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Chapter 86 Changes in Settlement

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 Three weeks have passed since Pius left the settlement with my teacher for medical treatment.

 In the settlements where peace has been restored, a few things have changed.

 Firstly, the slaves no longer trembled needlessly in fear of me, and now, unlike before, they didn’t even try to approach me or meet my gaze, for fear of incurring the wrath of me, a nobleman. They behaved as if they hadn’t even noticed my existence.

 Recently, however, when they noticed my presence, they greeted me, which meant that the slaves recognized me not as a noble to be feared, but as an individual named Neil.

 I suppose that the slaves’ perception of me changed when they saw me trying desperately to save Pius during the incident.

 I was happy to hear that, but Diana looked a little complicated.

 The next change was in Wen, the spirit.

 Right after my teacher left the settlement with Pius, Wen appeared to us again, but she had changed her appearance from that of a girl in her early teens to that of a young girl of about five years old.

 It seems that the Curtio had taken a lot of her magic power, and since she did not have enough magic power to appear in her original size, she had no choice but to become smaller.

 Wen, who had originally given the impression of being a free spirit and somewhat childish, became more lovable after being transformed into a little girl, and has established herself as a mascot of the settlement.

 Another change that happened to Wen was that she started to understand human language little by little, and started to communicate with me even if it is just a few words.

 Moreover, it seems that Lewya has been teaching her the human language, and the number of words she can speak is increasing day by day, and her address of me has changed from “Neil-sama” to “Neil.

 It seems that she thought that “Master Neil” was my name including “Master”.

 It is a cute misunderstanding, but since only Lewya and Mei call me Neil and the others call me Master Neil, it may be natural for Wen, a spirit who does not know the concept of honorific titles used by humans, to misunderstand me that way.

 If there is any other change, the corner of the mansion that was blown away by my reactive armor has been repaired with a simple wooden plank.

 Since there is no one in the settlement who has the skills to repair the building, I removed the debris and covered the hole with a wooden plank to keep the wind and rain out.

 I had originally thought that I could leave it as it was, but Diana said “as a nobleman’s residence, the appearance is more important than anything else”, so I decided to hire someone from the outside to do the work.

 As usual, the request was sent via Harvest Hoe, and they are currently in the process of searching for a contractor who will accept the request.

 As one of the reasons for not being able to find a contractor is that they are not able to find a contractor for the work in the settlement.

 And another reason is not only to repair a part of the collapsed mansion.

 After all, this mansion was built to protect the Ameris wedge that prevents the spread of the labyrinth, and it has existed for a long time.

 When this settlement was under the direct jurisdiction of the Empire, the government would have periodically repaired and rebuilt it, but after it became the domain of the Count Atmiras, the maintenance of the mansion became the responsibility of the family, and although they periodically sent people to do simple inspection and cleaning, they have never repaired it.

 Therefore, I decided to take this opportunity and submitted a request for the repair of the entire mansion and some parts of it.

 The contents of the repairing were the installation of night lighting, a room with a sturdy door for non-combatants to evacuate in case of invasion by monsters, a back door for easy access to the laboratory built on the side of the mansion, and possibly additional requests.

 I think that a few people would not be enough for such a large amount of work, and it is certain that they would be staying in the settlement for a long time.

 If it’s just repair work, we can keep the number of people and days down, so if we still can’t find it, it might be better to postpone the renovation for another opportunity.

 Now, have I mentioned all the changes in the settlements?

 Oh, no, there is still one more.

 I look outside through the window of my office with a grim look on my face.

 The sun is still high in the sky, and it will be a while before Diana and Lewya come to report their work.

 One might think that I should have gone to the laboratory if I had become bored, but that is one of the reasons why I have been spending my time in the office, trying to escape from the laboratory.

 ”Oh, I remember I was supposed to check the sauce today…”

 I remember that today is the day to check the maturity of the Worcestershire sauce No. 11 that I had prepared earlier.

 After thinking about it for a while, I left my office and went to the laboratory to check it.

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