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Chapter 141 Moona’s Education ※

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 With the foreplay over, I moved the chair I was sitting on to the side of the bathroom and sat on the mat, watching the three women who were about to be initiated. It seemed that they couldn’t stay calm knowing that they were about to experience their first time, as they kept glancing at me nervously.

 ”Well then, Master Neil, I’ll leave the initiation of the three to you.”

 ”Oh, yes, I understand—”

 As I responded reflexively to Moona-san’s voice, I was at a loss for words as soon as I looked at her.

 ”Master Neil? What’s the matter?”

 ”That thing Moona-san is wearing, is it by any chance…”

 ”Oh, you mean this? It’s a strap-on.”

 Considering that there was lotion on the lewd chair, it wasn’t surprising that there was a strap-on, but I felt a complex mixture of emotions when I realized that the strap-on was more impressive than mine.

 ”S-Sis? It seems much bigger than the real thing and it’s so curved…”

 ”You shouldn’t say things that invite comparison. Many men are conscious of the size of their genitals.”

 ”R-Right, I understand. I’ll be more careful.”

 No, it’s not okay. Please stop talking while blatantly comparing the two.

 I knew it was pointless to compete against a prosthetic made with an ideal shape in mind, but I couldn’t help but feel irritated when I was being compared to it.

 ”By the way, is there something smaller available? I would feel more at ease if it were at least the same size as Master Neil’s.”

 ”I’m sorry, but this is the smallest one we have. There aren’t many options smaller than this.”

 No, please stop. It sounds like you’re saying mine is small. There are many different races in this world, and I don’t know the average size of their genitals, but based on the standards of the world I came from, mine should be larger. While I was thinking about that, Moona-san pushed the woman onto the mat, leaving her with no escape.

 ”Don’t worry, Cecil. It won’t hurt.”

 ”Ah… Sis…”

 And in front of us, Moona-san and Cecil started their act. Moona-san straddled Cecil, planting her lips on her neck, while caressing her lotion-covered breasts. She skillfully caressed the slippery skin with the palm of her hand, occasionally flicking the erect nipples with her fingertips to avoid monotony, causing Cecil’s developed body to quiver and react.

 ”Hehe, you’re adorable, Cecil. It’s so rewarding to torment you.”


 ”Since we have the chance, shall we let everyone see your adorable appearance?”

 Saying that, Moona-san turned Cecil’s body sideways so that we could get a better view, and from behind, Moona-san began to manipulate Cecil’s body as if hugging her.

 ”Master Neil, how does Cecil’s body look?”

 ”Sto—Sis, this is too much!”

 ”There’s no need to be embarrassed. After all, you’re so beautiful. Your skin glistening with lotion, the cute nipples that seem to beg to be touched, and—”

 As Moona-san slid her fingers between Cecil’s thighs, she boldly spread her legs by lifting one of Cecil’s legs.

 ”A pristine, beautiful pink female genitalia. It’s so lovely.”

 ”Sis! Th-This is way too embarrassing!”

 Even as Cecil protested while covering her exposed private parts with both hands, Moona-san didn’t let go.

 ”Stop hiding it. On the contrary, let them see,” Moona-san insisted.

 ”I can’t! Why would I have to do something like this?” Cecil protested.

 ”It’s part of a courtesan’s job to be seen. If you feel embarrassed about it, you won’t be able to perform well,” Moona-san explained. “Bringing excitement to clients is essential, and just by showing your body, you can become a great courtesan. To do that, you need to understand the charm of your own body and actively appeal to others.”

 ”The charm of my own body…” Cecil murmured.

 ”Yes, let them see the unique charm that only Cecil possesses. Do you understand?”

 After a brief silence, Cecil made up her mind. She removed her hands that were covering her private parts. From the opening between her legs, which naturally spread when her leg was lifted, pink folds came into view. Cecil hooked her finger on her labia and opened herself, presenting her sacred place.

 ”Please… take a look at my precious place that I’m about to lose my virginity.”

 Her face turned bright red, and her voice trembled, but Cecil followed Moona-san’s instructions and exposed her body. Her expression blended with earnestness and shame, and I felt my excitement reaching its peak.

