Dark Noble 2

Chapter 2 After Taking Over

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 After that, my mother Karia bid farewell to various people and quickly headed north. Since she will send letters, as long as those arrive, it should mean she’s safe.

 Since Karia left on her journey, fortunately, there haven’t been any significant changes. The Mafia boss, which has been in power for centuries, didn’t become an immediate threat just because there was a slight change in leadership. It’s all thanks to the solid organizational structure the Valshe family has maintained over the years.

 Right now, I was munching on some high-quality cookies in my office. They were a perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness. These cookies were brought by the senior executive, Orc, Belzeda.

 ”How do you like it, young master?”

 ”Yeah… it’s delicious. This should work.”

 ”If it satisfies your taste buds, then it’s the real deal. Let’s start mass production right away.”

 Belzeda maintained his stern expression but slightly furrowed his brows. He’s been with Midnight Fangs for over 30 years, one of the oldest members. He’s strong both in physical prowess and in managing the organization. He’s one of the executives I rely on.

 Why are Belzeda and I having a cookie tasting session?

 Of course, it’s for making money.

 ”I never thought that making sweets and selling them through pr**titutes would be so profitable…”

 ”Surprising, isn’t it?”

 ”But if a woman you like asks for it, you’d want to bring sweets as a gift. Haha, I’m impressed by your keen eye, young master.”

 Here’s how it works. First, establish a high-end confectionery shop. Then, have the pr**titutes under my umbrella express their desire for those sweets. Customers buy the sweets from that shop – that’s the flow. The pr**titutes receive the empty boxes from the customers and can earn a back margin by submitting them.

 In this world, using luxury items like gold dust, brandy, or caviar can justify high prices for sweets. That’s why we even recruited pastry chefs from famous confectionery shops. We ensure the quality is suitable even for noble gift-giving.

 ”It’s best to have something moderately priced that disappears quickly. Sweets don’t attract much attention.”

 ”Just as you always say, thin and long-lasting, right, young master?”

 ”Exactly. The pr**titutes will be happy to eat sweet things.”

 ”It’s healthier than alcohol, less troublesome than jewels. Excellent job.”

 The main reason for turning them into sweets is that I can enjoy them too. Belzeda doesn’t even consider such things. Being too sharp-minded can also be a problem, so this balance might be just right.

 Then, Belzeda took out a stack of documents from the bag beside him. It was the regular report documents. As usual, I carefully went through them.

 The sales of the brōtḥels under our control, any issues, changes in pr**titutes or staff – all such information was neatly compiled. It’s like running a corporation; without this, a profit organization cannot sustain itself.

 ”There don’t seem to be any major issues.”

 ”Yes, not at the moment. Madam Karia is said to be on sick leave.”

 Externally, Karia is believed to be recuperating in the north due to illness. I thought this would cause less disturbance and fewer problems within the organization.

 ”I don’t intend to make any major changes to the organization. I want everyone to continue as before.”

 ”No, for young master… This Belzeda is willing to risk his life countless times!”

 It really feels like a yakuza story… Even though the worlds are different, there are similarities.

 ”…But there’s one thing I’d like to consult you on, young master.”


 Belzeda took out another piece of paper from the bag. It detailed various things like debts, transaction histories, but in summary, it was this.

 ’Due to debt, a noble lady has no choice but to become a pr**titute for a limited time. Could you take her in?’

 Midnight Fangs also controls a prestigious brōtḥel with a long history. It all started as the king’s playground, so it’s only natural.

 In this high-class brōtḥel, there are various types of pr**titutes – those who rose from commoners through their skills, those of noble birth who enjoy s*x and jumped in, and even noblewomen who had no choice but to sell their bodies.

 ”If I received this document, does that mean you intend to place her in the Manor of the Black Rose?”

 ”If I have your permission, that would be the best option.”

 Normally, the Valshe family doesn’t interfere even in the recruitment of pr**titutes because there are too many. However, there’s one exception – Midnight Fangs directly manages the highest-class brōtḥel, the ‘Manor of the Black Rose.’

 Manor of the Black Rose only hires high-value pr**titutes that can’t be found anywhere else. What Manor of the Black Rose offers is the ultimate night with cultured and carefully selected beautiful women. Therefore, there was a tradition of requiring permission from the Valshe family for the pr**titutes employed here.

 ”Since I became the boss, it’s the first time I’m hiring a pr**titute at Manor of the Black Rose.”

 ”Women suitable for Manor of the Black Rose don’t come by easily…”

 As I read through the documents, I suddenly stopped my hand. I hadn’t paid much attention since I was skimming through, but this noble lady… I stared intently at Belzeda.

 ”Hey, this is…”

 ”I also couldn’t believe it at first, but it’s true. The noble lady who is about to be sold this time is the student council president of the Royal Magic Academy that the young master attend – Miss Lana Almira.”

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