Dark Noble 6-2

Chapter 6 Enjoying The Student Council President’S Big Breasts☆, Part 2

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[Part 2/2]

 Lana relaxed her body. She had made her choice. She entrusted everything to me, who she believed was burdened with the same sadness and responsibility as a noble.

 Tears welled up in Lana’s eyes. She seemed to lament the cruelty of fate that was about to unfold. But to me at that moment, it only served to make my desire harder.

 I placed my hand on Lana’s chin, turning her towards me. Lana trembled slightly, looking fearful.

 ”You might not like it, but please bear with it.”

 As I said that, Lana nodded slightly. I gently kissed Lana’s closed lips. It was sweet and soft. The fruity fragrance――the scent of a young woman――captivated my thoughts.

 Reluctantly, I pulled away.

 A tear escaped from Lana’s eyes. But even seeing that, I felt no guilt. All I felt was the desire not to be rejected by Lana.

 I proceeded to kiss her a second time. This kiss was more passionate. Slowly, I parted Lana’s lips with my tongue.

 ”Mm, mm…!”

 Despite her surprise, Lana didn’t resist my tongue. This was a good sign. I slowly explored Lana’s mouth with my tongue. Lana seemed to be trying to escape with her tongue, but she couldn’t evade me forever.

 ”Mm, mm…!”

 I captured Lana’s tongue and intertwined it with mine. As I sent saliva into her mouth, I continued to violate her slowly. Eventually, Lana seemed to give in and actively engaged with my tongue.

 ”Hah, mm…!”

 As we engaged in a deep kiss, I felt the desire for more. I finally reached out to her voluptuous breasts.

 ”Mm, ah… no…”

 How many times had I been tormented by these mounds during my school life? Even through her uniform, they exuded an overwhelming mass. And now, they were right in front of me. I gently squeezed them, causing Lana’s breasts to jiggle. It was truly moving.

 ”Ah, ha… ah…”

 I stopped the kiss and moved my face slightly away. Saliva dripped sensually from Lana’s lips. Looking down at her chest, I continued to fondle Lana’s ample breasts.

 Lana was still trying to cover her chest with both arms, but it didn’t hinder me much. Just the lower part was enough to enjoy.

 ”No, ah, ha…”

 But Lana’s response was surprisingly positive. Could it be that Lana was also getting excited in this situation…?

 Surprisingly, she might have had a high opinion of me. If that was the case, then all the groundwork I had laid was paying off.

 While massaging her breasts, I slowly pushed Lana’s arms aside, naturally.

 ”Alba, don’t look…”

 Although she said this, I easily moved Lana’s arms. From the sheer fabric, her pink n**ples finally appeared. How cute they were. Both the areola and n**ples were a lewd pink.

 Moreover, to my delight, Lana’s n**ples were already hard and lewd. I gently pinched the trembling n**ples, causing Lana to squirm and breathe heavily.

 ”Ah, haa… no, mmm, ah…”

 ”…President’s n**ples are already getting hard.”

 ”That’s no… mmm, ah!”

 When lightly scratching her n**ples with my nails, Lana let out a high-pitched voice. As I continued to torture her nipples, Lana clearly started to lose control. It seems Lana prefers intense stimulation.

 To bring out Lana’s pleasure, I started to massage her breasts a bit more firmly. What a sensation it is to massage them. Lana’s breasts are so big that they can’t be contained in my hands. I massage them to my heart’s content, of course, pinching and stimulating her nipples appropriately.

 ”Ah, haa… mmm, breasts, no…!”

 ”Why is that? President, you seem to be feeling good.”

 ”It’s not like that… ah, no… ah, mmm!”

 The advantage of this sheer outfit is that it can be easily taken off. Especially the chest area, with a little pull, it will be exposed easily. Let’s take a closer look at her chest soon. I took advantage of Lana’s agony and removed the sheer outfit.

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