Chapter 45 Bloody Lips, Part 2

 Main Character’s Perspective
 What happens next is also predictable.
 If the Lesser Vampire's blood-sucking desire is calmed down a little, the sexual urge should come after that. Apparently, the vampire species is inclined to have sex with the person whose blood they have sucked.
 In fact, they are so wild that they want to have sex with their blood-sucking partners as if the act of blood-sucking is a preparatory step to have a good time with them.
 There was even a lesser vampire who liked to have sex with a person who put his dick in her cunt beforehand and then lick the blood off her cunt little by little. For vampires in the other world, blood-sucking and sex may be inseparable.
 The reason why I know that is because I have been turning many women into lesser vampires for my experiments.
 When I was being asked to have sex with them one after another and having my blood sucked by them every time, it became mentally hard for me even though I had the ability to regenerate myself. In the end, I was so troubled with them that I irresponsibly got rid of the Lesser Vampire-ized women.
 Yukari will soon have uncontrollable sexual urges, too.
 Just as I was thinking of that, I heard her breathing heavily little by little with a vulgar sound.
 The sensation I had felt on my neck had changed to a sweet licking sensation before I knew it.
 "You're starting to lust, huh...?"
 Yukari herself must have realized that she was getting pleasure from sucking blood.
 She may have been overwhelmed by the new feelings that were flooding in from somewhere, and she may not have known what to do with herself.
 Suddenly seeing a stranger in front of her.
 And she has just been almost killed.
 But all that doesn't matter, Yukari must be so eager to have sex right now.
 It was only a matter of time before Yukari's hand reached between my legs.

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