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Chapter 193 Neil’s Secret Mission

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 ”Ah… I’m tired again today.”

 On the night I learned a fact I didn’t want to know, I lie sprawled on the bed in my bedroom, reflecting on the day.

 Although the settlement has calmed down recently, and with support from my family, the busyness has decreased significantly compared to before, but today I feel exhausted after a long time.

 The cause, needless to say, was the list of visitors and letters I saw for a change of pace, which ended up wearing me out instead.

 ”What should I do about replying to the letters?”

 Now that I’ve received the letters, I can’t just pretend I don’t know.

 However, unfortunately, I don’t understand dimensional magic well enough to explain what it is to others, let alone have a fruitful conversation even if we meet.

 It will only disappoint the other person. So, as I pondered how to politely refuse without offending the other person, I couldn’t come up with a good idea, and I’ve been wracking my brain.

 ”No… my mind won’t work.”

 Even when I’m eating, even when I’m taking a bath, thoughts of the letters constantly occupy my mind, and my mood doesn’t improve at all.

 I thought it was time for me to get serious and change my mood, so I got up from the bed, and took out the wooden board from the side table next to the bed, opening the entrance to the different dimension.

 ”If I remember correctly, it was around the side of the entrance…”

 I picked up what was folded and placed next to the entrance, unfolding it.

 Its true form was just ordinary clothes, not the high-quality ones that nobles wear, but the kind of clothes that common people wear.

 Actually, when I created this secret passage, I had also thought about going out of the settlement incognito, so I had asked Liana to secretly procure it for me.

 ”Well, compared to noble clothes, the material of the lining and everything is completely different. It feels rough, and I understand why Niya-san said she can’t sleep well while wearing it.”

 While commenting on the clothes, I put on the clothes I had prepared, taking off my pajamas.

 Since there were no unnecessary decorations or buttons like noble clothes, it was easy to change.

 ”Hmm, I wonder if I can go incognito like this?”

 I checked my appearance in front of the mirror, but there was definitely a sense of incongruity.

 It might just be because I’m not used to seeing myself in commoner’s clothes, but there was nothing more I could do. So, I convinced myself that it’s just because I’m not used to it and left the mansion with a sword for self-defense hanging from my waist.

 I passed through the secret passage and continued along the path towards the fields. My destination was the commercial district, but going directly there would increase the chances of being seen by people when coming out of the different dimension.

 So, I decided to come out into the open space from the side of the fields, where there would likely be no one at this time. As expected, there was no one in the deserted fields, and I came out of the different dimension.

 If I were seen wandering in an unpopular area by the security guards, they would undoubtedly call out to me, so I hurriedly made my way towards the commercial district.

 As I reached an area where other people were visible, I let out a sigh of relief and slowed down my pace while observing my surroundings. I had been there before with Diana and Kurtz-san, but that time it was during the day, and more importantly, the two of them were arguing, so I didn’t have the chance to pay attention to the surroundings.

 While being surprised to see people walking around even at this hour, I arrived at the commercial district, my intended destination. Without hesitation, I headed straight to Narsht-san’s diner.

 When it comes to venting my frustrations, Narsht-san is the best person to talk to while enjoying a light meal. Some may think that I could vent to Diana or Lewya as well, but with them being knowledgeable about my work, there’s a chance they would point out flaws in my complaints. Since what I want to do now is vent, Narsht-san is the perfect candidate for that.

 As I was pondering such thoughts, I arrived at the diner, my intended destination. However, it seemed that it had already closed for business, as the sign outside was taken down.

 It wasn’t really a problem, and in fact, I found it easier to talk to Narsht-san without any reservations. But what caught my attention was the presence of four children around ten years old and a woman who seemed to be in her late teens, standing outside the diner, looking restless.

 I wondered if they were waiting for someone as I walked past them and entered the diner.

 The signboard had been put away, but there were still a few customers eating, so it must have been just now that the signboard was put away to prevent new customers from coming in. It was at that moment when I was considering letting the remaining customers wait at the counter seat.

 ”Hey, you.”


 When I turned my gaze in response to that voice, there was a boy about the same age as the children outside, staring at me.

 ”The signboard is closed, right? The store is already closed for today.”

 ”Oh, no, I’m not a customer or anything.”

 ”Huh? If you’re not a customer, then why did you come to the dining hall?”

 ”I have something to do with Narsht-san…”

 ”The manager?”

 As I was puzzled about what to do in front of the child who was looking at me with suspicion, Narsht-san appeared from the back of the store.

 ”Michal, what’s wrong?”

 ”Oh, Manager, there’s a weird guy who says he has something to do with you.”

 ”To me?”

 Narsht-san, who approached me, froze on the spot as soon as he saw my face.


 ”… No, it’s nothing. This person is indeed my customer. You don’t have to worry… Please come this way.”

 Guided by Narsht-san, I was led to a seat in the corner of the counter.

 I was left alone for a while, but when all the customers at the counter had left, Narsht-san called out to me in a low voice.

 ”I was surprised. What’s with that appearance?”