 ”Well then, shall we proceed to the main event? It seems like everyone’s bodies are getting heated up,” Moona-san suggested.

 As Moona-san spoke, I casually glanced at the three women I would be engaging with. They were either looking down, fidgeting and rubbing their knees together, or fixated on Cecil’s figure. However, the one thing they had in common was their flushed faces.

 ”Okay… Neepha, it’s your turn to accompany our guest,” Moona-san said.

 ”Wh-What? Why me?” Neepha protested.

 ”Well, you seemed quite interested, looking so intently. Besides, you’re horny,” Moona-san explained.

 ”Who’s horny?”

 Despite Neepha’s objections, she eagerly approached me.

 ”Well, I guess there’s no helping it. I’ll be the role model for the two of them, right?” Neepha said with a hint of frustration.

 ”Ahaha… Nice to meet you, Neepha-san,” I greeted her.

 ”Yes, nice to meet you too… I apologize, but I’m not very good with honorifics,” Neepha apologized.

 ”It’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself to use honorifics. I don’t mind,” I reassured her.

 ”I can’t do that. Before dealing with clients, I was told by my sister to learn proper manners and avoid being disrespectful,” Neepha explained.

 As I tilted my head, puzzled by Neepha’s subtly formal speech that reminded me of Lewya, one of the women who had been observing our conversation spoke up.

 ”Well, Neepha tends to come off a bit arrogant or condescending in her natural way of speaking, so Nee-san told her to avoid angering the clients,” she explained.

 I see. If it’s not because I’m a noble and Neepha needs to use honorifics, then there’s no need to force her to change her way of speaking. With that in mind, I wrapped my arm around Neepha’s waist and pulled her closer. Our bodies slipped against each other due to the lotion, and just hugging each other gave us a sense of bliss. However, that alone wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I slid my arm down her waist, grabbing both buttocks with a firm grip. Squeezing her plump yet compact buttocks, either flattening them or spreading them apart, I then moved my fingers further down, tracing the contours of her intimate area.


 ”You lack any seductiveness, Neepha,” Moona-san teased.

 ”You’re annoying! I was just surprised because he suddenly—”

 As I spread the tightly closed folds with my fingers and rubbed them up and down, Neepha’s sensitive body reacted, and she clung to me, trying to suppress her physical response. But her futile efforts didn’t last long, as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her, causing her to release alluring moans and allowing her love juices to flow from her entrance.

 ”Neepha-san, be careful not to put too much force when you’re slippery with lotion,” I warned.

 ”Eh? Even if you say that—”

 Neepha-san’s words were cut off as she moved forward and slipped on the lotion, falling onto the mat behind me. In the process, her legs naturally spread open, exposing her wet genitals in front of me.

 ”Ouch… Ahh!”

 In a moment of embarrassment, Neepha-san quickly covered herself with her hands and tried to close her legs. However, perhaps recalling Moona-san’s words regarding Cecil, she opened her legs again, deliberately displaying her vaginal opening. Unlike Cecil, she didn’t say anything, just presented herself. But it was enough to arouse me.

 I moved over Neepha-san, who had fallen onto the mat, covering her body. My glans aligned with her vaginal entrance.

 ”Is this alright?” I asked.

 ”Uh, y-yes, it’s fine,” Neepha-san replied, clearly flustered.

 Ignoring her evident uneasiness, I slowly pressed my hips forward. The glans easily slipped into her entrance, but further in, I felt resistance as her tight walls pushed back.

 ”Does it hurt?” I asked.

 ”No… It doesn’t hurt, but it feels a bit strange, like there’s something foreign,” Neepha-san responded.

 Although she seemed surprisingly composed, that didn’t mean I could be rough. I continued to stimulate her while still inside, diverting her attention, and gradually pushed my hips forward. While pressing my lips against hers and exploring her mouth with my tongue, I also focused on her breasts and clitoris. As her vaginal walls contracted, seemingly attempting to push my member out, I persisted, pushing slowly but steadily. Then, I felt a different sensation at the tip of my glans, distinct from parting her vaginal walls.

 ”Phew… It seems like I’ve reached the depths,” I said.


