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Chapter 16 Neil’s Magic

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 I dared to be bold, but I did not come up with any countermeasure against Heindahl.

 Fortunately, even though Heindahl is fast, it is not so agile that I can easily avoid its attack by avoiding linear movements.

 However, the magic that I can use against Heindahl is limited, and the higher level magic requires a lot of concentration, so I have to stop my legs for a few tens of seconds to concentrate my magic power.

 (It is not realistic to defeat it, we should just distract it and run away.)

 So I thought, and was about to run away anyway when I saw Diana heading toward Heindahl from the side.

 ”Hey! What are you doing!?”

 ”Master Neil too! What on earth are you doing!? What kind of master would be willing to act as a bait to get his servant out of here!!”

 ”Here! Don’t worry! Unlike Diana, I have no intention to sacrifice myself! I’ll make sure we survive! So, you run away!”

 ”No, I couldn’t! What kind of a servant would run away without their master!?”

 ”You may as well be here! Are you a fool that you die protecting your master because you’re a servant?”

 ”Huh!? What do you mean I’m a fool!”

 Diana and I were arguing with Heindahl in between us. Heindahl, who was caught in between us, was not sure which way to attack.

 ”Whoa!! ―Oh, God! If neither of us is willing to give in, then let’s fight together! Diana! Can you hold Heindahl off until I finish chanting my magic!?”

 ”If you tell me to do it!”

 ”Then I’m not giving you an order, I’m asking you!”

 I dodge Heindahl’s attack in passing and run toward Diana in a straight line.

 After trying to shift Heindahl’s hate to Diana, I start to work up my magic.

 But as soon as I start to make my magic, Heindahl turns its face toward me and comes toward me, ignoring Diana.

 ”Hey, wait!”

 I immediately stop chanting and jump to the side to avoid Heindahl’s attack.

 ”Master Neil!”

 ”No problem! But I’m in trouble!”

 ”Yes, it seems its intelligence is getting the better of it.”

 As soon as I started chanting magic, Heindahl was alerted to my presence and came to crush me first.

 Considering the fact that Diana was also on her guard when it was between me and Diana, and that it didn’t immediately attack me right in front of her, it was clear that Heindahl understood that it was a two-on-one situation, and was always watching our movements.

 ”It’s a troublesome monster.”

 ”So, now what do you want me to do? I have no way to stop Heindahl.”

 ”Well, what should we do?”

 Should we get far away from it and kill it with magic from a long distance? No, if we move away from Heindahl even a little in such a thick forest, it will be out of sight soon and it will be difficult to aim at it.

 However, if I start chanting at a distance where Heindahl can see me, it would be crushed again before I finish my 30 seconds long chanting.

 (If I can’t kill it with a single blow, should I try a magic with a short chanting time that can do some damage?)

 That might be the most realistic and likely way, but if the damage is done, Heindahl will most likely put the blame on me.

 Then there would be no chance for me to chant a spell, and I would be left with nothing to do but run away.

 The only way to win is to finish it with a single spell, otherwise victory is doomed.

 (Is there any magic, short in duration, that can overcome this situation?)

 I recall the magic I have learned in the past fifteen years.

 I have examined the possibilities of all kinds of magic, from offensive to auxiliary, from basic to advanced, and I have come up with one magic.

 ”Diana! I have an idea.”

 ”I’ll do it at the cost of my life if it doesn’t cost Master Neil his life.”

 ”I told you I’m not willing to sacrifice either of our lives. So, listen to me―”

 ”―I see, I understand. Then, let’s go.”

 ”…after proposing the plan myself… but after all that talk about my sacrifice… you’re so quick to agree to this.”

 ”It was Master Neil who said he would not throw away his life. Besides, as long as I carry out the project in an orderly manner, there will be no problem, won’t there? Then I’ll make sure it succeeds.”

 ”…then I’ll be counting on you to stick to the plan!”

 I tell her so and move clockwise around Heindahl to the opposite side of Diana.

 Heindahl turns toward me, as if it is becoming more wary of me because of the magic I have just used on it.

 ”Well, as expected… but should I be the only one you’re worried about?”

 Heindahl turns its tail toward Diana, and as I provoke it, a rectangular shadow appears over Heindahl’s body.

 Before Heindahl can turn around to see what the shadow is, it falls on its head.


 It was a tree that Heindahl had reaped and fallen to the ground, and Diana, who had strengthened her muscles with auxiliary magic, swung it down like a blunt weapon.

 A mere tree cannot inflict a fatal blow on Heindahl, but the mass of the tree gives enough impact to shake Heindahl’s brain.


 Heindahl has a slight concussion, but it is still not enough to buy me enough time to chant.

 Heindahl’s hate turns to Diana, and that’s when Diana makes her move.

 ”Look, it’s this way! Or do you want to have it drilled into your head again!”


