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Chapter 196 Playing with Personal Preferences ※

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 While being teased by the woman, I decided on the content of the play and took the chosen wooden card to the counter, waiting by the side of the counter for the opponent’s preparation.

 The back of the wooden card, which contains the content of the play, also has the price written on it. The store clerk only looks at the back of the wooden card for billing, so it seems that consideration has been given to ensure that only the playing partner knows what play the customer has chosen.

 However, it was a story unrelated to me, who was seen choosing by the side.

 ”Remia, are you ready?”

 ”Yes, I am!”

 Called by the female clerk, I went through the entrance with a hanging cloth behind the counter and it turned into a narrow and steep staircase. Remia, who showed her face earlier, welcomed me there.

 ”Thank you for choosing me, this way.”

 Guided by Remia, I climbed the stairs and went up to the second floor.

 By the way, one of the reasons I chose Remia-san was because I thought she had a nice face when I saw her. But since we called her over even though we had no intention of playing, I thought I should make up for it if we were going to play anyway.

 There are doors lined up on both sides of the second-floor corridor, and I was guided to the room in the back on the right. The room is about two tatami mats in size and quite small.

 It seems that it ended up being such a small space because they tried to secure as many rooms as possible in a small shop. While I was distracted by the smallness of the room, Remia-san closed the door and quickly started taking off her clothes.

 ”Come on, hurry up and take yours off too. Oh, and be careful of the wall when taking off your clothes. There was a person who bumped their arm against the wall and got into a fight with the customer next door before.”

 ”Um… I’ll be careful.”

 I don’t think all the customers are so ill-tempered, but it’s better to be cautious, so I move away from the wall and take off my clothes in the center of the room.

 ”I, I’ve taken them off.”

 ”You’ll understand when you see it.”


 Diana is not very friendly, but this is the first time I’ve interacted with someone so unfriendly, so I was confused as to how to approach her, when Remia-san crouched down in front of me, looking down at me as I stood there naked.

 As I stand naked, Remia-san kneels in front of me and takes my son’s p**is into her mouth, sucking it all the way to the base. As my son’s p**is is enveloped in her warm and moist mouth, stimulated by her tongue on the glans and shaft, it quickly becomes erect. Remia-san then releases it.

 ”Hmm… did you clean up before coming?”

 ”Huh? Uh, no, I didn’t clean up with that intention. I just took a bath, that’s all.”

 ”I see. Then, was it a waste to do ‘immediate fellatio’?”

 ”Is that so?”

 I heard that ‘immediate fellatio’ refers to a play where you perform oral s*x before wiping the body, but I didn’t really understand it and just added it because it is popular.

 ”Normally… um, are there many people who don’t wash up?”

 ”Yes, some people intentionally come dirty… and yet, this smell.”

 Remia-san says as she sniffs around my crotch area.

 ”Um, it’s a bit embarrassing to have you smell that…”

 ”…Sorry, it caught my attention for a moment.”

 What is this “worrisome smell”?

 I think I don’t have any strange smells because I wash my body properly with detergent, but does it mean that my body odor is a concern? It’s kind of shocking in a subtle way.

 ”Next is ‘oral s*x’ and ‘mas***ion Watching’… Lie down.”

 As instructed, I lay down on the thin mattress on the floor, and Remia-san straddles me, assuming a position similar to a sixty-nine.

 As I am captivated by Remia-san’s private parts right in front of my eyes, she takes my manhood into her mouth and moves her head, trying to extract pleasure unlike when she gave me a blowjob.

 Truly a professional, and considering she used to work at a high-class establishment favored by nobles, her tongue technique is skillful. I try to endure the stimulation that feels as if I’m being handled with hands, so as not to climax too quickly. Then, Remia-san’s previously free arm slowly descends and begins to play with her own breasts and private parts.


 In the lascivious scene unfolding before my eyes, I unintentionally let out a moan, and then held my breath.

 When I imagined adding “mas***ion Watching” to my play, I only thought of a simple image of watching a woman in front of me doing it herself.

 But in reality, I never expected to be shown her private parts at such close range, with her taking my member into her mouth and using it as material for her own mas***ion. As her tongue became more aggressive in pleasuring my member, her fingers also became more intense in manipulating her own secret parts.

