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Chapter 11 Now the Real Thing!※

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After confirming that Diana’s secret parts were still wet, I am about to move on to the next step.

“I know it’s not necessary to caress if it’s this wet, but this is a practice, and we need to caress the lower part too, don’t we?”

“Y-yes, that’s correct.”

Even Diana, who is a great Diana, seemed to have some resistance to being touched on the bottom, and she hesitantly replied to my words.

I take it as her approval and sit down between her legs so that Diana cannot close her legs, and roll up her negligee, exposing her secret parts.

There was nothing to cover Diana’s genitals but a few light bushes, as if her pubic hair had been trimmed, and I could observe the shape of her genitals.

Diana’s labia, which had been loosened by the caresses up to this point and opened naturally, was still overflowing with viscous liquid, which was staining the bed.

(This is Diana’s…)

My eyes were glued to the female genitalia which I saw naked for the first time.

I had seen uncensored videos on foreign websites, but seeing them in person was totally different from watching them on video.

While swallowing with saliva, I gently crawl my finger to Diana’s secret part.

After touching her labia majora, labia minora, and vaginal vestibule in turn, I put the tip of my middle finger to the vaginal opening and slowly sink my finger into Diana.


Diana’s hips jerked up reflexively at the sensation of a foreign object penetrating her vagina.

She doesn’t seem to feel any pain, so I insert my finger straight into her vagina, and the hot and slippery walls of her vagina cover my finger.

And when I inserted to the second joint, I felt something hit my fingertip.

(Could this be a virgin membrane?)

I move my fingertip to check the shape of the membrane, being careful not to break it.

It was more elastic than I expected, and there were some holes which my finger could pass through or not, which made me feel very vivid.

The thought that I was going to break it gave me a strange feeling.

“Um, Master Neil, what are you doing?”

“Oh, sorry, just checking.”

She must have been suspicious when she saw that I had just put my finger in her and didn’t seem to be caressing her.

Diana asked me this question, but I just evaded her question.

It was too perverted to say that I was checking the shape of her virgin membrane.

“Okay, let’s go!”

I start to caress Diana’s vagina, bending it lightly.

Since she is a virgin, even a light bending of her vagina is very hard to resist, and my fingers are covered with hot and muddy folds.

“Ha~h… Ah…”

A small gasp escaped from Diana’s mouth soon after I started caressing her.

But her moaning sound seems to be more about the sensation of a foreign object than pleasure.

Then, I stimulate her clitoris with my thumb, pushing it into her vagina.


Diana’s body jumps up.

She tries to escape, but I hold her waist with my other free hand, and move my thumb and middle finger to rub her clitoris between the inside and outside of her body.

“Ah! Khh!”

As I stimulated her clitoris, Diana was unable to suppress her moaning, perhaps because the stimulation was too strong for her.

In proportion to this, the inside of her vagina became wet and hot, and I could feel the walls of her vagina unraveling.

The lewd smell emanating from Diana’s heated, burning, and sweaty body was bringing me to the limit of my rationality.

It doesn’t matter anymore about the caressing practice, I just want to have s*x with Diana.

With that thought, I stop caressing Diana’s vagina, take off my pants, and free my stuff.

“This is Master Neil’s…”

Diana’s face becomes tense at the sight of my stuff.

I am confident of my size, so I can understand Diana’s fear.

If it was true that it was her first time, maybe I should be more careful, but I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I put the tip of my stuff at the entrance of Diana’s wet secret, and looked at Diana’s face.

Her eyes were moistened, her cheeks were flushed, and her vulva was still flowing with love juice, waiting for the moment to receive my stuff.

“I’m gonna put it in.”


After this brief exchange, I push my hips forward.

With a gentle splat, my cock slowly buries itself in Diana’s slick, wet secret.

“Oh, oh…”

I let out a moan as I move my hips forward.

I had used onaholes before, but this was something else.

The viscous liquid different from lube, the numerous folds that clamped the rod inside the vagina so hot that it almost burned, and the excitement of the first s*xual act and the fact that I was going to take Diana’s first time, I was about to reach my goal just by that.

Still, my pride would not allow me to reach the goal so soon after the insertion, so I somehow held on and pushed my hips forward little by little.


The more I pushed my hips forward, the more I could hear Diana’s moaning in pain.

As Diana breathes, I slowly push forward, taking advantage of the loosening of her vagina, and the tip of my glans hits the virgin membrane.

I stopped my hips there and looked at Diana’s face, and she noticed that I had stopped and looked back at me in the same way.

We looked at each other silently, and without any indication from either of us, we put our hands around each other’s body as if we were hugging each other.

