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Chapter 142 The Big One and the Little One ※

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 Despite knowing that there were still two people left, I got carried away and went overboard. It seems like it will take some time for my son to regain his strength, so I was pondering about what to do when a woman approached Neepha-san, who was lying on the mat.


 ”Chloe? Well… honestly, I underestimated my first experience a bit. You should be careful too–“

 ”Get out of the way.”


 Slipping forcefully on the lotion-covered mat, Neepha-san was pushed out of the mat.


 ”Master Neil, please take care of me next.”

 Ignoring Neepha-san, who fell from the mat and screamed, Chloe-san calmly sat down in front of me and quickly washed my son, who was covered in blood. Meanwhile, Neepha-san, who was rudely pushed aside, complained, but Chloe-san ignored everything and Neepha-san, feeling ignored, sulked in the corner of the bathroom.

 ”It’s clean now, but it seems like it’s still not feeling well.”

 ”Yeah, I got a little carried away…”

 Seeing my unresponsive member being washed by a naked woman, Chloe-san pondered for a moment.

 ”In that case, I’ll excuse myself for a moment.”

 Before I could question the meaning of excusing herself, Chloe-san’s fingers slipped beneath me, smoothly entering my anus.


 ”Please relax, it’s difficult to move.”

 Before I could complain about the sudden intrusion, Chloe-san’s finger began moving. With the help of the lotion, her middle finger easily entered and pressed against my prostate through the intestinal wall. It felt different from the shivers down my spine. A heavy sensation rose from the depths of my abdomen, passing through the center of my body to the top of my head. My previously limp son started regaining its hardness. Such a technique is not something someone who hasn’t even worked as a prostitute can accomplish.

 ”Did Moona-san teach you this?”

 ”Yes, Chloe is very diligent and absorbed most of her techniques.”

 ”It’s only natural for someone working as a prostitute to learn those skills. Unlike Neepha, who learned with perverted intentions.”

 ”Who’s perverted!?”

 Neepha-san, who reacted as expected, was ignored by Chloe-san. While still sitting on top of me, Chloe-san lowered her hips and swallowed my member. Although there was occasional pain, Chloe-san continued her movements without stopping. She seemed to have judged that there was no problem with insertion, even though it wasn’t perfect, and was preparing for a face-to-face position.

 ”Wait a minute, not so suddenly–“

 ”It’s fine, I took care of it myself while you were with Neepha.”

 As if to prove her words, love juices dripped from Chloe-san’s secret place, and intense heat transmitted from her awaiting vaginal entrance. Despite her outward composure, it seemed she was indeed aroused.

 ”In that case, excuse me.”

 Chloe-san slowly descended, swallowing my member into her vagina. Though there was a slight pain, she occasionally furrowed her brows. However, Chloe-san continued moving her hips without stopping, engulfing my member completely.

 ”Haa… haa… I’m sorry, can I wait for a little while before moving my hips? Until the pain subsides?”

 ”Does it hurt?”

 ”It’s much easier than I thought… well, there is some pain. Honestly, Neepha, you are amazing for not feeling any pain despite doing this. You are not only perverted in mind but also in body.”

 ”Do you have to mock me all the time?”

 Ignoring Neepha’s sudden outburst, Chloe-san, who had hardly shown any expression until now, had a bewitching smile on her face and continued provoking.

 ”Forcing an erection was just a preparation. After all, it’s natural for a prostitute to make their partner willing, right?”

 After saying that, Chloe-san’s fingers began moving again. With her right hand vigorously massaging her breasts until they distorted, her left hand pressed against her clitoris, moving in a circular motion.

 ”Mmm… haa, haa.”

 She lifted her large breasts to her mouth and boldly sucked on her nipples. It seemed like she was enticing me, making exaggerated slurping sounds while looking into my eyes and sucking on her nipples. With each popping sound, her released nipples glistened with saliva, radiating a seductive and lascivious aura. Within that provocative scene, my previously limp member had fully regained its vigor.

 ”It seems like you’re in the mood now. The pain has subsided for me too… Ah!”

 As Chloe-san tried to lift her hips, she furrowed her brows in pain and immediately lowered herself again.