 At first, her fingers gently traced along the muscles, but then her index and middle fingers spread apart the muscles, and her middle finger penetrated her v**inal opening, creating a lewd squelching sound. Every time she rubbed against the walls of her v**ina with her middle finger, love juices leaked out from her v**inal entrance and dripped down onto my face below.

 ”Mmm… Ahh…!”

 As the pleasure surged up from my lower abdomen, causing my breathing to become irregular and my hips to wriggle, Remia-san’s tongue and fingers never eased their movements.

 Just as I felt that I couldn’t endure any longer, she released my member from her mouth with a “chupon” sound, but continued her self-pleasure, slowly raising her upper body.

 As I pondered what to do with my son, who showed no signs of decline as she continued to masturbate in front of me, Remia-san spoke.

 ”You bought it with such anticipation. Is it okay to leave it unused?”

 Remia-san’s words caught my attention, and I looked at the square box placed on top of the folded clothes. It was a product I bought at the store below, and we had been discussing what it was, a mysterious item made of dried plants.

 It is an herb also used as an ingredient in a love potion called Renagesu, known for its ability to enhance sensitivity. This product is worn on fingers or genitals.

 Even in its dried state, its effects do not diminish. By using it while engaging in intimate activities, one can experience heightened sensitivity and a unique stimulation that cannot be obtained otherwise. In essence, it is a disposable item similar to a ribbed condom coated with an aphrodisiac.

 However, if used while still dry, the friction can be too strong and cause injury, so it is necessary to thoroughly moisten it with water or hot water before use.

 Recalling the explanation I received from the female store clerk, I took the product out of the box.

 There were various types of items available for this product, but the one I bought this time is the type that covers the entire index finger.

 ”Um, the water…”

 ”Use the shallow bucket over there.”

 I moistened the shallow bottom of the two buckets prepared in the corner of the room and then put it on my finger. I lightly rubbed the surface, and thanks to the moisture, the rough feeling disappeared, and it became slightly rough.

 While I was doing that, the effect seemed to start working, and the wrapped finger began to feel warm. I bought it as a trial for my finger, but if I wear this on my private part and engage in the act, I might be able to experience pleasure that I can’t usually obtain. With expectations for its effectiveness, I turned to Remia-san.

 ”Are you ready? I’m also ready here.”

 While I was preparing, she had been continuously exposing her wet private part. She opened it with her fingers as if showing off the wetness, and the gaping entrance seemed to be eagerly seeking something to fill it. I was drawn to it and approached, then I slowly inserted the finger with the attached product into Remia-san’s v**ina.


 The moment my finger entered, Remia-san’s v**ina tightened, and a liquid seeped out from the moistened dry grass. Even with just his inserted finger, it felt so hot. It goes without saying what would happen if that liquid was directly applied to the mucous membrane.

 As soon as the liquid seeped out, Remia-san’s v**inal walls writhed intensely, causing her love juices to overflow like a broken faucet from deep within. With just a light push forward of his finger, Remia-san’s hips bounced, her hair in disarray, and she let out a loud moan.

 The combined effect of the aphrodisiac and the intertwined dry grass was tremendous. Remia-san’s v**ina clamped tightly around my finger and refused to let go, to the point where it felt like the dry grass I had applied would be taken away if I were to withdraw my finger.

 As time passed with my finger inserted into her burning and muddy v**ina, Remia-san, who had been in a passive position, pushed me down and we assumed the 69 position once again.

 ”Since you seem to be in quite a predicament… Haa, I think it’s about time to finish.”

 Breathing heavily, Remia-san smiled and engulfed my erect member, stimulating it even more vigorously than before.

 She moves her head up and down, handling the rod with her lips, not caring that the saliva spilling out of the corner of her mouth stains my lower abdomen, and using her tongue to attack my glans, bulge, and back.

 It’s not something as simple as gradually increasing the pleasure I had just had, but it’s a serious attack that will make me eja***te in the next moment, a torture that I can’t endure no matter how hard I try. But I can at least resist it by stirring the inside of Remia-san’s v**ina.

 ”Mmm! Huh, Hoo!”