 ”Just thought it would be careless to go out alone in my usual attire.”

 ”Well, it’s true that there are more people compared to before. But if you want to be cautious, it’s better to go out with bodyguards rather than disguising yourself.”

 ”No, I just want to avoid being recognized as Neil Artemis for now…”

 ”What do you mean by that?”

 To Narsht-san, who had a question mark in his head, I explained the situation.

 ”I see, so you’re disguising yourself because if you go out as Neil Artemis, you might be approached by someone who wants to become your disciple.”

 ”That’s right.”

 ”Master Neil always seems to have a hard time. If you’re okay with it, I’d be happy to be a conversation partner anytime.”

 Narsht-san cuts off his words and glances around.

 ”Recently, there are also newly hired people, so I can’t speak as boldly as before.”

 ”That’s right…”

 I turn my gaze to the two men and women who are a little older than me, who are washing dishes in the kitchen behind the counter, along with the child who called out to me earlier.

 I heard from Lewya that Narsht-san had come with a request to hire new people because the number of people in the settlement had increased and the number of people using the dining hall had also increased.

 I gave permission for that, but I hadn’t asked what kind of people they had hired, so I decided to ask Narsht-san now.

 ”What kind of people are the three new hires?”

 ”All three of them are serious and good at their work. The two working in the back are Kenneth, the man, and Rinsha, the woman. They mainly do dishwashing and food plating. Michal, who was talking to Master Neil earlier, takes orders, serves food, and cleans up tables. When there are a lot of customers, I also ask Kenneth and Rinsha to take orders and serve food.”

 ”Miharu is especially, but Kenneth-san and Rinsha-san are still young, aren’t they? Did all three of them come to the settlement and work as laborers?”

 ”Yes, actually, all three of them are from the same village, but there were no jobs in the village, so they came to the frontier with about ten other people in search of work.”

 ”So, there are other people working in different places besides the three of them who are working here. Oh? Could it be the people who were waiting outside the dining hall?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Actually–“

 ”Manager! The cleanup is finished!”

 A man from the back kitchen calls Narsht-san.

 ”And also, the dishes are ready, so I want you to taste them…”

 ”Yeah, got it. I’ll taste them later, so go ahead and finish your meal. It seems like everyone is waiting outside already.”

 ”Understood, then I’ll go ahead and eat. Michal! Since the food is ready, please call everyone!”

 ”Got it!”

 Michal, who was in the hall, replied cheerfully and dashed out of the dining hall. And soon after Michal returned, people followed him and entered the dining hall.

 When I first saw them, there were four children in their early teens and only one in their late teens in front of the dining hall. But now, there is one more child in their early teens, making it a total of five, and two more in their late teens, making it three. Along with the three of them, Michal and the others, it was a large group of eleven people in total.

 The newcomers quickly connected tables and created space with a familiar manner. They brought dishes from the kitchen and placed them on the tables.

 After all the dishes were placed and everyone took their seats, the young children eagerly jumped at the food, causing a commotion. Narsht-san scolded them, as if to say,

 ”Hey, there are still customers here, so eat quietly for a bit! I’m sorry for the noise.”

 ”No problem. But, by any chance, are those people?”

 ”Yes, they are all from the same village as Michal. At first, only the three of them, Michal and his friends, were eating the leftovers here. But then, Kenneth said, ‘Since there are leftovers, I want to take some food home.’ When I asked him why, he said that while the others were managing with hard bread and cheap food that just filled their stomachs, he felt guilty that they were the only ones eating proper food just because they worked in the dining hall.”

 ”So you cooked for everyone?”

 ”Yes, but it’s not good to just serve leftovers for meals, and sometimes there are hardly any leftovers. So I decided to let Kenneth and Linsha practice cooking and serve their dishes as meals. Actually, I’ve been wanting more people who can cook for a long time.”

 ”Is it tough to handle the current amount of cooking alone?”

 ”If it’s just handling the cooking, it’s not that difficult. But it’s not just about that. I don’t dislike cooking, and it’s not a burden for me, but I don’t have enough time to talk leisurely with the people who come to eat my food.”

 ”I see, that’s what you’re dissatisfied with, right?”

 ”Well, that’s true, I’m sorry.”

 ”Why are you apologizing?”

 I ask Narsht-san why he is apologizing, with a puzzled look on his face.

 ”This is Master Neil’s shop, and I’m just a hired cook. I can’t complain about just making food all the time, and on top of that, serving meals to people who aren’t even employees of the dining hall. Even if I get fired, I can’t say anything.”

 ”Well, we’re human beings, so it’s natural to have complaints. I also come here regularly to vent my frustrations as a result of accumulating dissatisfaction. As for the meal issue, if it’s just providing it as part of cooking practice, there’s no problem at all. In fact, I knew you would allow it, so that’s why Narsht-san served the meal, right?”

 ”That’s true, but I think that’s being too dependent.”

 ”Being too dependent, huh?”

 I ponder Narsht-san’s words.

 ”…Do you think it’s a bad thing to rely on others, Narsht-san?”


