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Chapter 139 Moona’s Request

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 After the waiting room, we went up to the second floor, which was called the playroom. As we climbed the stairs, there was a narrow corridor, with three rooms on each side of the corridor and one at the back. I opened the first door to check inside. The room was quite small, perhaps designed to maximize the number of rooms. There was a single-sized bed, a basket for storing clothes, a wooden shelf filled with clean fabric, but nothing particularly noteworthy. However, I noticed a sturdy safe, out of place in a playroom, in the corner of the room.

 ”Moona-san, what’s that safe for?”

 ”That’s a safe for storing customers’ valuables. Some people feel uneasy leaving their valuable items in the room, especially when they have to move to another room for a shower before or after play.”

 ”Oh, I see. So there’s a shower here.”

 Unless it was a high-end establishment, the best you could hope for after play was a bucket of hot water and a cloth to wipe yourself with. I had heard that in some places, they would simply send you home without providing even that. Come to think of it, there was something I hadn’t confirmed yet.

 ”I didn’t ask before, but is this place considered a regular establishment? How does the pricing work?”

 ”Oh, I forgot to explain that. If you buy based on the number of times you out, it’s still five platinum coins. If you go by time, it’s five platinum coins for the base fee, and an additional three platinum coins for every thirty minutes.”

 I see. So for a fixed number of times, it’s five platinum coins per visit. But for time-based pricing, it’s the base fee plus three platinum coins for every thirty minutes. That means it would be eight platinum coins for thirty minutes and eleven platinum coins for sixty minutes.

 ”Why did you differentiate between the number of times and the time for pricing?”

 ”Some customers feel that buying based on the number of times would end too quickly, so we thought time-based pricing would be better for such people.”

 ”Do the services differ based on the number of times or time?”

 ”Basically, they don’t differ. However, with a thirty-minute session, it might not have much time, so it might feel a bit rushed for the customer.”

 ”By the way, does the time for showering before and after play count towards the session time?”

 ”No, the playtime is separate from the shower time, of course.”

 ”…Wouldn’t that significantly reduce the turnover rate?”

 Considering there’s only one shower that they take turns using, if the timing for showers overlaps or something like that, it could easily waste twenty or thirty minutes. Right now, there aren’t many customers, just a few from Sincere Dwarves, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, in the future, as the settlement expands and more customers come, the slowness in turnover rate would be fatal.

 ”For example, let’s say one girl receives a request, and another customer also wants to choose her. In that case, you would inform the waiting customer to wait for a certain number of minutes. But there is a possibility that the waiting time could suddenly extend by twenty or thirty minutes. From the perspective of the waiting customer, that could be quite frustrating.”

 ”Uh… indeed, that might be the case.”

 ”Also, including the four courtesans and two staff members, can all six of them keep track of time?”

 Clocks do exist in this world, but they haven’t permeated the lives of commoners much. Many people don’t understand clocks with dials and pendulums. If they offer time-based services, it’s natural that the receptionist and courtesans need to keep track of time accurately and calculate the remaining time.

 ”That’s not a problem. Even if they can’t read the dial, anyone can gauge the decreasing scale. We plan to install fire clocks in each room, which will also serve as lighting.”

 ”Fire clocks? If they are placed throughout the brothel, the cost of oil will be significant, won’t it? I remember the oil used for fire clocks being quite expensive.”

 ”Oh, is using cheap waste oil not acceptable?”

 ”If the combustion efficiency changes, the rate at which the oil is consumed will also change. If you want to measure time accurately, you’ll have to buy the appropriate oil for that purpose.”

 While it’s called waste oil that can be reused as fuel, there are various types of waste oil used for different purposes, and the combustion efficiency varies greatly for each type of waste oil. If the consumption of oil in the fire clocks placed at the reception and in the playrooms becomes inconsistent, it would be impossible to achieve accurate time-based pricing.

 ”Moreover, for people who are not familiar with clocks, even if you tell them it’s thirty minutes or one hour, they might not grasp it easily. In the context of a brothel, is time-based pricing common?”

 ”No, usually it’s either based on the number of visits or sold as overnight stays.”