 Heindahl, who may not have understood Diana’s words, is hit on the head, and in a fit of rage, it pounces on Diana.

 While Diana endured Heindahl’s onslaught, I, who could do nothing but watch, clenched my fists and waited for the moment.

 And then the moment came.


 Heindahl, who had become impatient at not being able to hit Diana at all, opened its big mouth, looked up to the sky, and started to make the breath of the flying debris.


 ”I understand!”

 With that as my cue, I immediately start chanting the magic.

 The chanting time is about fifteen seconds, and including the fact that Heindahl started first, the chanting is probably only half finished when the breath is ready to be fired.

 In other words, if Diana could not make up the other half, a little less than seven seconds, I, who was concentrating on chanting, would not be able to defend myself, and I would be turned into a beehive in no time.

 When the time had passed so densely that seven seconds seemed many times longer than that, Heindahl’s head, which had been facing the sky, was turned to the front, and a storm of countless stones was unleashed all at once.

 Diana ducks and dives diagonally forward into Heindahl’s bosom, and she slips a tree under its neck to hold Heindahl from turning its head to face me.

 However, no matter how much she strengthened her body with magic, there was no way that she could completely suppress the body of the gigantic monster, who was helpless to begin with, and Heindahl’s face was gradually turning toward me.


 Although Diana was holding her ground, I could already see Heindahl’s face, and at this rate, I would be turned into a beehive before I could finish my chanting.

 At that moment, I have a momentary thought that I should stop chanting and run away, but I quickly shake it off.

 (Diana said she would make it work. How can I not trust Diana if I’m in charge!)

 Don’t worry, Diana will surely make it work, I think to myself. So, I resist the urge to run away and continue chanting the magic.


 With three seconds left and Heindahl nearly inverted, Diana took a gamble with all her remaining strength.

 ”―I won’t let you do it!”

 Like a pole vaulter, Diana jumped up to the top of Heindahl’s head, using the tree that was inserted diagonally into the ground, and then, while spinning in mid-air, she grabbed the tree and slammed it into Heindahl’s head, using the momentum of the tree.

 Heindahl’s head is hit by a heavy blow and slams to the ground. Numerous flying debris are released from its mouth with great force, landing on the ground and raising a cloud of dust.


 Heindahl, who has been hit in the head, looks around with a roar, looking for Diana, but it is lost in the dust.

 As time passes, the dust gradually clears, and a moment later, when the view is completely clear―


 I leap out of the dust and slash at Heindahl head-on!

 However, just as I had seen Heindahl’s figure through the dust, it must have seen a figure approaching.

 So, before I could draw my sword, Heindahl’s fangs, which were waiting for me with its mouths wide open, were about to tear my body apart.

 I was lured in, unable to resist. But just before its fangs were about to touch my body, a huge explosion suddenly erupted between me and Heindahl.



 Heindahl exclaims after being hit by the explosion at close range, and I fall backwards with a crash.

 Unlike Heindahl who screams in pain, I roll backward with a crash, but I am not damaged at all.

 Well, it’s only natural, since the explosion was caused by my magic.

 ”Hahaha, I never thought that the Reactive Armor magic that the teacher said was a failure would come in handy in a place like this.”

 Reactive Armor, which is used for tanks, is an original magic I created based on Explosive | Reactive | Armour.

 I made this magic based on the idea that a large amount of magic is packed between two layers of armor along the body, and when the first layer is destroyed by an attack, the magic is released all at once, and the explosion cancels out the power of the attacker’s attack and damages the opponent… but just now, as I rolled backwards, I was hit by a huge explosion. And as I rolled backwards, the power of the explosion could not be directed completely only to the outside, and if the first layer was destroyed, I would be blown away as well.

 Fortunately, the second layer of the wall prevented me from being damaged, but my magic teacher branded it as a failure.

 The explosion and the impact of my rolling would almost collapse the second layer of the wall, and since I was rolling on the ground, if my opponent attacked me from a distance, I would be the only one who would be blown away by the explosion, and if they followed me while I was rolling on the ground and unable to duck, they would surely hit me, So, it’s useless in a real battle.

 Now that the magic has been explained, it is about time to clear the dust that has been raised again by the explosion.

 It would be very much appreciated if this guy would die with its head blown off…

 ”But then, it’s not going to work that well.”

 Out of my open field of vision, Heindahl, with part of its skin peeling off and blood pouring from its head, stares at me with bloodshot eyes.


 Heindahl comes toward me, drooling from its mouth, furious.

 But I don’t panic.


 ”This is the end.”

 Diana thrusts a dagger carelessly into Heindahl’s skinned head.

 Heindahl, who had lost its solid skin in the explosion and had a dagger thrust into its brain, crumples to the ground helplessly, and after a few convulsions, it stops moving.

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