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Chapter 85 Volume Two’s Character Introductions

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 Name: Pius

 Status: criminal slave

 A criminal slave of a nobleman’s killer, purchased by Neil from a slaver in the Denar city.

 He is a huge man over two meters tall, with thick, bloated muscles that are so unnatural that his face looks relatively small, making him look deformed.

 He is an orphan child who has no family or even a name, and who has been living off the scraps of food thrown away as garbage until now, but when he can no longer stand the hunger he feels after eating the leftovers, he turns his hand to the goods in the store instead of garbage, and is turned over to the guards.

 One of the guards, who was troubled by the treatment of the orphan Pius, tricked the child into selling him to a slaver, and as a result, Pius was bought by a certain nobleman.

 The man bound Pius lying on a stone table in a dimly lit cellar and crushed his body with an iron hammer to “strengthen” him, repeatedly regenerating him through healing and other acts that can only be described as torture.

 The details of what happened next are unknown, but Pius was condemned to death for the murder of a nobleman and the servants who worked there, and was reduced to a criminal slave, where he met Neil.

 Despite his past, he protected Neil, a nobleman, during the Gipner incident, and shared his own body heat with Neo when he was unconscious from freezing, and his willingness to sacrifice himself touched the hearts of many people in the settlement, and when Pius did not wake up, everyone in the settlement was deeply concerned.

 When Pius went out of control due to the Curtio implanted in his body, the inhabitants of the settlement worked together to rescue him, and although the outburst was finally suppressed by Neil with Wen’s help, he did not regain full consciousness and was sent to the capital with Amelia for treatment.

 When Neil first saw Pius, he thought that “his face looks relatively small due to his enlarged muscles,” but this was not correct, and Pius’ head is of a size appropriate for his age.

 However, repeated torture has aged Pius’ face so much that no one is aware of the fact that he is still a child.

 Name: Narsht

 Status: Commoner

 A cook who once worked in the kitchen of Count Atmiras.

 When asked by Neil to develop a sauce, which seems like a crazy idea, he succeeds in creating a sauce that is satisfactory, although it is not what Neil originally requested, through trial and error.

 The sauce quickly became popular among the nobility as Narsht sauce, named after the developer Narsht, and Narsht’s name became famous, and he was asked to join the kitchen of the Duke Clement, a famous gourmet, and gave up his title as the head chef of the Count Atmiras. However, due to a mishap, he was forced to leave the kitchen.

 After that, he worked as a servant in a small tavern, but when the owner of the tavern said to him, “You are not blessed with skill, you are blessed with environment”, he realized his own arrogance and decided to give up his life as a cook and return to the village where he was born.

 However, when he visited the settlement to apologize to Neil, Neil asked him to become a cook in the settlement, and after several questions and answers, he decided to start over as a cook in the settlement.

 After that, he lost the arrogance he had when he was working for Count Atmiras, and he genuinely enjoyed cooking and was pleased when someone told him that his food tasted good.

 Since he did not return to work for Count Atmiras, but was hired by Neil personally, his current title is a cook and owner of a dining hall (restaurant) in the settlement.

 Name: Meisy Novac

 Status: Eldest daughter of the Duke Novac

 Although she is a daughter of a duke, she is a genuine researcher devoted to alchemy and other similar studies.

 She has known Neil for a long time, and has been involved in most of the inventions that Neil is said to have developed.

 She is a lazy and self-defeating person, and is a complete failure in anything other than brain work. She is not uninterested in anything other than research, but even when she is interested in something, she immediately loses interest in it, saying “It’s not useful for my research, so it’s OK.” and has a bad habit of withdrawing her question immediately without waiting for the other person’s answer.

 She also has her own sense of morality, and has no hesitation in engaging in activities that are detestable to others or in experiments that are legally prohibited, as long as they do not cause trouble for others, and is often regarded as dangerous by others.

 Although she has not caused any serious problems thanks to her minimal sense of decency to “never cause trouble to others,” she has been described by Diana as “not a bad person, but not a good person either”, and her behavioral principles are simple but unpredictable.

 Name: Liana

 Status: Harvest Hoe employee.

 A girl belonging to Harvest Hoe brought to the settlement by Gibbett.

 She has a cheerful and friendly personality, and although she quickly became accustomed to the settlement, she is not a very skilled worker and is often seen playing with Neo, Gaadhir’s son, when she is not busy.

