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Chapter 194 The Adult Toy Store

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 The three of us decided to visit a shop called “嗜好の戯具” (Shikou no Gigu), which specializes in adult toys. We left the dining hall and walked straight, heading towards the area where the stores open for nighttime business were lined up.

 ”As we three walk around at this hour, it reminds me of the ghost incident from some time ago.”

 ”Stop talking about that. I had completely forgotten about it, but now you’ve reminded me.”

 ”Hahaha, Gaadhir-san, you bought a lot of amulet and protective charms, didn’t you?”

 While reminiscing about old stories, we arrived at our destination, which happened to be in the same commercial district as the dining hall.

 ”I’ve passed by here during the day, but it looks completely different at night.”

 It was a mysterious area with enticing signs lining the front of brothels, and there were currently six brothels standing side by side.

 ”Every time I see this, I can’t help but wonder why brothels have so many establishments when other stores are limited to one per category.”

 ”Well, you know… it’s just how it is.”

 Narsht-san and Gaadhir-san’s gaze is directed towards me.

 ”Well, it’s not like I’m building brothels based on my personal preferences, you know?”

 The current settlement doesn’t have enough space to build multiple similar establishments. Therefore, it is generally limited to one business per industry.

 However, there are exceptions. First, there is an inn, which doesn’t require much explanation. Next is the dining hall, which currently only has one establishment.

 Frankly speaking, it is not sufficient to meet the population’s needs in the settlement, and I am eager to expand it. However, there are no people who want to come to the settlement and run a restaurant, so I couldn’t increase the number of establishments.

 As a last resort, I’m considering building a directly managed store in the settlement, similar to the dining hall. However, due to the current situation where Narsht-san is the only cook, I couldn’t expand the number of establishments.

 Taking all of this into consideration, let’s move on to the topic of brothels. It is a desire that many people have, as it is counted among the three major human desires.

 Just like inns and restaurants, managing with just one brothel is absolutely insufficient. Human s*xual desires are intricate, and the idea that building a random brothel would satisfy all those desires is hardly conceivable. Therefore, for the time being, I permitted only brothels that seem capable of satisfying different s*xual preferences from the existing ones. But before I knew it, that had also increased to six establishments. When you add Moona-san’s brothel, which is managed from a distant location, there are currently seven brothels operating in the settlement.

 ”Well, leaving aside the truth of the matter, if we keep standing around in a place like this, we’ll attract touts. Shall we move on?”


 ”Well, personally, I don’t want you to leave it aside, but please firmly deny that notion.”

 With this, I might be perceived as trying to privatize the settlement and create a theme park based on personal preferences.

 ”It’s okay; we are Master Neil’s understanding associates.”

 ”That expression is definitely not one of understanding! I am constantly thinking for the sake of the people of the settlement――”

 ”Alright, calm down. If you make such a fuss in a loud voice, the disguise will be pointless.”


 Oops, I forgot that there were people around.

 Although I had a lot of things I wanted to explain, I reluctantly fell silent as Gaadhir-san said, and followed him to the front of the shop we were aiming for.

 ”Wow, it’s really narrow here.”

 The shops in the settlement town are all operating in tight spaces, but this one in particular has crammed an incredible amount of products into such a small area. The aisle is barely wide enough for one person to pass through, and someone with a big build would have to crab walk to be able to navigate the store.

 ”Before going to the dining hall, I took a quick look inside from the storefront, but it’s even narrower than I expected. I wonder if I can fit through.”

 Anxiously saying that, Gaadhir-san smoothly slid his body into the narrow aisle and entered the store. Narsht-san and I, who were left at the entrance, exchanged glances and then turned our gaze back to the interior of the store.

 ”I had a vague idea when I saw it next to the brothel, but this is a store that sells s*x toys… Master Neil, are you interested in this kind of shop?”

 ”Yes, I’ve never been to such a shop before, and I have no idea what kind of things are sold there.”

 ”So, is it just simple curiosity?”

