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Chapter 12 The Etiquette of Childbearing in Another World ※

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 This is Diana’s otherworldly child-rearing lecture, which is more about explanation than s*xual descriptions, but it’s still an R18 chapter because it does involve s*x.


When I was informed that we hadn’t finished practicing for the baby, Diana taught me how to make a baby in the other world.

“Do you understand? Please insert the male genitalia into the female genitalia and let the magic power flow into the female genitalia from there. The trick is to apply a magical coating to the vagina so that the semen does not leak out.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Apply a magical coating? I don’t know, but I guess I can push the semen into the vagina as if I cover it so that the semen doesn’t leak out to the side.

Thinking so, I send my magic power into the vagina so that the semen doesn’t leak out.


As soon as I send the power into her vagina, Diana moans in pain, and I stop sending the power for a while.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um, there’s too much magic. I’m feeling too much pressure… please suppress the magic more.”

Well, it’s true that magic is like air or liquid, so it’s natural that it’s painful when it’s pumped into the vagina.

I tried to make the magic power like a membrane by trial and error.

“Hm… Ah… Mmm…”

Every time the magic power stirred in my vagina, a little gasp escaped from Diana’s mouth, and the vaginal wall twitched, stimulating my still-inserted p*nis.

I want to concentrate on putting the magic power inside my vagina, but I can’t help but focus on my son, who is feeding the magic power into her vagina.

Inevitably, my son regains his energy and grows inside Diana’s vagina.

“…uh, Master Neil?”

“I’m sorry, I’m not in control…”

“No, you’re young, this is normal, you can do it again if you like…”

“No way! Let’s put practice first for now!”

I felt that I would never be able to practice at this rate, so I refused Diana’s suggestion and concentrated on the manipulation of magic power.

As I said before, magic power is similar to air or liquid, and it is impossible to push out semen by spreading it thinly.

The only way is to increase the density of the magic so that the semen cannot slip through, but this is surprisingly difficult.

Still, due to my ability, I managed to push the semen deep into the vagina without using enough magic power to squeeze the entire vagina, even if it is not a membrane.

After I had pushed all the semen into Diana’s uterus, I asked Diana what to do next.

“Okay, what should I do next?”

“Ha~h… Ha~h… well, next, please stimulate the ovaries with your magic power to stimulate ovulation.”

Diana instructed me to do so while I was kneading the vaginal wall with magic power.

I follow her instructions and try to stimulate ovulation, but then I suddenly stop.

Yes, it’s possible to get pregnant.

I’ve come this far without any doubts because it’s just for practice, but isn’t it normal that she could have a baby?

“Hey, if I ovulate with this, won’t it make a baby?”

“Well, that’s not a problem. Even if the egg is fertilized, if it is not implanted, there will be no child… and since implantation is done by the woman, there will be no child if I don’t do the implantation work.”

“I-I see?”

It seems that the process from fertilization to implantation is quite different from the world I used to live in.

No, the process itself is the same, but it seems to be all done manually.

The point is that no matter how much I put the semen inside, if this procedure is not followed, the other partner will not get pregnant.

If there is no problem, then I should do as she says.

But what exactly should I do to stimulate the ovaries? Well, let’s just send a little magic power into it and see what happens.

“…how is it ?”

“…? What do you mean?”

Yeah, I guess it didn’t work.

It seems that simply sending magic power is not enough, since Diana didn’t notice anything.

Maybe I should try to twist it a bit from the inside. I should do it lightly, though, because if I do it too hard, I might hurt her.

So, I manipulate the magic power with my fingertips like gently swirling a tub of water with my fingertips.

Then, Diana, who had not reacted before, reacts with a flicker.

I have been gradually increasing the stimulation unless Diana denies it, but now that it’s inside her body, I’m cautious and hesitate to increase the stimulation any further.

As I kept stimulating her ovaries slightly, Diana’s behavior changed.




The moment Diana’s body stiffens, the walls of her vagina contract and tighten painfully around my hips.

After a few more spasms, Diana slumps down on the bed.

“Diana, did you just come―Buha!?”

Just as I’m about to check if she came, a pillow is thrown on my face.

“Master Neil, women don’t like it when you talk without delicacy.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

I thought that such a reaction was like a confession that she had already come, but I didn’t say anything because such a comment would surely provoke her anger.

However, Diana seems to be sensitive to soft stimulation like tickling, such as blowing on her breath, licking her oral cavity with the tip of a tongue, and stroking her ovaries with magic power.

“Anyway, did you ovulate?”

“I don’t know, it’s not as obvious as male ejaculation.”

That’s true.

There’s no way to know if she ovulated.

Well, then, what am I supposed to do with this?

“So, what am I supposed to do to end this?”


“Diana? Don’t tell me you didn’t know that much…”

“…it can’t be helped, it’s my first time too, this happens to me sometimes.”

Diana tells me awkwardly, and we remain connected for a while, staring at each other in the awkward air.

Well, it is true that Diana was a virgin too, so this kind of thing happens.

I mean, there was no way I could say anything more since it was my first time and she was leading me if anything.

“Then, are we still going?”

It’s probably a silly question to ask.

If I can’t keep practicing any longer, then I know what I’m going to do.

My boy has been left in Diana with a hard-on all this time.

Even if she told me to end it like this, it was not going to stop.

In the end, we had two more rounds, and then the day’s practice for the heir was over.

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