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Chapter 390 Well, Of Course They Will be Called Out

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[Chihiro POV]

 Late night in the President’s office

 After replying to the e-mail to Kitou, I stretch out.

 Then I call out to a young girl in a school swimsuit and high socks who is slumped on the sofa.

「Lolisla, if you are going to linger around here, why don’t you go back to your room and get ready for tomorrow?」

「Eh… why not? I’m not busy even if I go back to my room, let’s have a drink after work」

 On the sofa table there is already whiskey, glasses, and ice. I wonder if the snack is barley chocolate.

「*Huff* really… you…」

 Lolisla’s true identity is actually Kiyoka Yamauchi, the manager of President Kurashima’s gang that framed me.

 KKO, is currently the top sales person, and Danna-sama told me to be friendly with her, so I have been treating her reasonably, but I still have a grudge against her.

 In fact, I don’t like it even if we are breathing the same air.

 It makes me feel uncomfortable.

「But you know, I don’t want to talk anymore. Please~, onee-cha~n~」

「Who’s your onee-chan? Even though you’re over 30」

「Did you think I wouldn’t like it when you mentioned my age? I’m sorry, age doesn’t matter anymore」

 On all fours, she turned her butt toward me and slapped it as if she was provoking me. Yes, it pisses me off.

 As Kiyoka Yamauchi is a wanted person, she has remained in this Lolita (or deflated s*xdoll) state for a long time, but perhaps her mind has been dragged by her body, her words and actions have become infantile.

 If Danna-sama didn’t ask me to get along with her, I’d like to put her in a sake barrel at my parents’ house and let her mature slowly.

 And the reason why she is hanging around me is because she wants to talk about the demon world.

 She was in the demon world with Lili for a while, and she seemed to have enjoyed it very much, and she wants to talk about it a lot, but of course it is not something that she can talk about to anyone.

 It is only me, Misuzu and Akira, but Misuzu is not usually in Tokyo, and Akira is not told by Danna-sama to be friendly with Lolisla, so she is very salty about it. And by a process of elimination, she has been hanging around me. This is really annoying.

 Of course, there are many things that I don’t understand when I listen to it. After all, I am a normal human being who just knows the existence of devils.

 It doesn’t make any sense to me when I hear stories that incubus had a premature ejaculation, that wyverns tasted like chicken, that Baron Moho is really handsome, or that she was beaten to a pulp and almost eaten by a disgusting half-dragon woman when she tried to fight with her. Wait, who’s Baron Moho?

「I mean, why are you wearing a school swimsuit…?」

「I told you, this is the best fit for me」

 Although I’ve heard that her clothes are made of slime mucus, so she can wear whatever she wants, she usually wears this outfit.

 She wears it when she does interviews for magazines, when she goes to events, and even when she goes shopping at a local convenience store.

 People seem to think it’s like a stage costume for a comedian, and some people send me e-mails saying that they feel sorry for her or that they want me to stop abusing her.

「Even if I’m preparing for tomorrow, Ponpoko-san is the one who coordinates, right?」

「Coordination, huh? I mean, be careful not to let Ponpoko-san know who you are, it’s too complicated」

「I know that」

 Ponpoko-san has moved to a consulting firm of Fujiwara group, and although she has a lot of business relations with the firm because it is a partner company, she is not under Danna-sama’s control.

 I wish Danna-sama took control of Ponpoko-san, however, it was rejected by Danna-sama on the grounds that she is not a harem member nor a person to be punished, which I do not understand.

「Well, it’s not a bad idea to go back to Okinawa for the first time. Fufu, I’m going to attract the attention of my big friends with the charm of this Lolisla-sama」

 I would say, “What is a 30-year-old hag talking about?” but the fact, the sales of magazines jumps when Lolisla appears on the front cover, which is really bad.

 However, thanks to this, there are several plans to do a photogravure for a young man’s comic magazine in the near future.

「Lolisla… don’t forget your purpose. Your role is to be a bodyguard」

「I know, I know, I just have to stay close to Nitani, i mean, onee-chan, right?」

「Well, that’s right」

 As a matter of fact, Lolisla will be the main model for a three-day photogravure shoot for a certain youth magazine starting tomorrow, but we will also provide three more newcomers for the shoot.

 Despite our proposal, the publisher is willing to pay us for the remaining three newcomers as a freebie, as they understand that we would like to promote them. Thus, they were willing to take me up on the offer.

 The three are Ichida Sanae, Asuka Nitani, and Mimura Doremi.

 They are the three second-year members of the basketball club.

 When I recruited Ichida and Mimura, I said to them, “If you decide quickly, you can participate in the photogravure shoot this weekend. The place is located at Okinawa.”

 This means a three-day trip to Okinawa, though they have to take one day off from school on Friday. However, for high school students, this must be a very attractive offer.

 And since Nitani was already a member of the group, the other two readily agreed to be scouted without any suspicion.

 But when I told them that I was going to promote them as a set of three, Nitani looked quite dissatisfied. Well, I can understand her frustration.

 She had worked hard to pass the audition, but her two friends who had done nothing had caught up with her in the same position.

(Actually, Nitani is probably the only one who can make it as a model…)

 Half of the reason for the Okinawa trip was to catch the fish, but at the same time, the Okinawa shoot was also an isolation measure to ensure Nitani’s safety.

 Based on the assumption that Kitou’s goal was to exclude Nitani from the airline’s campaign, there was a possibility that he would directly harm Nitani now that the contract had been signed, and so forth.

 All these instructions came from Danna-sama.

 As expected, Danna-sama.

 But if there is any concern, it is that the only bodyguard is this young slime girl who is in a good mood.

「I’m telling you, if anything happens to Asuka Nitani, Danna-sama will be very angry」

「Hiii!? I-I know that!」

 Lolisla shudders at the mention of Danna-sama name. This is the only part that is very easy to do.

* * *

[ POV]

 After sending Monkey and Kayama-sama home, and I step into the bathhouse.

 In the bathtub, and were already soaking comfortably.

「Ah, good night, everything OK there?」

「Well, I’m just dropping them off. What about you?」

 When I asked in return, she let out a hot breath and looked at the sky.

「To say the least, it’s great, I feel like I’m getting a super reward」

「I love it…」

 At this response, pout her lips.

 It’s obvious because and were ordered to play with Confinement King-sama for the penalty to Sankon.

 They know that they are only allowed to play with their hands, but they are still allowed to serve the Confinement King-sama, so how could we not envy them?

「But when Monkey gets penalized, it’s , and , isn’t it? It’s a turn, you know, it’s a turn」

「As long as Sankon catches up with her properly…」

 When I responded to , opened her mouth as if she had just remembered.

「By the way, the head maid told me earlier that ” and should come after taking a bath”」

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