“Shall we go for it?”


I pull Diana’s body closer to mine, and at the same time, I thrust my hips forward as hard as I can, pressing our skin against each other to the limit.


As soon as I break through her virgin membrane, a moan, which neither of us could understand, was emitted between us.

The stimulation from the sudden movement almost made me reach the limit, but thanks to Diana’s painfully tightening vaginal pressure, I managed to avoid an outburst.

However, I still feel that if I am not careful, I might come out at any moment, so I clench my teeth and endure the climax.

Diana seemed to be enduring the pain as well, and I could hear her moaning in my ear as if she was biting her teeth.

We wait for each other to calm down, sharing our hot, sweaty skin and beating hearts.

“Whew… Master Neil, please forgive me, it’s all right now.”

“Are you sure?”

Yes… so, please, do as you please.”


As I slowly pulled my hips back, a mixture of love juice and blood flowed from our union, and the bright red blood, a sign of purity, was sticking to my pole.

Realizing once again that I had robbed Diana of her purity, I began to wiggle my hips.

However, whether I had not fully mastered it, or whether this was my limit since I was a virgin from the beginning, I could not swing my hips smoothly in Diana’s vagina, which I was not yet familiar with, and my movements became jerky.

I was concentrating on shaking my hips and loosening her vagina, while watching Diana’s reaction, and the amount of her love juice gradually increased, and the walls of her vagina gradually began to loosen, allowing me to move my hips smoothly.

“Nmmm… Ah…”

(I’m getting to know how to move my hips. Diana also seems to be feeling it little by little, if this is the case).

I confirm that Diana’s moaning is mixed with the color of pleasure, and I increase the stroke of my hips little by little.

Diana’s buttocks swayed with each stroke of my hips, and the sound of water echoed in the bedroom.

At first it was only a strong stimulation like a tightening, but as I got used to the inside of her vagina, the walls of her vagina did not just tighten, but the folds undulated and intertwined with each other as if they were sucking each other, stimulating the glans, the rod, the back muscles and the pole all the way to the top.

It was like she wanted me to spit out my semen as soon as possible, and I was already approaching the limit of my endurance.

“Gghh… Diana, I can’t take it anymore!”

“Please, please, don’t hold back, Master Neil. Please come inside of me! Please let your seed come out!”


At Diana’s pleading words, I thrust my hips as hard as I could, pressing my stuff against Diana’s womb and releasing the desire that had built up to the limit.

I feel such a tremendous sense of release and accomplishment that I can say that I have never had a climax that surpasses this one, even thinking back to my previous life, and after a long ejaculation that I think my testicles are empty, I fall down on top of Diana, still connected to her.

“I thought I was going to lose my soul…”

“Hehe, if you feel that good, it was worth it for me to give my first time to you.”

I can’t believe that she is the same person as Diana who usually spits venom, and I can’t help but be struck by her compassionate smile.

Feeling my face reddening, I try to cover it up by talking about something else.

“Oh, I’m sorry I’m the only one who feels good at the end. I guess I didn’t caress you enough.”

“No, it’s impossible to satisfy a girl out of the blue, so there’s no need for Master Neil to worry about it.”

“Well… that may be true, but…”

I know it is a bit of a high expectation for a virgin, but as a man, I would like to satisfy not only myself but also my partner.

Especially in the last part of the session, I was shaking my hips for my own pleasure.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Yes, there is a little stinging pain, but it is not a big problem. Thank you for your concern.”

“Oh, I see.”

What? What’s wrong with Diana now? Is this pillow talk or the power of mood?

I’m afraid that I might fall in love with Diana seriously if things continue like this.

(No, I’ll end up being dragged by Diana’s ass in the future!)

If someone says that’s a bad thing, it would be a happy future for me, but no, no, come to my senses, I can’t take Diana as my wife since she is my servant, considering her status.

No, maybe as a concubine? ―No way, no way, no way!

I get up in a hurry to get out of this sweet atmosphere before I fall deeper into it.

“Well then, I guess we’re done with the practice of making an heir…”

“―No, it’s not done yet!”

As soon as I try to pull my son out of Diana, Diana puts her legs around my waist and holds me tightly, pushing my almost-slipped son deep inside her once more.

“Huh!? We’re not done yet?”

“Yes, we’re not done yet. Next, Master Neil, you will use your magical power to carry the semen to my ovaries and stimulate ovulation.”


Huh? We’re not done yet? Did it really exist? I had half-jokingly thought of it as a child-bearing method in another world.

I’m surprised at that, but I’m going to continue with the practice of the succession.

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