 Remia-san, reflexively lifting her hips to escape my torment, but I grab her hips, preventing it, attaching to her erect clitoris.


 In that moment, Remia-san’s hips jump significantly, a mixture of fluid and love juice leaking from her v**ina, entering my mouth.

 Whether it’s due to the liquid or simply excitement, or perhaps both, my heart pounds as if about to burst. An obscene smell overflows from her secret parts, and the stimulating sensation from the lower abdomen makes my head spin.

 So, just like a baby begging for milk, I desperately sucks on the clitoris and swallows the liquid that enters my mouth.

 At first, Remia-san tried to escape, but now it seems like her strength has completely left her. She fully entrusted her lower body to me and endured the pleasure that was given to her.

 However, as if saying that she cannot allow herself to be taken advantage of like this, Remia-san intensifies her teasing of my manhood.

 Using both hands, she handles my testicles with her right hand and strokes my shaft with her left hand, while her mouth focuses on pleasuring the glans. I was already pushed to the edge, and in no time, I release my boiling desire into Remia-san’s mouth.

 She accepts it in her mouth, forms a ring with her fingers, and squeezes out every last drop from the base, swallowing my semen with a throaty sound.

 ”Mmm… Haah…”

 Blushing cheeks, she satisfactorily drinks down the s*en, her appearance strangely seductive. My son seems to regain its vigor, but before that, Remia-san quickly moves away from on top of me.

 ”I don’t think I was supposed to engage in oral play from the customer’s side…”

 ”Uh, ah! S-Sorry, I got carried away…”

 ”… Well, it’s fine. I also ended up doing self-pleasure and consuming the s**en on my own, so let’s just forget about it.”

 In the middle of the conversation, Remia-san suddenly shuddered and started inserting her finger into her v**ina. Curious about what was happening, I observed as dry grass was being pulled out from inside her.

 I checked my finger, and the dry grass that had been woven around it was gone, apparently left inside Remia-san’s v**ina when she moved away from me.

 ”Do you want to take this?”

 ”Uh, um… that’s a disposable item, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be reusable.”

 ”Well… yeah, it’s disposable, but many customers actually take them home. They ‘reuse’ them in a different sense.”

 Is that something they use as material for mas***ion after taking it home? While for a moment, I entertained the idea of wanting it after seeing Remia-san’s love juice and the messy state it was in, the thought of the hassle of cleaning up and the risk of getting caught by Diana and the others quickly crossed my mind. In the end, I decided to dispose of it over there.

 The act concluded, and while having the soiled parts cleaned with a clean cloth and another bucket filled with water, I apologize once again for the earlier mistake.

 ”I’m really sorry. Um, I should pay extra for the oral service, right?”

 ”It’s not necessary. We don’t charge extra, and transactions with customers outside the payment counter are prohibited. Besides, I didn’t stop you, so I’m at fault too.”


 Still, it’s a fact that we engaged in unplanned activities. As I hesitate, considering explaining the situation and paying, Remia-san murmurs quietly.

 ”You’re serious, aren’t you?”


 ”Even when I worked at the previous place, I wished customers like you would visit.”

 ”Uh, what does that mean?”


 After that, Remia-san says nothing more, finishes drying herself, puts on clothes, and I’m promptly ushered out of the room.

 I knew the focus of the establishment was mainly on the act, with little conversation before and after. However, Remia-san’s final words strangely intrigued me.

 As I was thinking about what that meant, I went downstairs and Gaadhir-san, who was waiting by the counter, greeted me with a big smile.

 ”Good work!”

 ”Thanks… Is Narsht-san still not here?”

 ”Not yet, I think it will take a while for him. After all… hehehe…”

 ”What kind of game did you make Narsht-san choose?”

 ”Well, it’s a surprise based on his own report.”

 I knew they were deciding something while making a lot of noise, but I send my support to Narsht-san, who can’t refuse their requests despite complaining.

 After that, perhaps because we were in this kind of shop, Narsht-san and I engaged in dirty jokes that we would never talk about under normal circumstances, waiting for Narsht-san to finish playing. When Narsht-san came out looking exhausted, we went back to the dining hall.

 There, we drank sake while talking about our preferences, and we continued to have a lively conversation with silly stories until late at night.

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