great... thank you, Chris.」
「No... I'm glad Al-sama was happy.」
「It was great... you were really good...」
 Alvin brushes his hand through her hair as he looks at Christina. Alvin's eyes are filled with a certain joy as he touches her blonde hair.
 Milis, who is shy towards Alvin, does not wake him up in a naughty way. So, for him, Christina's naughty way of waking him up is really a new experience, and it has a stinging effect on Alvin's sexuality, which has been awakened by the "cuckolded masochism".
(It feels good to be blamed, doesn't it...?)
 Alvin is gradually awakening to the advantages of being squeezed by a little too much, the so-called female dominance.
「It was worth practicing for Al-sama.」
 For Christina, who does not know such a propensity, being told she is good at it sounds like she is being asked "Why? You are good at this". But Christina quickly answered on the spur of the moment. Alvin accepts Christina's answer and hugs her.
「Thank you Chris, will you do it again?」
「Of course, Al-sama... Please love me again...♡」
 She also hugs Alvin back and they play in the bed as long as the morning time allows.

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