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Chapter 138 From the Perspective of the Business Owner

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 Moona’s brothel was originally a vacant house that was purchased and renovated, so it was located in a residential area (planned). The exterior itself didn’t seem to have been altered much, and at first glance, it was indistinguishable from a regular residence. However, there was a pink signboard next to the entrance that unmistakably identified it as such. The entrance door was closed, and there was no doorbell, so I knocked on the door and called out from outside.

 ”Moona-san, it’s Neil. I’ve come to confirm the store.”

 I raised my voice slightly and called out, but there was no response. Thinking that it should be fine since she was called, I slowly opened the door. The doorbell chimed, and sunlight streamed into the building through the open door. On the immediate left was a small counter, and in front, there was a curtain partition, so I couldn’t see the back of the building. Just as I was thinking of calling out again from here, I heard the sound of a door opening from upstairs, and multiple sets of footsteps descended to the first floor. I closed the door behind me and waited beside the counter, and Moona-san appeared from behind the curtain.

 ”Master Neil! I apologize for the delayed welcome, even though I asked you to do so!”

 ”Oh, no worries. I haven’t been waiting that long. How about you? Is everything okay with your side?”

 ”Yes, everything is fine. Please come this way.”

 As I was invited by Moona-san, I passed through the curtain and…

 ””””Welcome to our store!””””


 I jumped in surprise at the suddenness of it. There were four women there, and judging from their attire resembling prostitutes, they were likely four out of the six slaves that Moona-san had purchased from the slave trader. I had seen them from a distance a few times before, but at that time, they were dressed in ragged clothing that clearly marked them as slaves, with dirty hair and skin. Now, they were dressed in alluring outfits befitting prostitutes, and their hair and skin appeared radiant.

 ”Actually, the clothes I had requested from the Harvest Hoe arrived at noon, so we were trying them on upstairs. It felt lonely with just the clothes, so we did the makeup as well.”

 ”I see.”

 For a moment, I thought that maybe they had dressed up specifically to welcome me, but it seems that wasn’t the case. However, Moona-san was supposed to have purchased six slaves, so what happened to the remaining two?

 ”Moona-san, there are only four of them here. What about the other two?”

 ”I asked them to go to the Harvest Hoe a while ago. We were discussing things together and realized that we were missing some supplies.”

 ”You mean they went out dressed like that?”

 I asked while looking at the four individuals who were dressed in provocative outfits that clearly weren’t suitable for walking outside.

 ”No, those two are in charge of behind-the-scenes work, so they didn’t participate in the fitting. They went shopping in regular clothes.”

 ”So, not all of them are becoming prostitutes?”

 ”That’s right. If everyone became prostitutes, then who would handle the reception when it’s empty? Besides, running a brothel involves various miscellaneous tasks that customers don’t realize. It’s difficult to handle them on the side while taking care of the customers.”

 I see, so the two who are not here are responsible for those miscellaneous tasks. Moona-san had always been considering what she wanted to do and what she needed to do since it was her dream to own a brothel. However, even with careful planning, it seems that shortcomings have started to surface once she puts her plans into action, and Moona-san has been constantly busy lately.

 ”For now, would you mind taking a look inside? I’ve received feedback from our regular customers, but I also wanted to hear Master Neil’s opinion.”

 ”Understood. Well, I don’t think I have any significant input to offer, but sure.”

 Considering that I’m a complete beginner when it comes to the adult entertainment industry, the only time I visited this kind of establishment was a one-time thing with Moona-san as my partner. Other than that, I only know what I’ve heard from others, so I’m honestly unsure if I can provide valuable feedback. However, I did inform Moona-san about this beforehand, so even if I can’t offer any useful opinions, I shouldn’t get scolded.

 The first room I was guided to was a room right in front of the entrance. At the back of the room, there was a small stage with six chairs arranged facing it.

 ”This is the waiting room for customers. They will be seated here initially and choose a girl.”

 ”So, the girls line up on the stage, and the customers choose from there? What happens if there are multiple customers? How do you prioritize?”

 ”We are planning to allow the customers to choose in the order they enter the store. We’ll give them numbered tickets at the reception, and customers with lower numbers can make their selection first. Oh, that’s right! Since we’ve gone through the trouble of doing the makeup and changing clothes, why don’t you have a look?”

 ”Huh, have a look?”

 ”Please come this way.”

 Without getting an answer to my question of what I’m supposed to look at, Moona-san seated me in one of the chairs and disappeared behind the stage. Meanwhile, the four girls who were with me lined up on the stage, and just as if it had been timed, the stage was illuminated with pink lights, and Moona-san appeared from behind.

 ”And now, the appeal time begins!”

 With those words, the women on the stage started moving all at once. Perhaps due to their lack of experience, the movements of the four girls were awkward and uncertain, but in contrast, Moona-san, who had been a prostitute for many years, understood the appeal points of her own body and performed bold and confident movements. I had thought that owning a brothel would mean focusing on managing it and retiring as a prostitute, but seeing Moona-san participating in the appeal time, it seemed that she still intended to work as a prostitute. The appeal time continued for a while, and just as I began to wonder when it would end, the stage lights suddenly went out without any warning. While the lights were manually controlled when turned on, it seemed they were set to turn off automatically after a certain time. Moona-san descended from the stage.

 ”How was it?”

 ”Well… is it common for regular brothels to have this kind of appeal time?”

 ”No, I’ve heard that it’s not very common in mainstream brothels. This method of selection is more common in high-end establishments. Is there something specific that caught your attention?”

 ”Watching the women desperately appealing in silence… it felt somewhat surreal. I always had the impression that shows like this would have accompanying music. What do you think?”

 It started off fine, but as I watched the women repeatedly appealing in silence, it gradually became a surreal sight.

 ”Is it really not good without music?”

 ”There are a lot of high-class store that use this method, aren’t there? Are they silent too?”

 ”No, the high-end ones hire musicians, so they have music.”

 Seriously? They actually hire musicians just for that purpose. It’s a method that can only be done in high-end establishments with abundant resources.

 ”And after the appeal time, the customers here go on to make their selections one after another, right? What if there are conflicting choices?”

 Even though the rule is to distribute numbered tickets and prioritize those with lower numbers for selection, there’s always the potential for conflicts if someone tries to choose the same prostitute as another.

 ”I suggest discontinuing the appeal time and modifying the selection process so that the girls are introduced to each customer individually, rather than in front of everyone. It would be safer and less prone to conflicts. I understand that you want to incorporate as many services as possible to please the customers, but if issues arise, it could overshadow the customer service aspect.”

 ”I see, that’s very helpful. Thank you for your input.”

 Hmm, this seems more like an opinion from the perspective of a business owner rather than a customer. However, Moona-san is taking notes earnestly, so it seems that she’s genuinely considering my input. Well, it’s fine. I’ll continue sharing my thoughts honestly about the brothel and what I’ve observed.

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