Chapter 87 Who's the Opposite Party

 I stop in front of a wooden hut built beside the mansion.
 I exhale once, and then I bang hard on the door.
 Mei's voice comes back from inside the hut.
 "Mei, it's me."
 "Neil, it's okay to come in."
 "I'm coming in."
 After a pause, I opened the door to the hut and stepped in slowly.
 Mei is there, of course.
 Mei is there, but she is not the Mei I know.
 The Meisy Novac I know is the kind of person who devotes her life to experiments and does not care about anything else.
 The same goes for her personal appearance, with shaggy red hair, pale skin, dark circles under her eyes, and sloppy clothes, she was so careless about her appearance that I wondered what she was like as a person before she was a noblewoman.
 Now her shaggy hair is silky and smooth, her skin is fair and even shiny, and she is so well groomed that she is ready to go out in the world of society as soon as she wears a dress.
 Although she still wears her clothes as she did before, the rest of her clothes have been dramatically improved, and what used to make her look sloppy before, now makes her look sexy.
 I never thought that the day would come when I would think of Mei as sexy, which is the reason why I feel uncomfortable in the laboratory and have been spending more and more time in my office lately.
 I know the reason for Mei's sudden change.
 A person who has never cared about her appearance before suddenly starts to care about her appearance, it must be because she has found someone she is interested in.
 The question is who Mei is interested in.
 There are many men in this settlement, but most of them are married.
 If Mei fell in love with a married man, blood would surely be spilled.
 May is still a daughter of a duke, and she has many obstacles to overcome when it comes to love, no matter who she falls in love with.
 Although I have known Mei for a long time and I hope she will be happy, I do not want to see blood in the settlement.
 "Neil? What are you doing standing at the entrance? Why don't you come and sit down instead of standing there?"
 "Oh, okay."
 Mei points with her chin at the chair next to hers.
 It was supposed to be a casual exchange, but I felt a little nervous when she did it.
 It was unnatural for me to stand there at the entrance as she said, so I pulled the chair away from her casually and sat down.
 "What kind of experiment is Neil here for?"
 "Oh, I'm here about the sauce..."
 Remembering the purpose of my visit, I get up from the chair I just sat down in and check the contents of the jar in the corner of the laboratory.
 There was nothing wrong with the substitute doll I had placed on the lid, but as soon as I opened the lid, I was hit by a pungent smell that stung my nose.
 It seems that this time the sauce has failed.
 "Ugh, what's that smell, could it be rotten?"
 "Ah, I reduced the amount of vinegar because the last one was too sour, but I guess the vinegar didn't have enough sterilizing effect."
 "That's not the only reason, is it? It's a little hot and humid in this lab, and the temperature may have something to do with it."
 "That's probably because Mei has been boiling in the kiln morning, noon, and night, but what do you boil now?"
 Steam with an unfamiliar sweet smell was rising from the kiln, filling the laboratory with it.
 "It's... a secret."
 "Can you stop making stuff in people's labs that you can't tell anyone about?"
 "I don't have a choice. This is the only lab and the only equipment."
 It's the property of the settlement, but it's my property and not Mei's, but I don't have much time to use it, and I don't have a problem when she uses it.
 Still, I wish her to at least explain the contents of her experiments.
 However, if I look at the recent Mei, I can see that she is obviously making something related to beauty, such as her hair and skin suddenly becoming beautiful, so I don't see this as a problem.
 "Anyway... it's really hot and humid, isn't it?"
 "Of course it's hot and humid when it's boiling this hot and humid..."
 When I took my eyes off the kiln and looked back, I saw that May stripped off her clothes even more and was blowing air with a hand fan across her wide-open bosom.
 As I unconsciously followed the beads of sweat running down her neck and into the cleavage of her breasts with my eyes, the sweat running down May's skin became frozen.
 "Whoa! It's cold!?"
 Suddenly, the temperature in the laboratory drops drastically, and as we shiver and freeze in place from the cold, a figure appears above our heads.
 'It's hot, it's hot?'
 "W-Wen! Did you do this?"
 'It's hot?"
 "It's not hot! It's not hot anymore!"
 As I hurriedly tell her that I'm going to freeze to death if she doesn't turn the heat back on, the temperature around us suddenly rises.
 I think the temperature has returned to the same level as before, but I feel extremely hot because I had just been in the extremely cold world.
 However, knowing that Wen would lower the temperature if I talked about it now, I had no choice but to endure the heat.
 In the end, I couldn't find out who Mei was interested in that day, nor could I do anything about her eye-popping outfit.

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