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Chapter 192 Time’s person

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 It was a space devoid of anything. There was no sky, no ground, no light, no atmosphere – just an empty void.

 But in that space, there was one thing that existed. It was a being, precisely speaking, a being in the form of a human. It gazed down at the world that stretched out below the divide with emotionless eyes.

 Every time it shifted its gaze, something would happen in the world below, but those below had no way of perceiving the changes. The being simply carried out its routine duties, mastering its role with a calm efficiency.

 It didn’t breathe, it didn’t speak. It was the only individual in this space – or so it should have been.


 A voice filled with apology resounded in this space that should have been a complete void without even an atmosphere.

 The being averted its gaze from the world and looked up, and as if she had been standing there all along, a woman appeared in front of it.

 She had white-based hair with black tips, animal ears, and a magnificent tail thicker than her own legs, covered in black and white spots. Clad in a bright red cloak, she posed a question to the being.

 “Excuse me for interrupting your work, but may I intrude into this world for a moment?”

 In a tone reminiscent of a child who had come to pick up a ball that had entered the backyard, the woman spoke.



 It had been a few weeks since Viscount Hedmar returned to his territory, and currently, it was the seventh wind week of Water Star. If I were to compare it to the world I used to live in, it would be the height of the rainy season.

 Well, thanks to Wen, the settlement always maintained the appropriate humidity and temperature, so seasons didn’t really matter. But that’s beside the point.

 The visit of my father and Viscount Hedmar, prompted by the increase in the settlement’s population due to the banquet held by His Majesty, had kept the settlement busy lately, but it was finally starting to regain some stability.

 There are still plenty of problems to address with the increase in people, but at least there were no urgent matters that needed immediate attention. As a result, I had regained some free time for myself.

 Even though there is no urgent matter left, I still have documents that need to be processed, so I end up allocating my free time to work.

 ”Master Neil, wouldn’t it be nice to take a little break? You finally have some free time to do as you please.”

 ”I understand what Diana is trying to say, but until now, work in the settlement has been basically non-existent. That’s why I can’t help but worry about the remaining tasks.”

 Until now, I have been walking around the settlement, developing seasonings, and training with a sword because there was nothing else to do.

 But now that there are things that need to be prioritized and taken care of, I can’t seem to lose myself in other things…or rather, it would be more appropriate to say that I can’t get used to it.

 At least, I couldn’t completely abandon work and immerse myself in other things just because it’s “free time” while there is still work left.

 ”If you dig too deep, it will only slow down the progress of your work.”

 ”Hmm, I guess that makes sense… It’s necessary to take moderate breaks and change your mood to work efficiently. Alright, let’s put aside the paperwork for now, Diana. I remember there was a list of people who wanted to meet with me. Please bring it to me.”

 ”…Isn’t it still work?”

 ”Well, it’s a change of pace, so it’s fine, right? Besides, I’m not saying I’ll meet with them right away just by looking at the list.”

 ”Sigh… I understand.”

 Diana sighed deeply, as if to say there was no other choice, and took a bundle of papers from the shelf in the office. I received it and checked the contents.

 ”There are quite a few people.”

 ”It’s about six weeks’ worth. Until now, I’ve been busy and kept refusing, so many of the people on that list have probably given up on meeting Master Neil and left the settlement.”

 ”So, is it impossible to determine who is still in the settlement and wants to meet?”

 Looking at the bundle of papers in front of me, I realized that it would be difficult.

 Everyone, including myself, was busy, and since I didn’t know when this busyness would subside, Diana and the others couldn’t casually arrange a meeting. They were doing their best just to ask for names, the purpose of the meeting, and a place to stay.

 Some people didn’t even mention the duration of their stay, and there were those who didn’t even book accommodations and tried to meet right away. Even for those who mentioned their lodging, the meeting was still not happening, so they might have left the settlement.

 It would be a lot of trouble to go to all the accommodations listed in this list and directly confirm, so it would be wise to choose only those who have mentioned their lodging and whose purpose seems acceptable for a meeting.

 ”Um, something like ‘I was able to open a store in the settlement, so I want to express my gratitude and greetings’… Ah, yeah, I guess this is fine.”

 ”You’re completely cutting it off, huh?”

