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Chapter 10 First Time Tasting ※

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As indicated by ※ in the title, this is an R18 chapter.


I gave up everything and lay on the bed like a carp on a chopping board, waiting for Diana who left me to get ready.

As I looked up at the canopy of the bed, wondering what she was going to prepare this time, I heard a knock at the door.

“Master Neil, it’s Diana.”

“…you may come in.”

For a moment, I wondered whether I should answer or not, but then I answered honestly, knowing that there was no point in leaving her unattended.

Then the bedroom door was discreetly opened and Diana appeared through the door.

Diana was not dressed as a servant as usual, but in a black negligee whose fabric was so thin that I could see her skin through it.

“How do I look?”

Diana, perhaps embarrassed, asked me hesitantly.

“Ah, yeah… it’s good, I guess.”

I was so overwhelmed by the exciting sight and the shock of Diana’s embarrassment that I could barely manage to give such a vague answer.

And after I had told her that I couldn’t embrace Diana because she was like a niece to me, my cock was already reacting, and it was beginning to push up my trousers.

“Apparently, you’re not lying when you say that.”

Diana smiles at the sight of the tent that has formed between my legs.

Her expression, coupled with her black negligee, is so bewitching that my cock is erected more than ever in anticipation of what is to come.

“Excuse me.”

Diana gets up on the bed and approaches me on all fours.

From the position on all fours, I could see her breasts in full view, and I could see her cherry-red nipples rising to full size at the top.

Seeing this, I swallowed spit that came to my mouth naturally, thinking that Diana was also aroused.

“Do you like my breasts?”

Apparently, she found out that I was swallowing spit when I saw her breasts.

Diana slips off one of her shoulder straps and reveals her breast without hesitation.

I had been able to see her breasts through the gap, but as soon as she showed them to me again, I felt my heart beat faster.

I am glued to her beautiful bowl-shaped breasts, which are neither big nor small, just the right size and have a firmness.

“Please touch them as you like. I will point out anything whenever I find something improper.”


Yes, this is a practice for future generations.

I have to write a report later, so I have to take this seriously.

“Then, excuse me.”

For some reason, I put in a word of respect, and fearfully reach out my hand to Diana’s breast, my trembling fingertip finally sinking into her soft skin.


“Did it hurt?”

“No, my fingertips were a little cold… no problem, please continue.”

“Oh, yes, let me know if it hurts, okay?”

I pushed forward my fingertips, which were halfway sunk, and squeezed Diana’s breasts with my whole palms.

Diana’s firm breasts change their shape according to the movement of my fingers, and on the contrary, her nipples start to push against my palms, asserting themselves.

The contrast between the softness of Diana’s breasts against my fingers and the firmness of her nipples against my palms stimulated my desire to an indescribable degree, and I continued to touch her breasts with a passion.

“―Master, Master Neil…”

“Sorry, did you call for me?”

I heard Diana’s voice calling for me, and I quickly let my eyes go from her breasts to see Diana’s face right in front of me.

It seemed that I had been so absorbed that I had been leaning forward and squeezing Diana’s breasts.

“It is a pleasure that you are excited, but I am not doing this to satisfy your needs, Master Neil. It is important to listen to your partner and observe how she feels.”

“Sorry, I’ll be careful next time.”

Yes, this is different from jerking off where I only have to make myself feel good.

I have to care about the other person as well.

Now, I shifted from the way I had been touching her with my desire to a more conscious way of touching her to make her feel pleasure.

However, I have no experience in this kind of touching, so I just dig up what I know from AV videos and make a similar move.

At first, I rub her nipples between the base of my index finger and thumb, while squeezing Diana’s bowl-shaped breasts as if I support them from below.


Oh, her back jerked.

It didn’t seem to hurt, since she didn’t say anything.

I looked at Diana’s face and found that she must have thought it was hard for me to concentrate with her staring at me. So, she quietly closed her eyes, her cheeks were flushed, and she occasionally let out a s*xy breath when her breasts were caressed by me.

