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Chapter 140 Harem Soap Play※

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 When I was asked to land three people, I initially thought that I would have to deal with them one by one in a private room.


 ”Even though it’s larger than a private room, it’s still cramped with six people.”

 ”Neepha, move a little closer! My bottom is getting cold from the tiles.”

 ”Don’t push me, I might fall off the mat!”

 ”I guess having all six of us together was a bit too much.”

 ”Maybe you and I should move to a private room now, and take our time there…”

 It’s chaos. Everywhere I look, it’s a chaos of flesh tones.

 I never expected that we would all end up in the bath together… It was Moona-san’s desire to “do something that we can’t do during regular business,” and it turned out like this.

 Well, I didn’t want to leave the items I bought unused and gathering dust. That’s the truth.

 So now, I find myself sitting on that perverted chair shaped like a hollow, with my bottom properly seated but the middle part hanging in the air, unsure if it’s stable or not. It’s a bit unsettling.

 If I look down, my son is hanging awkwardly in the gap of the chair, looking quite foolish objectively.

 ”Moona-san, can you change it back to a regular chair?”

 ”Oh, come on. We haven’t even started yet. It’s not too late to say that after you’ve experienced it once.”

 Saying that, Moona-san takes two bottles from the bath, the contents of which I can’t make out, and opens the lids, pouring the contents into a bucket.

 It’s a powdery substance, and as Moona-san pours hot water into it, she quickly stirs the contents of the bucket. Soon, a distinct sound of bubbling emerges from the bucket.

 ”Um… Moona-san, is that by any chance…”

 ”It’s foam lotion. I’ve always wanted to try it.”

 Foam lotion… Is there such a thing in this world?

 And it’s not a liquid, but a powdered type that dissolve in water. It’s hard to resist human desire, but to think that such a thing exists in this otherworld… Or maybe it’s the work of those who came from another world. In that case, I feel like asking them, “What are you doing here in another world?” There was something similar before, and I got tired of it, but well, it can’t be helped now.

 ”Slippery foam… It feels kind of gross.”

 ”Sis, what are you planning to do with that?”

 ”This is how you use it.”

 Moona-san scoops up the finished foam lotion with both hands and spreads it on her arms and chest. Then, she moves behind me, pressing her ample breasts against my back.

 Her pressed breasts change shape and slide down my back, creating an unprecedented sensation that sends shivers down my spine.

 It’s not an unpleasant feeling, more like a sweet tingling sensation.

 ”Master Neil, if you’ll excuse me.”

 Moona-san’s arms, covered in foam lotion, glide along my back and slip into the hollow of the chair, gently grasping my shaft through my buttock cleft.

 ”Oh my, you’re already so energetic, even though you seemed down earlier. Could it be that you enjoy this kind of play, Master Neil?”

 At Moona-san’s words, I peek into the gap between my legs again, and my son, who was hanging limp just a while ago, is now inexplicably lively.

 It’s strange. Just a moment ago, it was hanging lifelessly, but perhaps, as Moona-san said, the foam lotion play struck a chord with my s*xual preferences.

 ”Hehe, how about something like this?”


 While handling my rod with the palm of her hand and twisting her wrist, Moona-san stimulates my testicles and rubs the crease between my buttocks, moving her arm back and forth.

 Each individual stimulation isn’t particularly intense, but the slippery sensation of the foam lotion and the stimulation of areas like my buttocks and testicles, which haven’t been stimulated much before, almost make my hips lift off. However, Moona-san, who is tightly pressed against my back, doesn’t allow that.

 Skillfully tormenting multiple areas of my lower body with her right arm while firmly securing her left arm around my torso, she also presses her breasts against me.

 It’s not just direct stimulation, but she uses her entire body to physically and mentally stoke my s*xual desire.

 ”I-is this really your first time?”

 ”Yes, it is. It’s just an extension of things we’ve done many times before, with the only difference being the foam lotion. And…”

 Moona-san, while handling my rod with five fingers, opens her thumb and index finger. With her thumb, she rubs the frenulum, and with her index finger, she teases the glans, while the remaining three fingers continue to stroke the rod.

 ”Ah, ah!”

 ”This is just the beginning. Although we could do it the way we did before, this time we have a different main act. How about all four of you come over here and try the ‘Tawashi Washing’?”

