Chapter 20 Woman's Identity, Part 1

 Third Person Perspective
 From the first time she met that man, Sayaka had a feeling of destiny.
 She has seen many men in her business.
 Some of them she had a feeling that it might be fate. However, it was difficult for her to be sure.
 Especially the one who can truly satisfy Sayaka's needs.
 It is not so easy to meet such a person.
 The same goes for the man she was dating a while ago. He loved her and was very kind to her.
 She had no complaints about him. However, she always felt something was missing.
 She knows that the man was trying hard to please her. Nevertheless, the barrier of compatibility always stands in the way. She has experienced this many times in her life. So, she understands that it was not a mistake at all.
 In searching for this, she can't help but compare them.
 To her former lover who taught her what it means to be a woman. When asked if there was love there, she cannot easily nod her head.
 Her body, which taught her the joy of being a woman, has not allowed her to forget her former lover who has passed away.
 But then, a while ago, the owner of the bar brought someone here as a guest.
 When she met him, she had been interested in him from the beginning.
 Because she thought he looked like her former lover.
 It was not that he had a similar face. But she thought his face was more her type.
 But then, what was crucial for her was that his expression changed for a moment when Akuzawa-san came to the bar.
 She could not forget the dark and gloomy expression on his face. From her point of view, it was completely unthinkable that it was just a misunderstanding.
 She could tell to some extent by the look in the other's eyes. And she was absolutely sure of it. However, it is also true that she could not make a judgment about anything more than that until she actually went out with him.
 Perhaps it was because her ideal was too high that she needed to do this.
 Still, this time was different.
 She is sure that he will fulfill her needs and desires.
 A ruthless person who would not hold any reserve or mercy. She had a hunch at that moment that he would be her new master.
 Main Character’s Perspective
 "Are you sure you're okay? Your pace seems to be very fast since a few minutes ago."
 "I'm sorry. It's been a while since I had a good drink. But I'm quite all right with this level of drinking. Still, you're a very strong drinker yourself, aren't you, Jay-san?"
 "Well, I don't get drunk very often."
 I can't get drunk now because of my cheat ability, but before that, I used to be a strong drinker.
 It is partly because I was trained hard by my bosses when I was a working man. I don't remember ever getting drunk and getting crushed. Though I was not a drunkard, either.
 "Then at the very least, we'd be good drinking buddies. Whether it goes beyond that depends on Jay-san."
 It seems that I had drunk a considerable amount of alcohol without realizing it as I was gradually comparing different kinds of drinks at Sayaka's pace.
 So, I put down the cup in my hand and turn to face Sayaka.
 She is wearing a shirt dress and a black cardigan under her coat.
 She was dressed so plainly that I couldn't imagine how she looked in her fancy dress.
 Yet there was something elegant about it, and it suited Sayaka well. At a glance, she looked like an office worker on her way home from work.
 Her makeup was lighter than I expected, and her face was too neat. Even though she noticed my unreserved gaze, Sayaka did not lose her soft expression at all, on the contrary, she only smiled bewitchingly.
 However, there was one problem.
 Her big breasts seemed to be about to stick out from her shirt, and I could not take my eyes off them. They were definitely bigger than Ayano's. Overall, Sayaka is a very attractive girl, but her body is not unbalanced at all.
 Rather, her body was well-proportioned.
 "Hmm. If it's a beautiful woman like Sayaka, you should have a lot of choices rather than me, isn't it? You must have been approached by people with better conditions than mine. Yet, you say you want me. That's what I don't understand."
 "Yes. In this kind of work, that kind of thing happens quite often. But it's not working on me. I need a man whose hobbies and personality match mine. Maybe the standards I look for in a man I date are a little different from other people's."
 "Is that what you think I have?"
 "Yes, maybe... no, I believe that without a doubt."
 She doesn't seem to be lying.
 And because she's not a very emotional person to begin with. My abilities haven't played much of a role.
 So, the only thing I know is that she is saying it as if there is something in her words, but it depends on how I take it.
 If I take Sayaka's words at face value, it means that there was something about me that attracted this woman. Something more than money.
 But I didn't know what it was.
 "Don't you think I might have a wife who loves me?"
 "Oh, really? But does such a thing hinder you at all? I'm a businesswoman too, I know how to draw a line. So, even if I'm a convenient woman for Jay-san, it doesn't matter to me at all."
 "I see. Do you expect me to believe that?"
 "You seem very doubtful. Of course, if a woman approaches you so clearly, you can't help but have suspicions. But I'm sure Jay-san will be convinced after seeing this body."
 "No, no. I am well aware of your excellent appearance even with your clothes on."
 "But don't you want to see what's inside? If you want to try it just once and tell me that I am mistaken, that's fine. After that, let's just say that I didn't tell you anything."
 Well, it was my intention from the beginning, too.
 I just wanted to make sure first, if there was something behind it. However, my trial did not yield satisfactory results, and I don't think I can get much more information out of this conversation.
 If that is the case, it might be a good idea to take Sayaka's word for it.
 "Excuse me. Can I have the check, please?"
 I get up from my seat.
 After paying the bill, both of us leave the bar without saying a word.
 Sayaka leans into me close.
 And I reach out my hand to her soft waist, and we walk toward the pink neon lights.

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