 ”In that case, it’s even more advisable to avoid selling time in thirty-minute increments. I don’t think it would be well-received by customers, and it would place a significant burden on the receptionist and the girls. When starting a new establishment, it’s not wise to experiment with new things. First, establish a foundation and let the girls get accustomed before trying something new.”

 ”…Yes, Master Neil is right. I have only been thinking about providing better service to the customers and haven’t focused on the fundamental aspects.”

 Moona-san, feeling disheartened that her ideas were lacking, believes that it’s understandable for shortcomings to arise since it’s her first venture. However, the critique she received was not about what was missing but rather about the fundamental aspects and the parts she had envisioned for the sake of the customers, and it seemed to weigh heavily on her that she hadn’t even considered the burden on the courtesans she would be working with. Unintentionally, it resulted in a direct and logical rejection of Moona-san’s dreams, making the atmosphere awkward. The four women who had remained silent until now suddenly spoke up in unison.

 ”Nee-san! Please cheer up!”

 ”If it’s tough, we’ll work harder to make up for it!”

 ”I thought we’d go through much tougher situations when we became slaves, so this level of difficulty is a piece of cake!”

 ”That’s right, it’s definitely much better than being treated like slaves and exploited.”

 It was not hard to imagine that Moona-san’s spirit of compassion extended to the slaves she had purchased as well. It seems that this was indeed the case. Seeing the four trying to comfort Moona-san, it was clear that they had developed a good relationship. On the other hand, I felt like I had become some sort of villain, having upset Moona-san, and it made me extremely uncomfortable.

 ”It’s fine. Master Neil is right, my thinking was lacking.”

 Please, stop mentioning my name there! I couldn’t help but feel that the gaze directed at me by one of the four became even sharper.

 ”Master Neil, are there any other concerns you have? Please feel free to speak up at this moment.”

 ”Well, at the moment, I don’t have any more…”

 Even if I did have other concerns, my courage is currently lacking in this situation.

 ”I see. In that case, would it be alright for you to inspect the bathroom one last time?”

 ”The bathroom, huh? Understood.”

 ”Then, this way.”

 Saying that, I was led to a door at the end of the corridor on the second floor.

 ”So, this is the bathroom. I didn’t realize it was the bathroom since it has a wooden door. Is it suitable as a bathroom door?”

 ”We designed it to have a unified appearance, but it’s not actually made of wood, so it’s fine.”

 ”Oh, I see. The door feels heavier than a wooden one.”

 As I took hold of the door and pulled it, it was noticeably heavier than a wooden door, revealing a solid and substantial construction that belied its appearance. Presumably, the door was made thicker to prevent the sound of water in the bathroom from leaking outside. Inside the bathroom, there was a shower, a bathtub, a familiar-looking indented chair (凹んだ椅子) from those types of such videos, a bottle with unknown contents, and a mat leaning against the wall. It was clear that there were items in the bathroom that served purposes other than washing the client’s body.

 ”This is…”

 ”Well, initially, I had thought of incorporating play in the bathroom, but then I realized it would be difficult for multiple people to use the bathroom for extended periods. After buying various things, I came to that conclusion.”

 ”So these items are remnants of that idea?”

 Where on earth did she buy a pervy chair like that? Come to think of it, I hadn’t researched it, but I wonder if there are specialized stores in this world that sell adult toys. An adult shop in a different world… Honestly, it piques my curiosity.

 ”We do have a bathtub, but since it would be time-consuming to refill it for each customer, we will only use the shower during client services.”

 ”That sounds good.”

 It would indeed take time to refill the bathtub each time a customer used it, and reusing the water would be unhygienic and unpleasant for many customers. Moona-san’s decision should be the right one, but she seemed disappointed herself.

 ”I actually had some plays in mind that I wanted to try, like using a periscope or foam dancing, but it’s a shame.”

 What on earth are those? I can’t even imagine what kind of play they involve. It feels awkward to ask, “What kind of play is that?” at this point.

 ”Well then, does that conclude the explanation of the establishment?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. This covers everything that the customers will see. The only area you haven’t seen is our living space.”

 Just as I was about to leave the bathroom, Moona-san spoke up.

 ”Um, Master Neil, I actually have a request.”

