Dark Noble 3

Chapter 3 Wanting To Keep The Student Council President

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 Lana Almira is the sexiest elf girl at the Royal Magic Academy. With angelic cuteness, beautiful golden hair, a slightly shorter stature, and ample bosom that jiggles in the student council, how many times have guys almost gotten aroused by her bouncing breasts?

 She is also diligent, responsible, and of course, at the top of her class academically. She is admired by both genders and extremely popular among boys. Rumor has it that not only high nobles but even royalty are considering marrying Lana.

 ”Young master, according to the latest report from the moneylender, the Almira family’s territory is in trouble due to several years of poor harvests and disease. The head of the family and her brother, who are the main support, fell ill due to the disease, and although they recovered, there seem to be lingering effects… The family’s finances are almost bankrupt.”

 ”Hmm… if they can overcome the poor harvest, is that what it means?”

 The documents also include a simple income and expenditure statement. If this is true, the Almira family’s territory will face a tough time this year.

 ”Yes, if they can get through this year… that’s why the young lady of Almira family came to us through the moneylender’s referral.”

 ”With this amount, if she works diligently at our place for a few months, she should be able to repay.”

 The Lana Almira family needs 500 gold coins. Considering one gold coin is worth around 100,000 yen in modern terms, 500 gold coins amount to 50 million yen. However, Belzeda seems hesitant.

 ”Even if there are no more assets to offer as collateral, she could borrow money from other relatives. It’s not an unmanageable amount.”

 ”Normally, yes, young master… but the head falling ill might complicate things.”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”If news spreads about the bankruptcy and the head’s health issues, there’s a risk of the territory being confiscated.”

 ”Oh, that sounds harsh…”

 ”Alternatively, there’s a possibility that she might be forced to leave the academy.”

 For nobles, bankruptcy and the absence of the head of the family are the worst scenarios. If the Oratorio Kingdom deems them unfit to govern the territory, they might easily dismantle the noble family.

 The Lana Almira family is from the northern Count family near the border. They are known for their honesty and magic talents but lack significant political influence. They are what you would call scholar nobles.

 What would happen if these documents were made public? Territory redistribution, reduction… are all possible outcomes.

 ”So she came to us… that’s it, young master.”

 ”Hmm, but can we trust this intermediary moneylender? If there are lies in the documents, it’s a problem.”

 ”We haven’t had many dealings, but we’ve had a relationship with them for over 50 years. They are indeed specialized in lending to nobles. They wouldn’t be foolish enough not to understand the consequences if they were to make enemies with us.”

 ”Does Lana herself understand what it means to work for us?”

 ”It seems that point was clearly communicated to her.”

 So that aspect seems fine. It’s dangerous; as the outer moat are being filled in, I’m starting to get excited. That Lana as a pr**titute…? I would visit just for that. Given Lana’s serious nature, she would reluctantly engage in intense activities if it’s for paying off debts.

 The woman I want to have s*x with from the bottom of my heart, that’s Lana. Her cuteness, status, and personality are all perfect. I’ve fantasized about Lana dozens of times. The scenarios are perfect. If only I could grab her slender waist and have passionate s*x…

 ”…Young master?”

 ”Oops, sorry… I was lost in thought about Lana.”

 Primarily in a lewd direction, but it shouldn’t show on my face.

 ”Young master, you’re also in the student council, right? It must be quite shocking for acquaintances to end up like this… I sympathize with your situation.”

 ”Well, let’s put aside my personal feelings… So, what do you think should be done about this?”

 ”Normally, I would say it’s okay to send her to the Manor of Black Rose, but considering your relationship with her, it might cause trouble and inconvenience for you if things go wrong.”

 ”Hmm… so you’re against it?”

 ”But if we do that, Miss Lana will either have to marry someone or go to another brōtḥel. I’m not sure what the risk would be if other nobles found out, so I’m not entirely sure.”

 ”Marrying is also not an option. The Royal Magic Academy only allows unmarried minors to attend.”

 ”Sigh… then, she would become a perverted noble’s mistress, I suppose.”

 Belzeda seems to say this with sympathy. However, this is only because Lana is an acquaintance of mine. As an executive managing brōtḥels and mafia operations, I know it’s not a soft world. I’ve learned that well in the 14 years since my reincarnation.

 And because I’m close to Belzeda, there are things I can talk about. I can’t help but feel aroused while talking about this. Lana’s situation is quite dire. So, wouldn’t it be okay for me to take her in?

 ”…Is it okay for me to keep Lana?”

 ”You mean, take her in? Well, that would be the best choice for us.”

 Belzeda readily agreed.

 ”Introducing a moneylender’s reputation and our reputation will be upheld. Since we’ve taken over the conversation properly. Whether the destination is the Manor of Black Rose or not, it’s a trivial matter. Miss Lana will feel safe if she knows the person.”


 ”If the owner of the Manor of Black Rose shows a special interest, it should be fine. What will you do…?”

 ”It’s true that I want to keep Lana. Women like her are not common…”

 ”Isn’t it fine? Young master, you have self-control, but you still need to have fun.”

 In this world, I was still a virgin. However, I had experience in my past life, so I wasn’t particularly in a rush. There are pr**titutes within reach, but they are like my subordinates. It’s not appropriate to touch them carelessly.

 However, my s*xual desire has been intense lately. Just mast***ing is not enough. It’s a good opportunity. So, I justified it in a way that suited me.

 My mind was already in full-on erotic mode, running wild with thoughts of a s*x life with Lana. I can’t wait to enjoy all sorts of things with her.

 ”Alright, then please inform the intermediary moneylender. I’ll take over this conversation.”

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