 ”It seems like moving up and down is still too difficult. In that case, how about this?”

 While pleasuring herself, Chloe-san began to rotate her hips clockwise in a swirling motion instead of moving up and down. Compared to a piston-like motion, the stimulation itself was not particularly intense, but her movements looked as if she were performing a lewd dance, providing enough visual stimulation to heighten the mood.

 ”How… does it feel? Well, I don’t need an answer… since your thing is getting so big and hard inside my vagina…”

 Repeating provocative words, Chloe-san’s hand and hip movements gradually intensified. Her large breasts swayed vigorously, and frothy liquid began to overflow from the gaps of their connection. Eventually, it seemed difficult for her to support her upper body with her own strength alone, so she rested her upper body on my shoulders, placing her chin on them.

 ”I… I apologize… it’s… ahh…”

 While uttering words of apology, Chloe-san’s movements did not stop. Although it was now difficult to see her self-pleasuring, her breathy sighs, filled with a mixture of pain and allure, served as a substitute for visual cues, heightening my mood. Just as I began to think that this situation might be problematic, Chloe-san’s entire body trembled slightly.

 ”No, I’m going to… I’m… I’m… coming–!!”

 With those words, Chloe-san had an intense spasm, tightening her vagina around my member. Suppressing the sensation of reaching the point of climax, she took a deep breath to calm herself. During that time, Chloe-san seemed to still be in the throes of orgasm, but she regained her breath, lifted her hips, and pulled my member out of her vagina. As if she had received a creampie, a whitish fluid mixed with blood dripped from her widened vaginal entrance, staining the mat with stringy residue.

 ”Haa… haa… Ideally, I would have liked you to ejaculate, but if I did that, it would be a while before it’s Camellia-san’s turn. So, let’s end my turn here.”

 With those words, Chloe-san sat back down on the mat and swiftly cleaned the soiled mat and Neepha-san.

 ”Now, before the mood fades, it’s Camellia-san’s turn.”

 ”Yes… yes!”

 The woman called Camellia-san climbed onto the mat nervously and sat in front of me.

 ”Um, Camellia-san?”

 ”I-I don’t need the honorific. Master Neil is a noble after all.”

 Camellia-san had a noticeably petite body and a youthful face compared to the other women. Based on appearances alone, she looked like she might be in her early teens. However, in this world where various races exist, it was difficult to estimate someone’s age based on looks alone.

 ”Master Neil?”

 ”Oh, ah… sorry, I was lost in thought.”

 ”I see, Master Neil’s energy has faded, but I suppose men wouldn’t be excited by such a meager body…”

 While I was lost in thought, my son also lost his energy, and Camellia-san looked dejected upon seeing that.

 ”Maybe I should join the other two for menial tasks…”

 ”T-That’s not true! Camellia is plenty attractive!”

 ”Neepha is right. Master Neil is just a little tired after two rounds. It doesn’t mean you lack charm.”

 While Neepha-san and Chloe-san desperately tried to reassure her, they sent me a silent, unwavering gaze that said, “Get hard right now.” Just as I thought it was impossible, Moona-san crossed in front of me and sat next to Camellia.

 I wondered what had become of the cherished Cecil-san. When I looked over, I saw her lying motionless, twitching all over her body. Although I hadn’t heard her moans for a while, it seemed she had passed out.

 ”Camellia, I’ve told you this before when we first met. You are plenty attractive as a woman.”


 ”If you really think you lack charm, I could help you develop it until you’re satisfied.”


 Perhaps because of the precedent of Cecil-san being tormented until she lost consciousness, Camellia visibly grew frightened by Moona-san’s words.

 ”Of course, if you prefer to join the other two for menial tasks, that’s fine. I won’t force you to become a prostitute. But if the reason you can’t become one is simply because you think you lack charm in your current state, it’s premature to reach that conclusion.”


 ”Leave it to me. I’ll prove that you’re plenty attractive in your current state.”

 With that, Moona-san positioned Camellia on her lap so that she is straddling the p*nis band she is wearing.

 ”Master Neil, please take a look. When straddling the harness like this, her small body appears even more pronounced.”