 Neepha, who had been dazed by the kisses and stimulation, gradually turned her gaze towards our joining point. Although my member hadn’t entered her completely yet, either because of her narrow vaginal passage or her uterus descending, the fact remained that I had reached deep inside her.

 ”How does it feel now? Does it hurt?” I asked.

 ”I don’t know… There’s a tingling numbness, but it doesn’t hurt… I think,” Neepha replied.

 ”In that case, I’ll start moving now, but let me know if it becomes too much,” I said.

 As I observed Neepha’s reaction, I began moving my hips back and forth. Her tight and unripe inner walls provided some resistance, making it difficult to move smoothly. Occasionally, there was a slight snag, but Neepha showed no signs of pain. It seemed that the foreign sensation was stronger than any discomfort. To help her acclimate, I gradually increased the speed of my thrusts.

 ”Master Neil, it’s not enough to move your hips alone,” Moona-san interjected.


 When I turned to look at her, I saw Moona-san, who had embraced Cecil from behind, firmly inserting a strap-on dildo into her vagina. Cecil, in a semi-dazed state, was being held by Moona-san, her gaze directed towards us.

 ”The vagina, after experiencing its first penetration, hasn’t undergone much development yet. To fully develop it as a erogenous zone, simply focusing on that area won’t be enough. You need to simultaneously stimulate the parts you want to develop and the parts that are more sensitive. If you can teach her body to feel pleasure when touched here, even in areas that aren’t typically erogenous…” Moona-san explained.

 ”Ah! Ahhh!!” Cecil let out a scream-like moan as Moona-san’s fingers penetrated her navel.

 ”Moona-san! Stop! Please…!” Cecil pleaded.

 ”Oh my, Cecil, did you lightly climax from having your navel penetrated? Shall we try developing another area then?” Moona-san suggested casually.

 I was a little bit surprised to see Moona-san happily developing Cecil’s body, but I see, it’s all about imprinting.

 By targeting areas that are less sensitive along with areas that are more receptive to pleasure, the body becomes accustomed to experiencing this pleasure even from the parts that haven’t been developed.

 ”Um, Master Neil… If possible, treat me normally.”

 ”I understand. I won’t do anything like Moona-san. Please rest assured.”

 As I relayed this information to Neepha-san, who seemed anxious, with the loud moans of Cecil-san from the next room serving as background noise, I assured her. I have no intention of developing her navel hole, so for now, I lightly pinch her clitoris with my thumb and index finger while gently exploring her vagina.


 As soon as I stimulate her clitoris, her vaginal walls tighten, and Neepha-san trembles. While enduring the urge to climax that comes with the tightening, I thrust my hips, stimulating her clitoris and vaginal walls simultaneously. Initially, her vagina felt constricted, but as I brushed past her vaginal walls, they relaxed, and her love juices flowed, making it smoother to move my hips.

 ”Hah, ugh…!”

 Neepha-san’s moans started to mix with sweet sounds, and the sounds of our flesh colliding became more intense. Sensing that the limit was approaching, I used my free hand and mouth to pleasure Neepha-san all at once. I twist her nipples with my fingers, lick them with my mouth, and thrust my manhood against her hips, seeking pleasure.

 ”Nn-ah! Haa…! Fuuaa!”

 Neepha-san is so consumed by pleasure that she doesn’t seem to have any room to think about me. As for myself, I have no time to spare, waiting for Neepha-san’s response. With my ejaculation on the verge, I forcefully thrust my hips and release my semen directly into her womb.

 ”Fuu… Aaah!”

 As a large amount of semen flows into her uterus, whether it was due to the heat of the moment or reaching climax, Neepha-san arches her back and lets out an even louder moan. After being in a daze for a while, when our breathing calms down, I slowly withdraw my manhood, and a mixture of semen, love juices, and a liquid tainted with the proof of her virginity drips down from her vagina.

 ”Nn… Haa… Haa…”

 ”Phew… Are you alright?”

 ”Um, y-yes… Somehow, I’m… fine.”

 Having released my semen and almost entered the refractory period, this is not the end. There are still two more people I have to deal with.

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