(Looking at her like this, Diana is really beautiful, isn’t she?)

Long eyelashes, clear nose, fair skin without a single stain and glossy lips ….

“Master Neil?”

While I was looking at Diana’s face intently, Diana called out to me.

“How may I help you? You seem to have stopped.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just thinking again how beautiful Diana is.”

“…compliments don’t get you anywhere.”

Perhaps embarrassed by my too direct compliment, Diana turned away from me shyly.

The reaction of Diana, who had looked so mature, like a girl of her age, excited me inexpressibly, and I resumed caressing Diana’s breasts.

This time, I focused on her nipples instead of the soft touch like before.


I wonder if the stimulation was too much for her, and Diana screams the most charming voice ever, but seeing that she doesn’t say anything, I continue the caress and remove the other shoulder strap, exposing both of Diana’s breasts.

I suck on the other nipple, which is swollen with excitement even though I haven’t touched it yet.

“Neil, Master Neill!”

Diana suddenly calls my name in a panic, but when I realize that she does not mean to deny it in her voice, I ignore her and start to caress her as I like.

I rolled her nipples with the tip of my tongue, nibbled on them to check their hardness, bit them lightly, and surprisingly, the most responsive thing was to blow on them.

When I blew on her saliva-covered nipples, Diana’s back was shaking several times, probably because of the itching sensation of her breath on the cool, skin-contacting nipples.

(I see, I’m beginning to get the general idea.)

I knew that I was a quick learner in every field, but it seems that I am also a quick learner in this skill.

By the way, it is not important to mention that the size of the my thing is also bigger than the average, so it seems that everything is really arranged at a higher-than-average level.

I wonder how that God felt when he adjusted the size of my p*nis.

I look at Diana’s limbs as if I were licking them, wondering what to do next.

I could have simply focused on her lower abdomen, but there was something else that had been bothering me for a while now.

“What’s wrong? Stare at my face.”

Diana, whose breathing seemed to be a little unsteady as she was being caressed on my chest persistently, tilted her head curiously as she looked at me who had suddenly stopped her hands.

“Well, I know I went straight to your breasts, but I was thinking that we should have done something more beforehand… like kissing, for example.”


Diana nodded her head as if she understood what I was saying.

“It’s true that it’s not gentlemanly to take off woman’s clothes and touch her breast suddenly. I think we may have skipped a few steps.”

Diana breathes in, straightens her back, closes her eyes and sticks her lips out at me.

I guess she wants me to kiss her, but I don’t know how to kiss her any more than I know how to touch her breasts.

Anyway, I should start from the lips meeting, but I wonder what my face looks like from Diana’s point of view.

I put my lips on Diana’s lips gently, thinking that I would not want to make a gross kissing face, though she may not be able to see it because her eyes are closed now.

Diana’s beautiful face fills my vision, and my heart beats faster every time her breath falls on my face.

Oh, God, what should I do from here? I’m already rubbing her breasts, and this French kiss is just a little too much, isn’t it? But, wouldn’t it be more exciting if I at least put my tongue in?

My lack of experience in love comes out in full force here, and when I am unable to make a slight movement with my lips lightly pressed together, Diana puts her hands on my head and presses her lips together more deeply than before, as if she had grown numb to the situation.

Diana knocks my teeth with her tongue, and I reflexively open my mouth, and Diana’s tongue enters my mouth.

“Nngh… ha~h!”

Diana’s breath leaks out more thickly, hotly, and glamorously than before, her tongue crawls around inside my mouth, and the smell of Diana fills my nostrils, I can’t think straight and accept Diana’s kiss as she does to me.


I wonder how long I was at Diana’s mercy, and after a while, when she was satisfied, she released her hands from around my head and moved away from me.

Then, as soon as she opened her mouth, Diana muttered to me with a displeased look on her face.

“Master Neil, your tongue is very sweet and unpleasant.”