 ”I-Is that true, sister? I hope you’re not suggesting…”

 ”Don’t worry. I won’t do anything so sudden. Not right away, at least.”

 With an alluring smile, Moona-san caused Camellia’s small body to tremble. Looking at this scene, Camellia seemed like a small animal confronted by a carnivorous predator. Moona-san embraced Camellia’s trembling body, her hand gently touching Camellia’s modest chest. Although her small breasts seemed lacking in firmness, they changed shape softly in response to Moona-san’s movements, giving the impression of being incredibly supple.


 A timid exhale escaped Camellia’s lips as she squirmed on Moona-san’s knee, ticklishly. Moona-san’s considerate hand movements, which seemed to be carefully coaxing Camellia’s s*xual sensitivity, gradually stirred a heated response mixed with Camellia’s breaths. As her breaths grew hotter and she began to desperately rub her knees together, it happened suddenly.


 Camellia’s body suddenly jolted, attempting to move away, but Moona-san held her tightly, preventing her escape.

 ”S-Sister! That’s the r-rear…!”

 ”Well, yes, I’m aware.”

 Although the view was obscured by the curved strap-on, it seemed that Moona-san had inserted a finger into Camellia’s anal opening. Caught off guard by the unexpected turn of events, Camellia panicked, but she couldn’t escape from Moona-san, who held her upper body tightly. Only her lower body floated, desperately trying to evade Moona-san’s finger, but Moona-san’s hand persistently pursued her.

 ”Oh, Camellia, by raising your hips like that, do you want Master Neil to see your debauched state?”

 ”Huh? Ahh–!”

 Realizing that she had raised her hips to their limit, exposing her lower body in an inviting posture, Camellia hurriedly tried to lower her hips, but Moona-san’s supporting hand prevented her from doing so. Before my eyes, her tightly closed, beautifully contoured slit and the small, plump mound of her vulva were shamelessly exposed.

 ”Now, Camellia, let’s show Master Neil more of your charm this way.”

 With one hand supporting Camellia’s lower body, Moona-san slowly released her upper body from its restraint, allowing her head to rest on her knees. With the freed hand, she reached toward Camellia’s intimate area. After gently caressing the plump mound with her fingertips, she hooked a finger on one side, exposing Camellia’s genitals.

 ”Master Neil, are you familiar with the names of the different parts of the female genitalia?”

 ”Well, um… I have a rough idea…”

 ”That’s good enough. Shall we study them now?”

 ”Sister?! Wait, that’s… No, that’s not right!”

 Blushing intensely, Camellia understood the meaning behind Moona-san’s words. She tried to grab Moona-san’s arm as it touched her private parts, but Moona-san ignored her cute resistance and began explaining.

 ”This outer swelling that forms a neat line is called the labia majora, and the folds inside are called the labia minora. You should remember these terms, at least vaguely. And the area between the two is called the clitoral hood.”


 As she spoke, Moona-san repeatedly rubbed the clitoral hood with her finger.

 ”The inner part of the labia minora contains the vaginal opening and urethra. Collectively, we call this area the vestibule.”

 ”Ah… N-No, Sister…!”

 Now, Moona-san gently scraped the area between the vaginal opening and the urethra with her fingertips, ensuring her nails didn’t touch. Camellia responded with a sweet voice. At this point, I understood Moona-san’s intention. It wasn’t a whimsical act on her part. Exposing her intimate parts in front of the opposite s*x and observing every detail with accompanying explanations would surely cause Camellia considerable embarrassment.

 But with each area being caressed, Camellia couldn’t help but concentrate her awareness there. Caught between pleasure and shame, Camellia’s desperate struggle to endure was enticing, and my flaccid member began to regain its vigor.

 ”Oh, it seems you’re getting excited and wet. Master Neil, this small hole just below the vaginal opening is called the Bartholin’s gland. It secretes mucus when aroused, similar to a man’s pre-cum. And there’s another gland called the Skene’s gland that secretes mucus when aroused–“

 Moona-san’s explanation, or rather, her caresses, continued. By the time it ended, Camellia’s secret place was overflowing with secretions, forming a small pool.

 ”Haa… ugh…”

 ”Hehe, Camellia, you’re all prepared now. And Master Neil… Look, Camellia, show him.”

