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Chapter 13 Slaves’ Willingness

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 ”Ah, it hurts!”

 I let out these words as I walked down the corridor, rubbing my sore muscles the next morning after spending the night with Diana.

 Sexual activity is a full-body exercise, and it uses muscles that are not usually used, so it was only natural that this would happen if I did a second round.

 ”But still…”

 As I walk along the corridor, I look at the women slaves whom I sometimes see.

 Somehow, I felt that the way they looked at me had changed compared to yesterday.

 Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell whether it was a good change or a bad change, but after what happened last night, I felt that it was not a good one.

 (I mean, the women know what I did with Diana yesterday.)

 It’s natural that they know since I shouted in front of all of them that I prefer Diana, but when I think about it, I feel something warm and fuzzy in the way they look at me.

 I am ashamed of myself because they know that I am a virgin and that I lost my virginity.

 Anyway, I want to avoid their eyes on me, so I walk quickly to my destination, the office.

 For the information, I am in charge of the settlement group, but my work is basically completed in my office.

 I am the one who decides the guidelines, but Diana is the one who gives instructions to the slaves who are responsible for the implementation.

 Why Diana? Because I am not good at talking to people.

 In case anyone has forgotten, I am basically a person who is not good at talking to others.

 Considering the fact that I have always been shunned by the group because of it, this should explain how bad I am at talking to people.

 As I thought so, I went to my office to do some paperwork.

 To tell the truth, there are not so many documents because it is still a small settlement group, and the only thing I have to do is to look at the list of materials and think about which ones are missing and how to get them.

 While I was killing time in my office like this, Diana, who had gone to check on the slaves, came to my office.

 ”Master Neil, I have something to tell you.”

 ”What is it?”

 ”It seems that the work of the slaves has been slowed down by a lack of willingness to work.”


 Well, they are forced to do settlement work as slaves, and are separated from their families and forced to live together with strangers.

 No wonder they are discouraged.

 I believe they were instructed to clear land for farming, putting off the construction of houses for now…

 ”By the way, what’s the progress?”

 ”They are only about 70% of the way through the project. Considering the possibility of a decrease of willingness in the future, it may take twice as long.”

 That’s not good. If it takes twice as long as planned, no matter how much we save, the preserved food we brought in will have been eaten up, and in the worst case, we will have to deal with the livestock we brought in.

 Since we have one male and one female for the livestock that we plan to increase in the future, we couldn’t touch them now, even if it was just one.

 ”Hmm, but honestly speaking, there is no easy way to motivate them. Maybe we should try to bring the family members together on a regular basis?”

 ”If you do that at this stage when their motivation is low, there’s a good chance that they will run away.”

 ”I see…”

 The slaves are less motivated only because they are worried about their future.

 They will start to think about contributing to this settlement only when it becomes bigger, when it starts to function as a village, and when they can live together with their families in peace.

 Until then, the question of the will of the slaves will always be with them.

 ”I wonder… how this is going to turn out…”

 ”Actually, I’ve been thinking about it before I came here.”

 ”What? You have a solution?”

 ”Yes, one of the reasons for their low motivation is the tasteless meals. If we can improve this, we can expect their motivation to improve in the near future.”

 ”But, in order to improve the food situation, we are asking them to clear land for cultivation, aren’t we?”

 What can we do if the slaves are working hard to improve the food situation, but we need to improve the food situation to do so?

 ”No, permanent improvement is not possible yet, but temporary improvement is possible.”


 Oh, I don’t know, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

 As if to support my premonition, Diana took out a knife from her pocket and said.

 ”Now, let’s go hunting.”

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