 She feels close to Gaadhir’s family, especially Gaadhir who came to the settlement with her, and she feels like a colleague with Gaadhir since he came to the settlement to work as well.

 Name: Gaadhir

 Status: Banrai no Senpu (Battle Axe of Ten Thousand Thunders) employee.

 He is a hired hand of the firm Banrai no Senpu (Battle Axe of Ten Thousand Thunders), which mainly dispatches people to fight, protect, and guard.

 He used to be a top earner in the firm, but he was injured in one of his jobs so badly that a healing magic could not heal him completely, and he is now treated coldly because he can no longer work as he used to before he was injured.

 He had a wife and a son, and he had to earn money to support his family. One day, while enduring the cold stares of those around him who saw him in a depressed state, he received an offer to work as a security guard in a settlement.

 At first, Gaadhir thought that he was being asked to do a troublesome job, but when he saw Neil, who was nothing like the aristocrat he knew, he was puzzled, and with the presence of Narsht, Liana, and his family, he began to think positively that the job was not so bad. He began to work hard not only to support his family but also to protect the settlements.

 Especially after the Gipner incident, this tendency has become even stronger.

 Name: Glayna

 Status: Commoner

 Gaadhir’s wife and Neo’s mother.

 At first glance, she appears to be a gentle, smiling woman, but on the inside, she is a sadist who has a tendency to play with cute things.

 She used to be a housewife when she lived in the city, but since she came to the settlement, she has been actively helping the women in their work, and also helping Liana, who is generally free, when she is busy with her work, such as when she is stocking up.

 She earns a small wage for the work, and all of it is used for living expenses and savings.

 Name: Neo

 Status: Commoner

 Gaadhir and Glayna’s son.

 He is only five years old and had never been outside the city before coming to the settlement.

 Perhaps because of this, when he first arrived at the settlement, he seemed to be interested in the different scenery from the city, but after a while his interest waned, and he often stood alone looking bored when Liana, his only playmate, went to work.

 Gipner took advantage of this opening in his mind, and Neo followed the voice into the forest, which led to the disturbance.

 After the disturbance, Neo was left with some aftereffects, but they will heal naturally in a few years, and thanks to Pius’ self-sacrifice, he has recovered enough to be able to run around now.

 Name: Wensis

 Status: Spirit

 A mysterious wind spirit that lives in the settlement.

 Normally, spirits do not actively help other intelligent creatures, but Wensis often acts differently from other spirits, such as manipulating the climate of the settlement to keep it at a comfortable temperature for humans, or voluntarily helping Neil when he was attacked by Kobolds.

 After the Gipner incident, she began to try to materialize, again for unknown reasons, and this was the beginning of the ghost incident.

 When Pius went out of control, she gave a huge amount of magical power to Neil’s sword, which was reduced to its hilt, and contributed greatly to stopping the Curtio.

 She has a free-spirited and mischievous personality, and sometimes acts in a manner that reminds people of their childhood, such as when she suddenly appears in front of Gaadhir, who is not fond of ghosts.

 Name: Amelia Pordhale

 Status: Honorary Magician of the Gradigim Empire

 An elderly woman with the name of Pordhale and Neil’s magic teacher.

 She is calm and always smiles softly, but sometimes she shows her severity when the time comes, such as when she scolds Neil severely when he makes a mistake.

 She went to the settlement to treat Pius, who had not regained consciousness, and examined the Curtio implanted in Pius’ body using clairvoyance magic and the data containing the details of the Curtio.

 However, only the Curtio in the chest could not be confirmed by clairvoyant magic, and she made a rough prediction based on what Neil had told her.

 However, this prediction turned out to be wrong, leading to the outburst of Pius caused by the Curtio.

 Pordhale is the name of a great magician who once existed in the Gradigim Empire, a title reserved for those who are recognized by the Gradigim Empire as having exceptional talent in their field.

 Name: Gibbett

 Status: Representative of the Harvest Hoe.

 Representative of the firm “Harvest Hoe”, which trades mainly in agricultural products.

 He is a skilled worker who has grown the firm into a huge firm with branches in various cities in his lifetime, and he is as discerning in the selection of products as the staff members who specialize in this field.

 When Neil brought him vegetables that were not supposed to grow at this time of the year or in this region, he asked if he could purchase them regularly to maintain the relationship with Neil, who is a nobleman, and he has the audacity to jump at the chance. On the other hand, he is also cautious, adjusting the quantity of out-of-season crops with some conditions and checking the reaction of customers in advance, because their commercial value is uncertain.

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