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Chapter 9 Who am I going to do it with(ask)

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 After eating and bathing, I was lying under the canopy of the bed in the bedroom.

 ”Bleghh… my mouth still tastes sweet.”

 The sensation in my tongue had been destroyed once by the Oran fruit, but it came back about before dinner.

 However, although the sensation has returned, there is still a strong sweetness in my mouth, and I feel very uncomfortable because I feel nothing but sweetness no matter what I eat.

 Just as I am thinking that I hope this sweetness will be gone by tomorrow, there is a knock at my bedroom door.

 ”Master Neil, are you available?”

 ”Diana? I’m here!”

 When I answered, I remembered that I had intentionally forgotten about the heir, and I thought I had made a mistake, but it was too late.

 The bedroom door was opened and Diana seemed to have entered the bedroom.

 It seems, because the curtains of the canopy bed are now closed so that I can’t see anything behind the curtains.

 ”Everything is ready, please wait here.”

 ”T-this way. Is this for real?”

 ”Of course, come in.”

 Amidst a whirlwind of emotions, wondering if this was inevitable and what exactly Diana meant by “ready,” I fearfully opened the curtains, and was absolutely stunned by the scene that unfolded beyond them.

 ”Please, choose the one you like.”

 What was lined up behind the curtains were, to my surprise, naked women.

 I wondered how Diana had gathered so many women in such a short period of time.

 ”Wait, these women…!”

 ”Yes, they’re slaves.”

 ”Out! That’s out! There’s a problem!”

 ”Problems, what do you mean?”

 I bark at Diana, who is tilting her head, as if she really doesn’t understand.

 ”I don’t think it’s a good idea to force them to do such things just because they are slaves! And, some of these people have husbands, don’t they!?”

 ”What’s wrong with that?”

 ”Cheating! Immorality! Affair! Aren’t those serious crimes?”

 In this world, the level of civilization has stopped at the medieval age, but the view of love, or rather, the crimes related to this kind of adultery, is just as serious as it was in the medieval age of the world I used to live in.

 Even in medieval Japan, it was really serious to be condemned to death for committing adultery.

 ”Well, they will be punished severely under normal circumstances, but it doesn’t matter how you treat them, because they are slaves and property of Master Neil. In the first place, when a nobleman touches a commoner’s wife or daughter, most of the time he/she will cry himself to sleep for fear of making enemies with the noblemen.”

 ”I can’t rest assured of anything!?”

 I’m rather worried when I hear about the dark side of aristocratic society, but I’m losing confidence in my ability to be an aristocrat, you know?

 Diana’s talking so noisily that the young girl is getting scared and teary-eyed.

 ”Anyway, at least I can’t force myself to do something like that, at least not without their consent.”

 ”Consent? Then there’s no problem. Hey, you there, isn’t it a great pleasure to be hugged by Master Neil?”

 ”Y-yes, it’s a great honor to have a lowly woman like… me”

 But, by the looks of it, she doesn’t want to do it, okay?

 The girl who was stripped naked, not allowed to hide her body, and forced to give her consent was staring at me with frightened eyes.

 ”No, I’m sorry for preparing you for this, but I just can’t do it. I don’t think I’m in the mood for this kind of thing with these people.”

 ”Well, then I guess there’s nothing it can be done. Let’s send them back.”

 When I told her this, Diana withdrew surprisingly easily.

 I had expected her to be a little more persistent, but I was relieved that she didn’t force the slaves to do so.

 However, I am very sorry for the humiliation of being stripped naked and laid out on the floor.

 ”If this is the case, it would have been better if I had accepted Diana’s offer when she told me that she was my partner…”

 That’s when I said to myself, “If I had just done that, the women wouldn’t have had to go through all that embarrassment.”


 I thought I heard a sharp, piercing sound, as if the air instantly froze.

 ”Master Neil, what did you just say?”


 ”What exactly are you referring to, ‘better’? Are you talking about me?”

 Oh, no, I think I might have stepped on a landmine.

 Diana is giving me a scary look.

 ”No, that’s not what I meant.”

 ”Then what do you mean? You don’t mean to say that you would have preferred to be with me rather than to be exposed to a naked woman, do you? From the point of view of Master Neil, my existence is worth only that much…”

 Scary, scary, scary, scary!

 Is this a horror movie? It’s so overwhelming that I’m going to be killed if I don’t leave it alone!

 ”Ah, no! I like Diana! I really want Diana to play with me!”

 I couldn’t think of any words to say in my defense, so I said it as soon as I could.

 This will not make Diana’s mood better, but it will at least buy me some time―

 ”―Certainly. I will go and make preparations, please wait as you are.”


 Diana bends at the waist with this remark, shows a brilliant bow, and leaves the bedroom at a brisk pace.

 I watched her back with a blank stare at her, because of how quickly she had changed.

 ”…Hey, could it be that she carried me?”

 When I realized it, Diana was not there, and I ended up spending the night with her.

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