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Chapter 204 The Red Light District of The Settlement

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 Harmon and his friends carried Kilk to a street called “Color Street (Iroo-dori),” where there were many chanters. Neil and Gaadhir had been there before. Even though it was night, the area was known for its lively places. Harmon and the others, carrying Kilk, naturally drew attention as they moved through the busy crowd.

 ”Okay, we’re here!”

 ”If we’re here, let me down! These stares are annoying!”

 ”But if I let you go, you’ll run away, right?”

 ”Of course!”

 ”Then we can’t let you down.”

 ”Ugh… fine, I get it. Let me down since I won’t run away!”

 Kilk said with a sigh, and Harmon and the others slowly lowered him to the ground. However, to make sure he wouldn’t run away, they held onto his shoulders.

 ”So, what’s the plan for me now?”

 ”First, I thought I’d show you the shops in ‘Color Street’ one by one. The first one is the ‘Innocent Village Woman’ shop at the left end. The quality of the services is good, it costs five platinum coins per session, and it’s a popular but ordinary place. It’s recommended for those new to such things… but it’s boring, so we’re skipping it this time.”


 Kilk interrupts Harmon’s words without apologizing, showing no interest. However, Harmon continues and talks about the next place.

 ”The next one is right next door, ‘Luxurious Fortune of Wealth (Tomio no Tsuyafuku).’ This place is good for groups, and the basic cost is two platinum coins. For each person added, it’s three platinum coins. While the cost for one person is similar to other places, the more people you include, the cheaper it gets compared to other establishments. You can not only increase the number of woman but also the number of customers. Since additional customers only pay the basic fee of two platinum coins, it’s a good deal when split evenly.”

 ”Is that really a good deal? Ultimately, increasing the number of people will still cost more than usual, right?”

 ”You don’t understand. Listen, if you choose ten people at other places, you’d need fifty platinum coins, but at ‘Luxurious Fortune of Wealth,’ it would only be thirty. Suppose we go with six people… um, it would be six platinum coins per person with a total 30 coin.”

 ”Are you stupid Harmon? If you divide thirty coins by six people, it’s five platinum coins per person, right?”

 ”Jott, you’re stupid too. You’re forgetting the basic fee. The correct answer is seven platinum coins per person.”

 When Kilk looked disapprovingly at the slow calculations, Harmon, though looking uncomfortable, made a strong effort to end the conversation.

 ”Well, this place is great for having fun at a low cost, even though it would be expensive elsewhere. If you want to be with many women at once, I recommend it. But, let me clarify, we’re not going, even if we’re invited.”

 ”I don’t plan to go or invite anyone, so don’t worry… But why are you refusing the invitation? Can I ask?”

 Kilk had no intention of going, but he felt uneasy about Harmon rejecting the invitation and asked the question.

 ”Actually, we went there once with five people. When I asked for ten women, we were taken to a big room and welcomed by all ten of them at once, and I was excited. But, you know, when we actually started, various things bothered me… No matter how close we are, I don’t want to see a man’s private parts, especially during intercourse. To be honest, I was pretty turned off when Demar was panting heavily and thrusting vigorously next to me…”

 ”You’re talking big. Weren’t you making weird sounds next to me too? And Jott, you didn’t even care about the guy behind you and messed up that girl’s chest! I was planning to have fun with those big breasts too, but you ruined it!”

 ”It’s not just my fault, is it!? If that’s the case, Dominic also ejac*** right away, and no one else wanted to go after that!”

 ”Don’t focus on me! Besides, getting dirty with bodily fluids is inevitable during intercourse, isn’t it?”

 ”…I see, I understand the reason for refusing the invitation.”

 This is a story about how they got distracted by other men’s sweat and couldn’t focus on what they were doing.

 ”Let’s stop talking about ‘Luxurious Fortune of Wealth’ and move on to the next place. The next one is called ‘One Night Performance (Ichiya no Engi).’ It’s an observational shop too. The interesting thing about this place is that unlike ordinary viewing stores, there is a stage after the show. You can just name a prostit** in the area and have fun with it.”

 ”What’s an observational shop?”

 ”Oh, you’ve never been to a brothel before. An observational shop is where you watch prostitu** on stage while pleasuring yourself. No touching allowed, and you can’t even stand up during the show. It’s for purely watching. Some places offer special seats near the stage where you can touch the woman a little. But the basic idea is just to watch.”

 ”So, you watch the prostit**s on stage and take care of yourself. Doesn’t that create a dangerous scene?”

 ”I can’t deny that. But once the show starts, you won’t really care. There are prostit**s standing in front of you, exposing themselves even more than being completely naked.”

 Kilk thought that it was just that their appearance was better in comparison, but that the image was still dangerous in the end.

 ”Let’s stop talking about the observation shop and go back to explaining the ‘One Night Performance.’ This shop lets you choose and play with the woman on stage after the show. But, only those who bought front seats can play with them. People in regular seats at the back must leave right after the show and compete with others.”

 ”What? Compete… wait, are there other customers too?”

 ”Of course, isn’t that obvious? If they had one customer paying a lot to watch multiple prostit**s, it would only attract rich people. They wouldn’t set up a shop in a remote place like this.”

 ”So, you’re saying there are many customers in the same room, all watching the stage and doing things for self-pleasure?”