“Yes, whose fault is it that I’m like this?”

And I know it’s probably because of the sweetness, but please don’t make an uncomfortable face after kissing me.

That makes it look like my kiss was uncomfortable and it hurts me… is it really because of the sweetness? I’m getting a little nervous.

“I’m not in the mood for my first kiss if it tastes like this.”

“What, is this your first time too, Diana?”

“Did I look like I had experience?”

When asked these questions, I have to admit that she does.

She looks mature for her age, and I’m actually being led around like this, but I wonder if it’s right to say to a woman that she seems to have experience.

While I was thinking like this in a reserved manner, Diana tells me in a firm manner.

“I have no experience in s*xual intercourse as well as kissing. |Really, Diana, I’ve never had s*xual intercourse before.

“Really, Diana is not shy about saying so.”

“I don’t see why I should be ashamed of it, since it’s just a word, and above all, it’s the truth.”

Diana, I wish I could learn from your boldness, but unfortunately, it’s my nature to be this way.

“Well, I’ve set an example for you, now it’s Master Neil’s turn.”

“My mouth tastes sweet, is that okay?”

“I’ll put up with it. Then, go ahead.”

Diana closed her eyes again and gave me her lips.

Now it’s my turn to show what I can do.

Thanks to Diana, I have gained experience, and I should be able to make up for the lack of experience with the knowledge I have inherited from my previous life.

I put my lips on Diana’s and push her down, kissing her deeply.

I hold Diana’s head in my hands so that she can’t escape backward, and then I start to get even with her.

When Diana’s mouth opens in surprise, I insert my tongue into her mouth, and slowly, but not too hard, I run my tongue over every inch of her mouth, carefully smearing my saliva on her cheeks, lips, and teeth.

Then, I put my tongue in between her teeth and on her cheeks, and thoroughly licked the underside of her bottom to the roof of her mouth, as far as my tongue could reach.

“Mmm, mmm… Ahh…”

Diana let out a lustrous breath in time with the movement of my tongue.

As was the case when I caressed her breasts, this kind of delicate movement seems to be more pleasing to Diana than the intense and greedy one.

When I licked her palate with the tip of my tongue, she reacted so much that she arched her body even though she was held down on the bed.

“Puha… How was my kiss?”

“Ha~a… ha~a… ha~a… it was sweet…”

“No, I know that.”

Perhaps in retaliation for the way she was treated, Diana turns her head away and refuses to say what she thinks.

Seeing Diana like that, I felt a bad feeling welling up inside of me.

“Hey, I’m asking you what you think?”


“This is a practice for me, right? I can’t fix what’s wrong if you don’t tell me how it went.”

Ah, is this what people call sadism?

Apparently, I’m an S.

“Who was it who said ‘I don’t see why I should be ashamed of it, since it’s just a word, and above all, it’s the truth’?”


When I provoked her by quoting Diana’s words, she turned her sharp eyes to me.

But she can’t spit in her own mouth, or maybe she can’t drink her own spit, so she starts to talk about how she feels about the kiss she just had, her face contorted in frustration.

“I was fine when Master Neil was licking between my teeth and lips or on my cheek, but when the upper part of my mouth was licked, my body reacted on its own, and I was like…”

“And you reacted on your own, so?”

“…I felt a tingle in my lower abdomen.”

With these words, my eyes naturally move to Diana’s lower abdomen, to the base of her thighs.

When I try to reach for her lower abdomen, Diana reflexively closes her legs and prevents me from reaching for her lower abdomen.

“Diana, open your legs.”


This may be the first time in my life that I have ever ordered someone to do something like this.

I can feel myself getting so excited right now.

Diana, her ears red with shame, slowly opens her legs as she is told, and I run my fingers down to the base of her thighs.

Diana’s thighs were so wet that a sticky and sticky liquid clung to my fingertips when I touched them lightly.

“Okay, now it’s my turn.”

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