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Chapter 17 Item Box Imitation

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 The strategy I told Diana was this.

 First, I told Diana to hold out until Heindahl entered a state in which it would accumulate breath, then I would start chanting magic, and Diana would somehow keep Heindahl’s attacks away from me during that time. Then, when I finished chanting, the outer skin of Heindahl’s head would be destroyed by magic, and I or Diana would attack the part where the outer skin was removed to put the finishing blow on Heindahl, that was the general plan.

 There was a naive hope that we might be able to defeat Heindahl when the reactive armor exploded, but that plan failed as expected, and Diana took advantage of the opportunity to finish off Heindahl as we had originally planned.

 Now that I’ve finished explaining the details of the strategy, I’d like to talk about our current situation…


 To put it simply, I was vomiting.

 ”Really, what a pathetic situation…”

 And as I was vomiting, Diana was giving me a very cold stare.

 The reason why I was in such a mess was because I dismembered the corpse of Heindahl, whom I had killed.

 Since I had originally come here to procure food, I had used magic to dismember Heindahl, which also meant to drain its blood, but the fact is that I am a person who can’t even handle fish properly, and I became very sick and tired from dismembering Heindahl.

 And since I had rolled around so spectacularly and shaken my brain before that, I got a double effect of sick.

 ”But before that, I remember hearing that you went hunting for monsters with Master Kaltz. So, Master Neil must have had the experience of slaying monsters at that time.”

 ”Cutting down monsters to defeat them is totally different from dismembering their corpses. I’ve never dismembered anything like this before.”

 I spit out again as I look at the organs lying on the ground.

 Unfamiliar and unknown organs, different from human organs, the vividness of which will arouse my disgust for the rest of my life.

 ”Aaaah, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to throw up so much I’m going to die.”

 ”Would you like some water?”

 ”…I’ll have some.”

 After rinsing out my mouth and rinsing out the gastric juice from my mouth, I take three sips of water and feel comfortable.

 ”To be honest, I felt even worse because my stomach juices felt sweeter than sour.”

 ”Do you still have a sweet taste in your mouth?”

 ”Much better than yesterday, though.”

 It’s been a day since then, but drinking water still makes me feel like I’m drinking juice, so it’s really deleterious.

 ”Master Neil, we’ve made a lot of progress in draining the blood, may I open the item box?”

 ”Yes, let’s do that.”

 At Diana’s prompting, I cast a magic spell.

 Then a hole opens in the space in front of me, big enough for a person to stick his or her head into.

 The magic I cast, generally known as “item box” magic, was actually my idea.

 When I learned that magic tools such as item boxes, inventories, and magic bags, which are often found in otherworldly novels, do not exist in this world, I repeatedly experimented with magic to see if I could somehow create something like them.

 However, it was impossible for me, with my second-rate ability, to develop such advanced magic, and then a magician in the research field who happened to know what I was trying to do lent me a hand, and I succeeded in putting a minimum appearance on the item box.

 However, the magic of the completed item box was not to store items in another space, but only to connect to another space in the real world and send items there, so to speak, it was only a reduced version of the teleportation magic.

 This kind of magic can only be used by those who have a safe place to store items, and those who imagine a typical item box or inventory magic can only call it a kind of item box.

 I had too high expectations, but surprisingly, this imitation item box was highly appreciated by nobles, merchants, knights, guilds, and other people and organizations that had a place to store items, and it was even developed as a magic tool so that people who were not familiar with magic could use it, not only in the empire but also on the continent

 Looking back on it now, it may have been the reason why my experiments and proposals were frequently accepted.

 In that sense, it may have been the right decision to develop this product, but I still have an unsettled feeling about the completeness of this product, because the ideals I initially sought were so high.

 I would like to redevelop it as a true item box when I have time… While I was thinking about such a thing, Heindahl’s corpse, which was dismembered into pieces, was sent to another place through the item box.

 Incidentally, the destination is the storage room of my laboratory in my parents’ house, which is kept at a low temperature for storing chemicals, so it is also good for storing the meat.

 ”Master Neil, everything is stored.”

 ”Okay, now that we have the meat, we just need to go back… Hmm?”

 Is that all right? I think I’m forgetting something, but it’s slipped my mind because of the battle with Heindahl.

 ”Hmm… what in the world, what am I forgetting?”

 ”By the way, Master Neil, I’d like to ask you a few questions…”

 ”Wait a minute! I’m on my way out!”

 What! I can’t remember what it was, even though I think it’s really important.

 My physical body is still fifteen, but I’m forgetting something, or is my brain age being pulled by my real age?

 ”I see, well, it’s not a big deal, but we were talking about what to do with the person who I hid in the bushes and left alone.”

 ”Ah, that’s it!”

 Diana’s words reminded me of something I had forgotten, and I rush madly.

 Oh no, I had completely forgotten.

 How many minutes have passed since then? If I don’t hurry to come and get the person, it would be meaningless to save the person if he/she is attacked by a monster or something.

 ”Diana, where is that person?”



 ”…probably over there.”

 ”Wait a minute, what do you mean “probably”!?”

 The way she said it was so ambiguous made me uneasy.

 ”Actually, I ran into some bushes around here to get to Master Neil as soon as possible… I honestly don’t remember the exact location…”

 ”You’re a pain in the ass!”

 Oh gosh! I picked the wrong guy! I should have rescued that person quickly!

 It’s too late for regrets like that, and we have to run around in the forest, looking for the fallen person.

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