 ”Well, because I can just say ‘thank you’ and ‘let’s work together from now on’ as greetings. And besides, I can see through the ulterior motive of wanting to make a connection with me, so I’m not really into that…”

 ”If Master Neil is a noble, there’s no avoiding such superficial relationships. It might be a good idea to get used to it now.”

 ”Ah… Is there any way I can ask someone else to handle just that part?”

 ”It’s impossible.”

 ”Oh, I see…”

 I already knew, but it’s still disheartening when it’s stated so bluntly. I recognize that the path I aspire to is a thorny one, so I avert my gaze from reality and return my attention to the stack of papers in front of me.

 ”Hmm? ‘I want to learn magic under Master Neil’—what is this!?”

 I raise my voice in surprise at the contents. Moreover, upon checking, it’s not just one or two people with similar intentions; there are nearly twenty people, if I quickly count.

 ”W-Why are there so many?”

 ”There’s nothing strange about it. Master Neil has mastered a lost magic, an interdimensional magic, and has also developed new magic tools utilizing it. To those who have knowledge of magic, it goes without saying how difficult that is.”

 ”In other words, it means that I, who accomplished such a difficult task, am misunderstood as an amazing magician, and there are magicians who hope to become my apprentices coming to the settlement.”

 I didn’t know that the people coming to the settlement were people who wanted to do business in the town or people who heard about the existence of elves, or those who came seeking work.

 I had thought that these were the only types of people coming to the settlement, and thanks to Diana and the others keeping such people away so as not to interfere with my work, I have never come to know about their existence until now. But still, there are really a lot of them.

 There were some people who wanted to greet me, like I mentioned earlier, but there were even more people who wanted to become my apprentices. What should I do? Considering the general perception of interdimensional magic in society, this might be a natural flow, but in reality, I don’t have any knowledge or skills that can be taught to others, except for the fact that I have the potential to handle interdimensional magic.

 If it’s beginners like Eurus and the others, I can teach them the basics of magic, but the people who are seeking to become my apprentices are not at that level, and there might even be people who should be in a position to asking them for teachings me.

 ”Ugh… I feel like throwing up.”

 ”Shall I prepare a bag for you?”

 ”No, it’s not that serious, but it’s mentally burdensome.”

 ”…Master Neil, I have some news for you.”

 ”Is it good news or bad news?”

 ”If I were to express my personal opinion, it would be extremely good news…”

 Hmm, I quickly understood Diana’s reaction.

 While this seems like bad news to me, I wonder why it’s good news for Diana.

 It doesn’t seem to be simply bad news, which only increases my anxiety.

 ”Do you think Diana’s judgment means I won’t be able to handle this news?”


 ”Barely, huh…”

 For a moment, I considered asking Diana about her words, but it’s unsettling to not ask after hearing this much. Besides, when there’s some kind of news, it’s only normal to choose to ask instead of taking any other option.

 Therefore, I decided to listen to the information from Diana. Diana approached the shelf from which she had taken a stack of papers earlier, and this time she took out a bundle of letters and handed them to me.

 ”These are letters addressed to Master Neil.”

 ”A-Are these all of them?”

 ”Yes, Master Neil was busy and didn’t have time to read all of them, but there might be urgent content, so you had to check the contents yourself.”

 ”Come to think of it, you mentioned something about letters before. I was too busy to listen carefully, but is this what you were talking about?”

 If I didn’t receive a letter while I was working, it means there was no letter with urgent content. While feeling relieved about that, I took out the letter from the opened envelope and checked its contents.


 ”Master Neil?”

 ”Haha… What a joke, this…”

 When I saw the contents of the letter and the sender, I involuntarily looked up at the sky.

 The letter contained the name of a leading expert in spatial magic research, and its contents celebrated the revival of lost magic and expressed a desire to engage in scholarly discussions about spatial magic, including the otherworldly magic, with me.

 Upon checking the other letters, I realized that they were all from well-known individuals that anyone in the field would recognize. It made my face pale, and I felt like I was about to faint.

 ”Master Neil has achieved such a great feat. If by any chance you’re bestowed with the prestigious name of Pordhail by His Majesty the Emperor, Master Neil’s name will resound throughout the world.”

 ”For real, spare me…”

 If that were to happen, the number of people seeking an audience with me would be beyond imagination. As someone who already struggles with social interactions, I can’t even begin to fathom such a situation. I sincerely wish for it not to come true from the bottom of my heart.

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