 Since I saw various tools like that at Moona-san’s shop before, I was curious about what kind of store sells them. So, there is a part where my personal curiosity allowed the permission for this store, so even if it is said that there is bias, I couldn’t complain.

 ”…Gaadhir-san has also entered, should we go in too?”

 ”Yes… If we just stand in front of the store, we will disturb their business.”

 It was the first time for me and Narsht-san to enter such a store, so we entered with some hesitation. With my knowledge from my previous life, I could understand the purpose of some of the products, but most of them were items that I had no idea how to use.

 ”How do you use this ring made of dried plants?”

 ”This one has the same material, but the shape is completely different, right? It looks like a stretched shape, but it’s hollow inside… Oh, there are also proper stretched shapes. So, what is this one?”

 ”Just by looking at it, I can’t understand anything. It would be better to call a store clerk and ask for an explanation.”

 ”Yes, that’s true. By the way, where is Gaadhir-san?”

 We searched for Gaadhir-san, who should have entered first but couldn’t be seen, and we proceeded further into the store.

 Due to the products lined up tightly, the inside of the store became like a maze. After going around the store two or three times, we finally found Gaadhir-san.

 ”Ah, you finally came… but why do you look so tired? What happened?”

 ”Oh, no, I got lost inside the store… By the way, what is that thing Gaadhir-san is holding?”

 ”This? Well, I don’t know what it is either. I was thinking about it myself.”

 Gaadhir-san had in his hand a bright red string. The moment I saw it, the image of a red string used for tortoise-shell binding flashed in my mind.

 However, the string seemed shorter for that purpose, but it appeared longer if it was meant for tying limbs.

 ”I initially thought this string was just a straight piece of string, but from the middle, there is a longer string hanging down, and the end is split into two.”

 As Gaadhir-san held up both ends of the string, it was as he described. Another string hung from the center of the main string, forming a vertical, thin, and long T-shape.

 ”Where did you find this?”

 ”It was on that shelf over there.”

 Gaadhir-san pointed.

 I looked in the direction he indicated and saw the shelf filled with s*xy lingerie. So, this string must be underwear, perhaps a thong?

 But even if it was called a thong, it didn’t seem like a complete string, as it lacked the necessary parts to be considered proper underwear. As the three of us stood there puzzled by this unconventional item, a figure appeared from the back of the store and called out to us.

 ”Customer, is there something you need help with?”

 ”Um, are you from this store?”

 ”Yes, that’s right.”

 Emerging from the back was a woman exuding a seductive aura, dressed in quite revealing attire, giving off more of a courtesan vibe rather than that of a shopkeeper.

 ”Judging by your expressions, I assume this is your first time in a place like this?”

 ”Yes, it’s my first time visiting a store that deals with adult products.”

 ”Same here.”

 ”I’ve only peeked into one when I used to live in Denar.”

 ”So, you’re unfamiliar with most of the items here? If you’d like, I can explain them to you.”

 ”Well then, could you tell us about this rope?”

 ”Let me see… Ah, this is lingerie.”

 ”No, I know it’s lingerie because it was on the lingerie shelf, but how do you wear it?”

 ”In that case, wait a moment, I’ll bring something for demonstration.”

 With those words, the woman retreated into the depths of the store, leaving the rest of us exchanging glances.

 ”By ‘something for demonstration,’ do you think she means dolls or something?”

 ”Perhaps. In this cramped store, they probably can’t leave bulky items like dolls lying around, so they might keep them in the back most of the time.”

 As we were discussing such matters, surprisingly, the woman quickly appeared from the back of the store. We had expected her to take more time if she was going to get a doll, but instead of explanation dolls, she came back with a purple-colored ribbon.

 ”Um, what’s that?”

 ”It’s the same underwear in a different color. Did you prefer the same color? Unfortunately, we only have this color for the explanation items, so please bear with it. We can’t exactly have you try on the ones for sale, right?”


