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Chapter 195 The Real Thrill

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 After receiving a demonstration from a female store clerk on how to wear underwear, which felt like a strip show, we turned our bewildered expressions into a sense of understanding and faced the underwear display shelf.

 ”After seeing it being worn, it’s easier to imagine. When I only saw the item, I couldn’t understand, but it’s frustrating that even though it seems like I can see it, I can’t see the crucial parts… Right, Narsht?”

 ”Indeed, even though I was told it’s underwear just by looking at this, I couldn’t grasp its appeal before, but now I feel like I understand.”

 ”Just by being demonstrated, even a simple string looks attractive. It’s quite mysterious, isn’t it?”

 ”If you’re satisfied with the explanation, then it was worth it. So, what do you think? Are you inclined to make a purchase?”

 As the woman asked us with a cheerful demeanor about our reactions, Gaadhir-san responded.

 ”Well, yeah, if it’s like this, I’ll buy it and take it back to Glayna… Wait, this string costs three platinum coins!?”

 ”That’s right, and if you consider the set with the properly matching underwear, it costs thirty platinum coins in total.”

 ”Isn’t this a rip-off?”

 ”Well, excuse me, but isn’t this considered a reasonably priced option? If you were to buy it at a regular store, it would cost about twice as much.”

 Indeed, I remember hearing from Moona-san before that this type of underwear was priced at fifty platinum coins for a set, so even at this price, it seems like a great deal.

 ”Why is it so cheap?”

 ”It’s because these are meant to enhance the mood and not something you would wear on a regular basis. That’s why cheaper materials are used. If we were to use high-quality materials with a focus on texture, it would be more expensive.”

 ”True, it does feel a bit rough, like the lining is standing up in the wrong direction.”

 ”Even though we try to keep the material costs low, the lace patterns are handmade by skilled artisans, so it still adds up to this price.”

 ”I see. Then why does a simple string, which seems to not require the skills of an artisan, cost three platinum coins?”

 ”…Well, compared to underwear that costs thirty platinum coins, three platinum coins seem cheap, don’t they?”

 ”It just seems like a rip-off, trying to create a sense of value!”

 For a moment, I couldn’t help but think that three platinum coins for underwear would be cheap, but as Gaadhir-san pointed out, three platinum coins for just a string is indeed too expensive.

 ”Tch, there’s still some blood circulating in that head of yours. You should have done something more extreme and focused the blood on your lower body.”

 ”What are you saying in front of a customer? Are you okay with everything?”

 ”Don’t worry, my job is to excite the other person and make them buy the product in the heat of the moment. There’s nothing to worry about.”

 ”You’re being completely honest, huh? That’s why you’re dressed like a prostitute.”

 ”I’m not dressed like this just for that reason, you know? Today, I’m just taking care of the shop, but my real job is being a prostitute. The aim is to tempt customers on my shop duty and have them request me later.”

 ”Oh, so the shop duty is rotated among the prostitutes.”

 ”That’s right, it is… sigh.”

 The woman’s expression visibly darkened halfway through, and she let out a sigh.

 ”There are only two of us who can do the shop duty, so I can’t handle too many customers.”

 ”Is the staff shortage that severe?”

 ”We have enough staff. It’s just that there are few girls who are good at customer service or have a pleasant demeanor.”

 ”Isn’t it fatal for a brothel to have few girls with a pleasant demeanor?”

 ”It’s not a problem for us. That’s because it’s faster to show than to explain in words about this matter. Come over here.”

 Led by a woman, we proceeded to the back of the shop and arrived at the cashier counter. And next to the cashier counter, there was a board with a large number of wooden tags hanging on it, giving off an unusual presence.

 ”This is the specialty of our pleasure toys (brothel), where customers can freely combine the contents written on the tags to create their own way of playing.”

 ”They are divided into various categories, such as manual stimulation and oral stimulation.”