 ”A request? What is it?”

 At this timing, she’s making a request to me. I wonder what it could be. I wait for Moona-san’s words.

 ”The request is, would you be willing to help me to unload the three new girls?”

 ”Unload… the three girls?”

 The term “unload (水揚げ)” was unfamiliar to me, and the first image that came to mind was a scene of a large number of fish being unloaded from a fishing boat. But since there are no ships in this frontier settlement, that image is completely irrelevant. So “unload” must be some kind of euphemism, but unfortunately, I’m not well-versed in industry jargon, and I’m struggling to understand the meaning. Sensing my confusion, Moona-san tries to rephrase it in a way that I can understand.

 ”To put it plainly, I would like you, Master Neil, to take the virginity of three girls.”


 The unexpected request leaves me wide-eyed and speechless for a few seconds. After managing to reboot my thoughts, I blurt out my words.

 ”W-What is that request!? How does it even come to that!?”

 ”Since they are inexperienced, it would be a huge burden for them to go straight into serving customers… I want them to get accustomed by being with men before they start attending to clients.”

 ”Get accustomed… Wait, how many times are you going to make me do it?”

 ”Please rest assured, Master Neil. I’m only asking you for their first time. After that, we plan to use toys to gradually prepare them.”

 I was about to suggest using toys from the beginning, but having one’s first and only experience in the s*x industry handled by an artificial device lacks a certain human touch. That’s why Moona-san must have wanted to give them the experience of being with a real person for their first time. As I come to understand and accept that, a question arises.

 ”Why me? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to ask regular customers?”

 ”Well… um, the current customers here are all Sincere Dwarves, meaning all the men are dwarves. And, well, dwarf men have short and thick… well, their genitals are shaped like taro roots.”

 Taro roots? So dwarves have a dwarf-sized body down there too? I see. It would certainly be tough to have a first experience with a taro root… No, even without it being a first experience, taro roots would be quite challenging, wouldn’t they?

 ”That’s why I asked if you could be their partner, Master Neil.”

 ”I understand the situation, but… are they okay with it?”

 I understood Moona-san’s reasoning, but in situations like this, it’s important to consider the individuals involved. I look at the four of them. Well, there are four of them, but only three are needed, so one of them must not require this experience. That’s what I suspect, at least.

 ”I still want my first time to be with a real man…”

 ”I don’t mind either way, but even if we use dildos to prepare them, it would be difficult for us during customer service if we have zero experience with men. So, I want to have that experience before working as prostitutes.”

 ”I’ve decided to give my first time to big sis. Even if it’s with a dildo, as long as it’s done by my sister’s hand.”

 Hmm, I see. I’ve come to understand various things from their respective responses. Although all four of them are virgins, one of them prefers Moona-san for her first time, while the other three seem to be the women that Moona-san mentioned earlier, hoping I would be their partner. By the way, the woman who seems to prefer Moona-san was the one who gave me a sharp look when Moona-san was feeling down… It seems that Moona-san is quite well-liked. And her desire to give her first time to Moona-san… It gives off a somewhat that kind of thing vibe. Well, it’s better than having a strained relationship, I suppose.

 ”…Understood. If you all okay with it, then I’ll accept. But why have you all been calling her ‘Nee-san’ or ‘Ane-sama’ since earlier? I understand from the context that it refers to Moona-san, but…”

 ”Oh, that’s because when I was thinking about how to address her other than ‘Master,’ I remembered a novel I read in the past where the woman who was in charge of the prostitutes was called ‘Mother.’ But since ‘Mother’ didn’t suit her as much, I thought ‘Nee-san or Ane-sama’ sounded better.”

 ”So that’s why she became your big sister, huh?”


 Big sister and little sister, huh? I’m in no position to say anything, but Moona-san doesn’t seem like someone who would fit the role of a master. In that sense, “big sister” has a fitting ring to it for the caring Moona-san. That’s what I think.


 Neil, his basic abilities should be enhanced since he was reincarnated, meaning he should have quick thinking and be quite competent. However, his lack of confidence holds him back, making him seem less capable. He tend to rely heavily on others, and he only really demonstrate his abilities when he goes against their opposition and do something reckless.

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