 As soon as we figured out the reason why the woman brought the same underwear in a different color, she reached into her skirt in front of us, attempting to take off the underwear. Narsht-san hurriedly intervened.

 ”Wait! Even though this is your own store and it’s for the purpose of explaining the merchandise, performing such acts in a non-brothel store is illegal, you know!”

 ”Oh? Did you come here without knowing? We also run a brothel, so it’s not a problem to do such things inside the shop.”

 ”…A brothel?”

 Narsht-san slowly turned his gaze towards the woman’s words, but Gaadhir-san and I averted our gazes. I see, this place is not just an ordinary adult toy shop, but also a brothel where you can enjoy playing with the purchased items.

 I didn’t realize that this shop and brothel were merged in their business model, and as a result of various misunderstandings, a certain incident occurred. Let me explain in order.

 When the adult toy shop expanded to this settlement, there was a person named Kussel who was chosen as the manager of the branch. Kussel-san was excited to make the shop prosper, as it was his first time being entrusted with such responsibility.

 However, the first misunderstanding occurred here. Since the shop and brothel have different business activities, separate applications were required. But Kussel-san only submitted the application for the shop.

 Naturally, I didn’t know that one part was missing, so I approved it as a shop, and Kussel-san sent the floor plan of the store along with the application for store construction without realizing that the brothel application had not been approved.

 Here, the next misunderstanding was that within the floor plan sent by Kussel-san, the playrooms required for the brothel were clearly marked.

 However, I misunderstood and thought, “Does this world’s adult shop also have rooms for customers to use the purchased goods?” Even if I hadn’t realized it at this stage, since there were playrooms, it would have been another business of renting rooms rather than selling goods, so it would have been good to ask for an additional application form.

 But I mistakenly assumed that this was the management style of adult shops in this world, and I went ahead with the application for the construction of the store without applying for the brothel.

 The construction progressed smoothly, and when it was close to completion, Kussel-san received instructions from the headquarters of the pleasure goods, saying, “We want to keep a copy, so please send the stamped application form.”

 As instructed, Kussel-san sent the application form that I had approved and stamped to the headquarters, but he received a reply asking, “What about the brothel application form?” It was then that Kussel-san realized his own misunderstanding and hurriedly submitted the brothel application form.

 However, it had been quite some time since the previous application, and I, who was dealing with various application forms sent by different firms on a daily basis, did not realize that the application form I was processing was sent by a firm that had been granted permission before.

 For this reason, I rejected the application, thinking that we didn’t need two similar shops, even though there were differences between a commercial establishment and a brothel.

 Kussel-san became extremely anxious after his brothel application was rejected. He had been preparing under the assumption that he would run a brothel, so if he couldn’t operate as a brothel now, most of his preparations would go to waste.

 The resulting damages would also be significant, and he realized that he couldn’t escape hefty compensation claims from the headquarters, leading to the downfall of his establishment. In light of this, Kussel-san took a certain action.

 ”Please! I beg you! Please approve the brothel application!”

 With all his might, he performed a desperate plea, shedding tears and prostrating himself in front of a mansion where people frequently passed by, discarding all shame and dignity.

 Kussel-san’s actions were conveyed to Diana by a slave who worked in the mansion. Diana then relayed the information to me, and I finally got to hear the story directly from Kussel-san himself. That’s how I came to understand the extraordinary situation, and now I can even operate as a brothel with my playthings.

 ”Hey, Gaadhir, didn’t I say I wouldn’t fool around with women?”

 ”Yeah, but you only said you wouldn’t fool around, not that you wouldn’t visit a brothel, right? Besides, half of it is a shop.”

 ”Don’t give me that excuse——”

 ”Alright, alright, that’s enough. This is a place to buy goods, not fight. If you want to argue, do it outside.”


 As Narsht-san awkwardly apologized, the woman smiled warmly.

 ”It’s good that you understand. Now, let me explain how to wear this underwear.”

 As if it were the most natural thing in the world, the woman took off her own underwear and began explaining it to us.

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