 ”We focus on providing a hassle-free experience and selling a shop that you can easily leave.”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”In a normal brothel, you would first wash your body, have a light conversation, then proceed to the act, wash your body again, and have a little more conversation before finishing.

 However, some customers find such conversations bothersome, or they just want to do what they want, or they don’t need the actual act and just want to finish quickly using their hands.”

 ”Ah, I see. So this store is all about selecting only the bare essentials for people like that, huh?”

 ”Yeah, no small talk before or after, just get it done quickly and go home. That’s why the girls they hire prioritize looks and skills over friendliness… And the result is this.”

 For a brothel, friendliness isn’t really important, so it’s not included in the hiring criteria. However, if you’re working at a regular shop, a certain level of friendliness is desired. As a result, there aren’t many people who can work as shop attendants.

 ”I keep telling the manager to find more girls who can do the shop attendant job quickly. Girls who have a good attitude, good looks, and good skills usually want to work at fancier places than here, so they’re hard to find.”

 ”Well, confident people tend to do that. But then, why are you working at this place where you’re entrusted with the shop attendant job?”

 ”Me? I simply don’t want to accompany important people who frequent high-end establishments. It seems like it would be troublesome if I were to be liked by them.

 Besides, although high-end establishments have high customer spending, the number of customers is low, so it doesn’t mean that you can earn unconditionally just because it’s a high-end establishment. On the other hand, this place has a good turnover rate, and depending on how the customers play, you can earn a considerable amount in one go. It’s much easier and more profitable here than working at a high-end establishment.”

 As I understood and agreed, I approached the board with wooden plaques hanging on it to confirm its contents. In the top row, wooden plaques with prices written on them, such as one platinum coin, two platinum coins, were lined up, and below them, the prices for each play were easily visible.

 ”They are really divided into fine details, aren’t they? So, if you try to keep it cheap, you can get it with just one platinum coin for self-pleasure.”

 ”It’s cheap, isn’t it? But if you include all the plays available at other brothels, it actually becomes more expensive. So, I recommend going to a regular brothel for those who want to enjoy a variety of plays. Well, there are also many special plays that can only be done here, so even if it’s expensive, there are plenty of people willing to pay.”

 ”Is this a special kind of play? With such a wide range of tools, I’m sure there are various ways to enjoy it, but what kind of customers do you have who engage in specific play styles?”

 ”Well… the most common one is when customers buy the underwear they saw and have the prostitutes wear them while they tease them or make them mas***te, and then they take home the wet underwear to enjoy alone. Another popular one is using the various medicines on that shelf over there for play.”


 ”Oh, don’t worry, the ones over there are not dangerous. There’s one that, when applied to the skin, increases sensitivity by about fifty percent, and another one that temporarily changes the color of the skin and hair when consumed. And then there are things like stamina-enhancing pills that customers take before play, or enlargement drugs for those who lack confidence in their private parts. Those tend to sell well.”

 ”…Are all of those safe drugs?”

 ”Of course, it’s only natural. We often use things like increasing sensitivity or changing the color of our skin and hair. We don’t keep anything dangerous around, though. Well, at the main store, it’s up to each individual’s responsibility, and there are also things that are prohibited from being used in the shop…but let me tell you, it’s not like they’re illegal or anything. It’s just that their effects are too strong and can leave lingering effects after use, so they’re not allowed.”

 ”I still think it sounds pretty dangerous. What kind of things are there?”

 ”Well, let’s see. A good example would be breast enhancement pills. They make your breasts temporarily bigger, but it’s like forcibly stretching your skin, so when the effects wear off, your breasts become saggy from the stretched skin.”

 ”By that logic, wouldn’t expanding pills for a certain organ be a bad idea too…?”

 ”Well, when it comes to that, even if it shrinks back after the effects wear off, it wasn’t exactly firm to begin with, so it’s not a problem. At least, there won’t be as much visible change after using the pills compared to breast enhancement pills, so you can rest assured. Just be careful if you use something with a significant effect. I’ve heard stories of people who used pills that made them as big as horses, and as a result, they couldn’t get it up anymore.”

