Chapter 14 Seed of Anxiety, Part 1

 Main Character's Perspective
 To be honest, I had never had such good sex before.
 That's how great Ayano's inside was.
 Her inside swallowed my dick so easily that I couldn't imagine how narrow the entrance was.
 The fit was so tight that it could have been made just for me.
 It was hot and felt like it was melting into sludge.
 And the whole thing was squeezing and sucking my dick. It even felt as if her meat was gently inviting me to go inside.
 It was such an excellent organ that I was inserting it into. Moreover, I felt as if I was being gently squeezed and even fellated by the hand that was holding me inside.
 I know it sounds crazy.
 But the feeling was so good that all I could think about was swinging my hips as hard as I could.
 On the other hand, Ayano's face showed no sign of pain.
 Even though her virgin hole was tightly stuffed with mine, she was half in a daze, but she had an enraptured expression on her face. She also seemed to be enjoying the pleasure of the rhythm of my movement.
 "Are you feeling any pain at all?"
 "Ah! Ah! Ah! Uh. Ah! Ah! I-It feels good, that's all. Ah! Ah! Ah! This is amazing. Shuu, your penis is so good!"
 Pound! Pound! There is a loud pounding sound.
 The sound combined with Ayano's rhythmical moaning sounded like her cunt's charming voice. The sticky love juice was entangled with my dick, and the folds of flesh inside of hers gripped my dick and did not let go of it.
 I felt as if Ayano's pussy itself was screaming for joy at the pleasure the resulting friction was causing.
 "Ah, I can't. I'm going to cum now."
 "Ah! Ah! Ah! I-It's okay, come on. Ah! Ah! Come on, let it out. I can't think anymore too. Ah! Ah! Ah! Sperm inside!!"
 As Ayano signals her approval, I start to ejaculate, throbbing and jerking.
 It was a long ejaculation as if my balls were all empty. The feeling was so good that I was almost lightheaded.
 Eventually, I fall down and bury my face in Ayano's slender shoulder.
 I was still in close contact with Ayano, and I kept ejaculating, and ejaculating, and ejaculating.
 In the meantime, Ayano gently hugs my head. It was as if she was welcoming my ejaculation. I could not see her facial expression, but I could feel her tenderness and affection in her embrace.
 Following my ejaculation, I welcomed the whirlpool of emptiness that came after my ejaculation, overlapping with Ayano as one.
* * *

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