 Narsht-san seemed taken aback by the sudden question, but as I waited for a serious response with a serious expression, he opened his mouth after a brief silence.

 ”I don’t think it’s a bad thing to rely on the kindness of others. But relying too much is never a good thing.


 ”Is that only for yourself, or do you think the same about others?”

 ”Both. You can’t live in this world just by relying on others. Especially in the Empire, there are many people who deceive others and seek their own gain. Depending on others will only lead to ruin… Well, that’s not something a person like me, who cooks using ingredients prepared by others in someone else’s shop with someone else’s money, should say, right?”

 ”Yes, you’re right…”

 ”Oh, Master Neil?”

 Once again, Narsht-san’s words made me lost in thought, and I couldn’t even register Narsht-san’s worried voice. When a strange silence fell between us, the door to the dining hall was forcefully thrown open.

 ”Hey! Narsht! I’m bored, so come with me for a bit!”

 Gaadhir-san walked in, his gaze shifting towards the children eating while heading towards the counter.

 ”Even though the shop is closing, it’s still bustling today, huh? Hm?”

 Gaadhir-san’s gaze turned towards me and stopped abruptly.

 ”Oh? So it is you after all.”

 ”Wow! Wow! Gaadhir-san!”

 I hastily shouted, trying to drown out the voice of Gaadhir-san, who was about to call my name.

 ”I see, that’s how it is.”

 Seeing that I was wearing different clothes than usual and caused a commotion when he tried to call my name, Gaadhir-san seemed to understand the situation. He sat down next to me and began speaking in a voice that only Narsht-san and I could hear.

 ”So, you’re incognito today. Well, it’s difficult to show your face openly in the current settlement, but still…”

 ”What is it?”

 ”Well, this might be impolite to say, but it really doesn’t suit you at all.”

 Perhaps it’s still unusual from the perspective of others.

 Or maybe Gaadhir-san is just feeling a sense of discomfort because he’s used to seeing me in my usual form, just like I am with him.

 ”By the way, Gaadhir-san, are you off duty today?”

 ”Yes, I am. That’s why I came to invite Narsht.”

 Gaadhir-san, who had been working night shifts on security duty with Eurus and me almost every day, had been able to take vacations at irregular intervals, about once a week, because there were more people looking for work and we were able to increase the security personnel.

 ”Since he started taking vacations, he’s been coming to invite me frequently.”

 ”What’s with that tone? It’s my way of showing consideration for you, who work tirelessly every day.”

 ”Isn’t the real reason the alcohol and snacks that come along with our chat?”

 ”N-No, it’s not like that.”

 ”Your voice is trembling.”

 With Gaadhir-san’s easily understandable reaction, I chuckled and Narsht-san let out a sigh of exasperation.

 “Certainly, we often have conversations over drinks and snacks here. But even if I suggest going outside, you never come along.”

 ”If we were to go outside at this hour, where would you suggest we go?”

 ”Well… how about a brothel?”

 ”That’s why I don’t go. Besides, I wouldn’t have any fun even if I went.”

 ”Gaadhir-san, do you not enjoy visiting brothels?”

 ”It’s because Glayna has a strong possessive streak. She doesn’t allow that sort of thing.”

 I feel like I’ve said this before, but compared to the world I came from, this world is quite tolerant when it comes to matters of s*x. It’s considered quite normal to hear stories like a husband being tired and asking his wife to go to a brothel and giving her money instead. So people like Glayna-san are quite rare, but let’s put that aside for now.

 ”If Gaadhir-san doesn’t enjoy such activities, then would it not be pointless to invite Narsht-san?”

 ”Well, it’s not about Narsht having fun. It’s about drinking while hearing about the women Narsht has been with and how he did it.”

 ”Hmm, that’s quite tasteless.”

 “Or rather, aren’t you going to drink alcohol after all? Anyway, I’m not interested in women. I’ve been too busy lately and don’t have the energy for that.”

 ”You’re not very enthusiastic, huh? Well, I predicted you would say that, so I found another interesting place.”

 ”Another place?”

 Hmm, I wonder if there’s any interesting place open at this time other than brothels. The shops that operate in the settlement are ones that I’ve given permission to, so naturally, I know all of them… Could it be that shop?

 ”The shop you’re talking about, is it the recently opened one?”

 ”Yes, it is. Ah, so Master Neil is also interested?”

 ”If you ask me like that, I won’t deny it, but the management style is unique. At first, I didn’t realize that and only gave permission to one side, which caused some trouble, so it left an impression on me.”

 ”Ah, I see. The store is already built, but it still hasn’t opened. Is that what’s going on?”

 ”What are you two talking about?”

 Gaadhir-san, with a smile, answers Narsht-san, who is the only one not grasping the situation.

 ”You’ll understand when you go. How about going together, Master Neil?”

 ”Well, I’m also interested, so let me join you.”

 ”That’s the case, but what about Narsht?”

 ”Master Neil said he’s going, so it wouldn’t make sense for me not to go.”

 ”Alright, it’s decided. Let’s go then! To the ‘Plaything of Preferences’!”

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