Dark Noble 43

Chapter 43 Female Police Inspector’s Fellatio☆

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 Isabella’s tongue touches the tip. It’s warm. Pleasure flows from the shaft to my lower body. I wanted her to keep licking, but Isabella pulls back slightly.

 ”…What are you so scared of?”

 ”I’m not scared…! I just don’t know if this is okay!”

 ”Lick more, lick like crazy!”

 Thanks, Miss Sherry. In my heart, I salute Sherry. Next time we’re together, I swear to repay her with all my might.

 Isabella’s tongue moves once again towards the head of my penis. And then, she gives it a lick. She continues to lick the precum. While her technique may not be exceptional, her dedication is evident in her movements.

 Isabella continues to move her tongue, her face showing some doubt.

 ”Suck, lick, slurp… Ah, haa, fuu… Suck, slurp…”

 It seems difficult to combine a blowjob with a handjob, as the stimulation on the shaft has weakened. But having the tip teased with rough breaths feels amazing. Pleasure keeps building up steadily.

 ”Hehe… That’s right, don’t forget about the shaft.”

 As she says that, Sherry dives her face into the base of my crotch and joins in on the action. Isabella focuses on the tip, while Sherry takes care of the base. However, this is a problem. A blowjob is a prelude to making a man cum on his own. Having 2 people doing it together won’t last long.

 ”Meow… I can feel it twitching. Oh, Senior Isabella, try taking the tip in your mouth and tease it more.”

 ”Lick, lick… I see, so I should take it in my mouth, huh?”

 Isabella lifts her hair and opens her mouth wide.


 Isabella’s mouth is very hot. However, her movements stop as she includes the glans in her mouth.

 ”Mm… I’ll suck it from the forehead.”

 ”Hehe, first let’s suck, then lick up to the bulge. Also, purse your lips and move up and down, gently. You don’t need to move too vigorously.”

 ”Oh, I get it… Slurp, Ah, uhh, uhh, slurp, slurrrp…”

 Isabella obediently follows Sherry and bullies my glans. She inhales the pre-cum, and her long tongue crawls on the head of the penis. Of course, her fellatio is clumsy compared to Sherry’s. But Isabella, who serves while groaning in agony, is irresistibly lovely.

 Suck, mwah, slurp…!

 ”Meow… the weight of the testicles is getting heavy. I wonder if it’ll come out soon?”


 This was true. The limit was already visible. Strength filled my hand gripping the chair, and the boiling pleasure ran through my spine. The sounds of Isabella’s slurping on my glans were clearly audible.

 ”Senior Isabella, don’t let go of the mouth, okay?”

 ”Mwah, lick lick, slurp…”

 Isabella nods. Perhaps because she’s getting used to it, the up and down movements become more intense. Focusing on the back of the head, she finally makes me cum.

 Gushhhh, spurt, spurrrttt!

 ”Hmm!? Mmmm…!”

 With the sudden ejaculation without warning, Isabella’s movements stop. Ejaculating into the mouth indeed feels good. Especially for an inexperienced partner in fellatio, it’s even better.

 I surrender to the pleasure of the flesh racing up the urethra and spill everything into Isabella’s mouth. With tears in her eyes, Isabella bravely doesn’t let go. I had the best climax.

 ”Nbu, uggh…! Mmm, phew… gulp.”

 After a long ejaculation, Isabella releases her mouth. She seems to have swallowed it. Well, that’s a bonus.

 ”Senior, spit it out here.”

 Somehow, a small beaker has been placed at Sherry’s feet. While choking a bit, Isabella spills my semen into it. It’s quite a lot.

 ”Nggh, cough…”

 ”Haha, I think you drank a bit? Hehe…”

 Sherry seems to be enjoying herself, looking at Isabella with tears in her eyes. Maybe she has a sadistic side toward the same sex. It’s difficult to bully Isabella directly, so this might be better.

 ”Ha, haa… phew… this is the end, right?”

 ”Still a little bit left, meow.”

 Ugh… Isabella groaned and gave Sherry a slight glare. At the tip of the penis, traces of thin semen were seeping out. Isabella took a breath and once again took the glans into her mouth.

 Slurp, slurp, slurp…

 She sucked until the very last drop, on the brink of ecstasy. It was like heaven. After sucking out the remaining semen, Isabella spat it out into a beaker. Exhausted, Isabella was completely spent.

 ”Hehehe, thanks for your hard work, meow. With this, we can make high-quality suppressants. Thank you, Alba.”

 ”No, it’s nothing…”

 ”…I’m sorry. For doing something like this. Thank you for your cooperation.”

 Isabella expressed her gratitude while wiping her mouth. It was an indescribable sense of fulfillment. If it meant being milked by such a beautiful woman, there was no room for complaints.

 ”But Alba is still hard, right?”

 Yes, my penis was still erect. Sherry lightly traced her fingers on the saliva-drenched penis.

 ”Senior Isabella, there’s still more white stuff coming out from here. Hang in there and do your best♪”

 ”Guh… Understood. Since we’ve come this far… Alba, please endure a little longer.”

 In the end, I ejaculated again thanks to Isabella’s fellatio. It was an incredible feeling.

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