 Supporting Camellia’s upper body, which had been resting weakly on her knees, Moona-san lifted her up. Camellia’s gaze was directed toward my member.

 ”This is…”

 ”Yes, it’s like this because you’re aroused. I told you before, you’re still plenty attractive.”

 ”I… am attractive…”

 ”Now, Camellia, there’s something you should tell Master Neil, right?”

 Prompted by Moona-san, Camellia, with her breath still unsteady, reached toward her own intimate area and, just like Cecil and Neepha had done before, she spread herself open with her fingers, proudly displaying herself to me.

 ”M-Master Neil… Please… take my first time…”

 At that moment, the slight hesitation within me vanished. As soon as my glans made contact with her clearly mismatched, small genitals, I became unsure if I could actually enter. But I cast aside those thoughts, pushed my hips forward. Though Moona-san’s caresses had loosened her, Camellia’s vaginal opening was incredibly tight. I managed to wedge my glans in, but Camellia’s expression contorted in pain. As I hesitated, concerned about physical compatibility, Moona-san’s hand reached Camellia’s intimate area, gently stimulating her tiny clitoris.

 ”I’ll ease the pain with my touch. Master Neil, please focus over there.”


 ”Camellia has finally taken a step forward with confidence. Please don’t let her resolve be in vain.”


 Indeed, leaving things unfinished at this point might not be the best course of action. Seeing Camellia’s expression, which had eased somewhat from her previously stern countenance, I cautiously resumed thrusting my hips, aiming to avoid causing her pain. Even with some relaxation, Camellia’s vaginal walls clung tightly to my member, refusing to let go.


 As I withdrew my hips, Camellia’s face twisted in pain once again, and she let out a groan. But Moona-san intensified her deep kiss, sealing Camellia’s mouth, while simultaneously stimulating her nipples with scratching motions. Observing the lesbian play between the two, Moona-san’s gaze shifted toward me, pleading for something. It was probably a signal to proceed now. Interpreting Moona-san’s gaze as such, I entrusted Camellia to her and began thrusting my member deeper, pushing it in where I had withdrawn it from.


 Again, Camellia emitted a pained groan from her mouth, but Moona-san’s kiss became more intense, redirecting Camellia’s focus from me to herself. My current role was to avoid causing undue pain and finish the act swiftly. I moved my hips shallowly and in short, rapid movements. With each brief knock against her cervix, I steadily increased her arousal. Small squelching sounds started to arise from our connection, and sounds other than groans escaped from Camellia’s mouth.

 Moona-san resumed her caresses, and both of us moved with the end in sight. While the movements were short and rapid, Camellia’s vaginal walls gradually loosened, making it easier to thrust my hips. Seizing the opportunity, I pressed Camellia’s hips against the mat, fixing them in place, and delivered forceful thrusts into her small vaginal entrance that could only accommodate half of my member, driving toward ejaculation.

 ”Camellia… I’m going to come!”


 With her mouth covered by Moona-san, Camellia-san only let out a feverish cry and I poured a large amount of semen into her small womb, as if I was going to pour out what I couldn’t pour out to Chloe-san, and her body trembled in response to it.

 I almost fell off my back from the tremendous feeling of ejaculation, but I pulled out my p*nis from her vagina, which had become smaller by my ejaculation.

 Camellia’s vaginal opening was left ajar by the penetration of the large p*nis, and a large amount of semen mixed with blood was dripping out of her vagina.

 Seeing this, I let out a sigh of relief that this time it’s over.

 ”Master Neil, thank you for your hard work. I think we will be open for business in the next week or so, so please come visit us as a customer if you like.

 ”Uh…yes, if I get a chance.”

 Even though I said that, Diana’s face kept coming up in my mind.

 I wonder if Diana would allow me to play in a whorehouse. Diana has an aversion to womanizing.

 I don’t know if it is because she has a father named Ronald-san or not, but she seems to be inconsistent in bringing slave women to the brothel as her nightmares and in cooperating with May’s outbursts.

 What on earth is Diana thinking? I don’t know what is a woman’s mind, I thought as I washed away the question in my mind with perspiration.

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