 ”Tawashi Washing? What’s that?”

 ”I taught you about Sumata before, right? Think of it as something similar. It’s using pubic hair to rub a man’s body.”

 ”P-Pubic hair!?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Now, go ahead and apply the foam lotion from that bucket and wash Master Neil with it.”

 At Moona-san’s instruction, the four of the girls reach into the bucket with hesitation and start applying the foam lotion to my body.

 ”Um, what should I do from here?”

 ”Wash Master Neil’s arms and legs. Since there are four of you and four limbs, each of you can take one. And be careful not to slip on the foam lotion that has dripped onto the floor.”


 The four of them slowly stand up and move around me. Two of them hold my arms between their thighs, and the other two straddle my knees, assuming a kneeling position.

 ”Now then… please excuse us.”

 As soon as one of them says those words, all four of them start moving at once.

 Their movements are awkward due to it being their first time, but the sensation of the trimmed pubic hair touching my hands and feet, which are not erogenous zones, and the heat from their genitals that is hotter than their skin, is more than enough to stoke my s*xual desire.

 As if seeing through my inner thoughts, Moona-san loosens her hand movements and stimulates my member just enough to prevent me from climaxing.

 ”T-This… is it okay?”

 ”It’s okay. You’re all doing great. Now, each of you can torment him as you please.”

 Saying that, Moona-san releases my member from her hand and gives way to the four of them.

 ”Master Neil, it’s fine for you to not only receive but also give pleasure, so please do as you like.”


 The purpose of this experience was to have three people gain experience with men before the main business, so I had refrained from acting on my own desires. But if I have Moona-san’s permission, it’s a different story.

 Honestly, it was incredibly frustrating to be surrounded by naked women and have such bold contact with my sensitive areas, unable to reciprocate. So without hesitation, I reach out my hands to the chests of the two who were straddling my knees.

 However, their chests, coated in foam lotion, slip out of my grasp and elude my hands, making it difficult for me to caress them properly.

 ”Ah… Fuu…!”


 But from the mouths of the two whose breasts I was groping, alluring sighs overflowed.

 At first, I thought it might be an act to excite me, but they probably haven’t gained enough experience to perform such skillful acting, and it seemed like they were genuinely feeling it.

 ”How is it? Not only techniques to please men but also a certain degree of training for their bodies. Just a little bit of tormenting, and they’ll produce delightful voices, won’t they?”

 Although I couldn’t see her expression since she was behind me, I could easily imagine Moona-san wearing a blissful expression from the tone of her voice.

 When I first met Moona-san, it was the same. She seemed to get excited by the idea that pleasing others equals giving them pleasure, and she had a slight sadistic side. Perhaps when she taught these women techniques as prostitutes, she joyfully tormented them and developed their bodies.

 However, just with a little touch to their breasts, they reacted like this. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I started tormenting them in earnest. Suppressing my curiosity was difficult, so I slowly slid my hands downward.

 The two of them responded with trembling hips even when I just stroked their bellies, which pleased me. I continued to let my fingers trail down toward their secret places.

 As my fingertips encountered a liquid that was clearly different from the lotion, hot and sticky, I delved my fingers into its source.


 As soon as I lightly stroked the entrance with the pads of my fingers, a copious amount of love juice overflowed.

 The two women, who had been trying to escape the sensation of their secret places being stimulated, couldn’t avoid it any longer because they were sitting on my knees. They continued to writhe on my knees, unable to escape.


 Suddenly, the woman who was straddling my left knee folded in half and leaned against me.

 Seeing her waist tremble, it seemed that she had lightly climaxed.

 ”I-I apologize…! To lean against your body like this…”

 ”No, it’s okay. It’s much better than falling over.”

 ”Master Neil, I understand that they’re getting good reactions and it’s rewarding to torment, but please don’t tire them out before the main event.”

 ”I understand. If they’re this wet, should we just proceed to the main event?”

 ”Well, I wanted to let them practice a bit more on how to please a man… but yes, it seems that Master Neil is reaching his limit. Shall we move on to the main event?”

 No, Moona-san completely saw through me.

 While my true desire was to move on quickly because I had reached my limit in many ways, it was a bit uncomfortable to be seen through like this.

 But in any case, foreplay is over, and it’s finally time to move on to the main event.

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