 ”Moderation is always key, huh.”

 Gaadhir-san concluded it that way, but I, still unable to shake off the anxiety, asked a woman a question.

 ”Are the people working here okay?”

 ”The products used by the girls at the shop are only those with clear safety. So, there’s no need to worry. Besides, the really bad ones are prohibited from using them. Look, there’s a wooden signboard over there with the names of girls who can entertain you written on it. On the back, there are also things written that they can’t do, so it’s not like you have to do everything just because you work here.”

 ”So you can reject things that are not allowed?”

 ”Of course, the girls working here are employees, not slaves.”

 While relieved by the woman’s words, I checked the back of the wooden signboard with names written on it, and as the woman explained, there were clearly written contents of plays that were not allowed.

 ”Oh, there are quite a lot of things written… but there are many unfamiliar words, so I have no idea why they are not allowed.”

 ”There are many specialized terms. What is a ‘Bibo/charm stick (媚棒)’?”

 ”It’s a game where we apply an aphrodisiac to the man’s genitals and make us perform oral sex. It’s a popular game because it’s more exciting than just rubbing the medicine with your fingers, but there are quite a few girls who can’t handle the intense stimulation from being rubbed with a substance that has the aphrodisiac on it.”

 ”What about this ‘muddy’ thing?”

 ”That’s a game where we use a highly viscous lotion. You can enjoy the sensation of being covered in gooey slime, but it’s difficult to clean up afterward, and it significantly affects the turnover rate, so many girls refuse to do it.”

 ”Despite that, I heard there are surprisingly few girls who can’t do that muddy game.”

 ”If you prioritize efficiency and avoid all the troublesome games, you’ll end up with customers who only go for safe options.”

 ”By intentionally offering games that other prostitutes avoid, you increase your repeat customer rate, don’t you?”

 ”When you put it that way, you can see the strategic aspect of each person. Everyone is trying to avoid competition and showcase their uniqueness.”

 It seems like this establishment values how to play rather than who to play with, creating a game of negotiation.

 ”So, by the way, it seems that there are only descriptions of nameless and unplayable courtesans. Can’t you choose them by looking at their faces like in a regular brothel?”

 ”We don’t show their faces. It’s all part of the fun, not knowing what kind of girl you’ll get.”

 ”No face, huh?”

 ”You have a look on your face like you want to say something.”

 The woman asks Gaadhir-san with a puzzled look.

 ”Those kinds of establishments usually have poor quality courtesans. Especially when the ones doing the soliciting are attractive women, it’s even more likely.”

 ”Well, it’s true that such places are common, and personally, I’m happy to be considered a good girl. But as the manager, I can’t overlook it. Alright, go ahead and choose your favorite bill as a test.”

 ”Oh, you understand what I’m saying. In that case… I’ll choose this girl, Remia.”

 ”Remia, huh? Remia! Come over here!”

 The woman who heard Gaadhir-san’s question calls out towards the back of the counter, and after a while, a woman appears, showing her face from the back.

 ”What…? There’s a customer, huh?”

 ”When I said ‘no face-to-face meetings,’ some skeptical customers started doubting. So, I called you to prove that there are cute girls here.”

 ”…Alright, can I go back now?”

 ”Yes, sorry for calling you out.”

 As the woman retreated into the back, disappearing from sight, Gaadhir-san muttered to himself.

 ”She really had no charm, huh?”

 ”Remia is not particularly charming, but her skills are amazing. She used to work at a high-class establishment for the nobles, but got tired of dealing with important people and started working here instead.”

 ”A high-class establishment for the nobles, huh? I’ve heard that the income is good, but many people there suffer from stress and mental health issues.”

 ”So she became jaded from working at a high-class place. What a waste. If she had a better attitude, she would have been in high demand at a regular store.”

