Beyond Abyss 68-2

Chapter 68 Nishina-san’s Service #

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[Part 2/2]

 At that moment, a loud female voice suddenly echoed through the classroom, silencing it.

 When I looked towards the entrance, I saw a tall blonde woman in a navy military uniform standing there.

 It was Lugia-san! What is she doing here?

 Lugia-san looked around the classroom, spotted me, and strode over with big steps.

 ”There you are, 2D17! I have something to ask you! Come here for a moment!”

 Lugia-san grabbed my arm with a stern expression, forced me to stand up, and began to lead me away.



 ”Oh, it’s okay. I’ll be back in a bit.”

 I waved to Maekawa-san and Hano-san as I stood up with a changed expression.

 I couldn’t remember doing anything particularly problematic… or maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.

 But going alone without any staff, was it a personal matter?

 Thinking that, as expected, Lugia-san grabbed my arm and started walking up the stairs in the opposite direction of the teleportation facility.

 When we reached the landing in front of the rooftop door, Lugia-san finally let go of my arm and had me stand against the wall.

 ”Is everything okay with the teleportation facility, Lugia-san?”

 ”We finally got more staff this week, so I rearranged the shifts and can take breaks now. But more importantly, let’s talk about cup noodles!”

 ”Cup noodles?”

 It must be about the assortment I gave Lugia-san yesterday.

 ”Yeah! I tried to eat something called ‘yakisoba’ earlier, but I don’t understand it at all! What does that even mean!”

 Oh, I see.

 At that moment, I understood everything.

 ”Basically, as it says in the instructions, you have to drain the hot water.”

 ”What!? Do you really have to throw it away!? W-What about the hot water you threw away!”

 ”Just dispose of it as it is.”

 ”No way…! Then the soup will be gone!”

 Lugia-san, who has only ever eaten cup ramen before, seems to be unable to comprehend.

 ”Yakisoba is a noodle dish without soup. There’s no problem at all.”

 ”Is that so… But, it seems quite dangerous to just casually say ‘dispose of the hot water,’ don’t you think? You… you’re not trying to deceive me, are you?”

 Lugia-san glares at me with sharp eyes like an interrogator.

 ”In the past, there were many incidents where people tried to pour out the hot water but ended up throwing away the noodles as well.”

 ”I knew it! I had a feeling about that! It’s just too dangerous no matter how you look at it!”

 ”Well… our world has overcome many tragedies. That is the culmination of human wisdom.”

 ”The culmination of… wisdom?”

 ”Yes. Since the lid for draining water has that shape, such sad accidents rarely happen. If you read the instructions properly and pour out from the lid, it will be fine. Never think about pouring out from the pouring lid by mistake.”

 ”…I understand. Pour out from the lid. I trust you, Takeru-kun.”

 Lugia-san nodded at me with a determined expression.

 ”I have to go now… I need to hurry back and eat the cup noodles before mu break time is over.”

 ”Will you make it in time?”

 ”It’s okay. The hot water is already heated, and it can be cooked in just 3 minutes. It’s like magic. Once I finish eating safely, can you teach me how to use chopsticks?”

 ”Yes, definitely at that time. I can’t prepare a pumpkin carriage, but I’ll pray for your good luck. Now, please go. Let’s meet again later.”

 ”Yes, see you later, Takeru-kun.”

 ”Enjoy your lunch!”

 Waving with a thumbs up, Lugia-san smiled cutely, her golden hair fluttering as she ran down the stairs.

 The bell for the next class started ringing, and I slowly descended the stairs.


 I noticed a piece of paper lying in the corner of the stairs. It was a light brown paper, carefully rolled to avoid creases, resembling rough Japanese paper but with an unfamiliar texture.

 When I picked it up, I saw some writing in the language of this world.

 Thanks to the ‘system,’ we can strangely understand the language of this world. What looked like unfamiliar characters for a moment now appears as familiar Japanese characters to me. I can converse in Japanese with Lugia-san without any discomfort, as the ‘system’ seems to be simultaneously translating. I’ve heard that sometimes it can glitch and produce strange words when dealing with complex expressions.

 ”Could this be something Lugia-san dropped?”

 When I picked it up, my eyes caught sight of the title stamped with ‘TOP SECRET.’

 ’Report on the Investigation Progress and Speculation Regarding Isaki (Kondou)’

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