 ”Oh, there are actually quite a few customers who say they prefer that. They want to be verbally abused and trampled on while being treated as a bother.”

 ”Well…I guess there is demand for that kind of customer.”

 Gaadhir-san reluctantly agreed, wearing a subtle expression that showed his unfamiliarity with this world.

 ”However, even if it’s said that there is no face-to-face meeting, once you play with someone, you can understand them. So, from the next time onwards, you can build a play that suits that person, huh?”

 ”By the way, customer, have you decided what kind of play we will do soon?”

 ”Huh? No, we don’t really…”

 ”I hope you’re not saying that you don’t want to play. After explaining everything so patiently, even showing your face, right?”

 …I see. Showing the actual underwear in front of us, explaining the details of the store’s system, they have been quite enthusiastic in their customer service. This must have been their intention. After going through all this trouble and even requesting a face-to-face meeting, it’s impossible to refuse to play.

 ”Oh, ahaha… Sorry! My wife is extremely jealous, and if she finds out that I’ve been fooling around with other women, she’ll kill me! Instead, I’ll buy those underwear over there and take them home, so please forgive me!”

 ”Oh, is that so? Well… I don’t want to be resented by your wife either, so fine. I’ll forgive you for that.”

 ”That’s a relief. In return, these two here will go and play.”

 ”Wait, why did it turn into that kind of conversation?”

 ”It can’t be helped. It’s hard to say that we won’t play around after making it this far.”

 ”But it was you who demanded to see their face! Why should I have to clean up your mess?”

 As the two of them started arguing inside the store, I was thinking about how to intervene when a woman approached me and started talking.

 ”What are you going to do?”

 ”Well, I… I don’t have much on me right now.”

 ”Oh, is that so? In that case, you can put it on a tab. I’ll come to collect the mansion at the estate later.”


 Upon hearing the words “collect the payment at the mansion,” both the two who were fighting and I stopped in our tracks and looked at the woman.

 ”Why, since when did you know my true identity?”

 ”Well, because that person over there just said ‘Master Neil’ earlier…”

 ”What!? Did I really say something like that!?”

 It’s strange. Gaadhir-san and Narsht-san have been avoiding bringing up topics related to me ever since the woman appeared, but I wonder if they accidentally let it slip in the heat of the moment.

 Gaadhir-san, who was visibly shaken, and Narsht-san, who looked at him with a hint of exasperation, were ignored by the woman as she approached me once again.

 ”So, are you willing to come and play?”

 ”…Please refrain from coming to the mansion, as I am here secretly without the knowledge of the residents.”

 ”Your identity is clear, so that’s not a problem. In other words, it’s alright to say that you’re going to play?”

 ”If you can keep my presence here a secret.”

 ”Of course. Now, if that’s settled, let’s choose right away. You two over there, stop standing around and join us.”

 ”W-Well, I guess there’s no helping it if I messed up. Alright, I’ll choose for Narsht.”

 ”Wait! If I leave it up to you, things won’t turn out well!”

 ”As a tip, it’s not good to choose everything right from the start. It would be meaningless if there are no girls who can respond to the play you thought of. It’s recommended to choose about three plays that you absolutely want to do at first and find a girl who can respond to them. Then, decide on the remaining plays within the range that the girl can handle. Also, be careful with the ones marked with a blue circle in the upper left corner, as they are plays where the customer becomes the receiver.”

 ”I see. Then, for Narsht, let’s add the ones with the blue circle, ‘trampling,’ ‘prostate development,’ and… I don’t know, but this interesting one called ‘Eating a whole sensitive stick’—”

 ”Don’t decide on your own! And what’s the last one? I don’t know what it is, but I can only feel a dangerous atmosphere from its name.”

 ”It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?”

 ”The only one finding it interesting is you!”

 With a mix of reluctance and excitement, we started choosing while making a fuss. As we argued and discussed, we began to have fun, and while being teased from both sides by the woman, Narsht-san, and I decided on the content of our play.

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