 It’s not just dangerous now; it’s like a scene from hell. Seeing Kilk imagine this, Harmon corrects him.

 ”Don’t worry, there are walls so others can’t see. It’s like narrow standing boxes without tops. They’re narrow so they don’t block the view of people in regular seats, so it might feel a bit tight, but it’s better than being seen or seeing someone doing private things, right?”

 ”True, but seeing lined up boxes is also scary.”

 ”Well, that’s what you can expect from this place. After the show, customers in special seats bid for the prostit**s. The prostit**s are introduced one by one, and customers who want to spend time with them make offers. The highest offer gets to spend time with the prostit**.”

 ”It’s probably going to cost more than other places.”

 ”Yeah, if you just watch from regular seats, it’s two platinum coins, three platinum coins for the special seats, and bidding starts at one coin. Each time someone raises their hand, one coin is added. Usually, it goes up to around five platinum coins, so if you want to make sure, it’s better to bring around ten platinum coins. By the way, sitting in the special seats doesn’t mean you have to bid. Some customers buy the special seats just to see the show better. I think it’s interesting to try at least once. They focus on the show, and there are some pretty girls there.”

 Then, Harmon pointed towards the shop next to them and said,

 ”Okay, the next one is a shop called ‘Goblet of the Goddess (Megami no Sakazuki).’ It’s a place for entertainment where you can have pleasant conversations with prostit** while drinking. And of course, there’s something extra waiting for you afterwards. But remember, there’s an additional fee apart from the cost of the drinks.”

 Kilk replied,

 ”That sounds like it could be expensive.”

 ”Yes, even just having a drink there will probably cost more than your average tavern nearby. But when you’re served by beautiful ladies, it’s natural to have such expenses. The overall cost, including the entertainment, might be similar to high-end establishments. However, being an entertainment venue, you’ll find many charming and friendly faces. I guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time that surpasses the usual high-end places. It might be a bit challenging for those who don’t drink or struggle with words, but once you overcome that, it’s like paradise.”

 ”I’ll pass if it’s going to be more expensive than necessary.”

 ”You always think in terms of efficiency… well, never mind that. More importantly, the remaining two shops are interesting, you know?”

 As Harmon pointed towards the other two shops with a grin, Kilk felt a sense of unease.

 ”If we go in order, I should introduce the shop next to the ‘Goblet of the Goddess.’ But let’s skip that for now and talk about ‘Toys of Preference (Shikou no Gigu)’ on the far right. It’s a toy store, but unlike regular toy stores, it has a brothel attached to it. The unique thing about this place is the interesting system. You can buy toys from the front toy store and use them in the back brothel. The fascinating part is that you can freely combine different ways of playing to suit your preferences. Unlike regular stores where you usually leave out unnecessary parts to save money, here you can play efficiently with only the necessary parts. It’s a shop designed for someone like you who values efficiency.”

 ”I see, that does sound interesting.”

 ”But I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who just wants a simple experience. Basic activities like manual or oral pleasure can be done with just one or two platinum coins, while the full experience costs four platinum coins and is a bit expensive. With four platinum coins, you can find several places where you can enjoy everything, regardless of quality. Plus, you can find places where you can simply have intercourse. It’s not worth paying four platinum coins specifically for that at ‘Toys of Preference.’”

 ”I get it… The shop’s system is indeed interesting, but it can’t be the only reason for your mischievous smile. What are you hiding?”

 ”Saying I’m hiding something is a bit harsh. I was just thinking about the different combinations you might come up with when playing. It’s just a thought.”

 ”That’s quite naughty.”

 Kilk looked at Harmon with a disapproving look, as if trying to understand people’s strange interests. But Harmon continued the conversation as if nothing happened.

 ”Now, let me tell you about a place called ‘Whip of Love (Ai no Muchi-goē).’ It’s a S&M shop that offers intense play that you can’t find anywhere else.”

 ”S&M…? What does that mean?”

 ”S&M is a kind of play that involves things like torture. They allow acts that other shops would ban, like whipping and water torture.”

 Some people might know already, but the word “S&M” was brought to this world by Ihoumono. However, its exact meaning is not fully understood, and it has become a term in this industry to describe play that resembles torture.

 ”It’s extreme, and it’s tough on the prostit**, so the prices are quite high. You can’t buy multiple sessions here.”

 ”Oh, really?”

 ”There used to be shops where people could buy multiple sessions, but they closed as soon as the customer finished. That means the session would continue as long as the customer wanted, which led to some annoying customers who kept tormenting the prostit**. That’s why they switched to a time-based system. Now, it costs twenty platinum coins.”

 ”Twenty platinum coins, four times the price of a regular popular shop.”

 ”Well, that’s only if the customer takes the active role. If the customer wants to be the one receiving, there are shops where you can buy multiple sessions for fifteen platinum coins.”

 ”So, the customer can also be the one getting tormented?”

 ”Yes, some prostit** can only take either the active or passive role. So, in this shop, instead of choosing a prostit** and then deciding how to play, you decide how to play and then choose a prostit**. Also, there are humans who can use healing magic in case of injuries, so don’t worry. By the way, I recommend this shop to you… Are you interested?”

 ”I decline. I’m not interested in either tormenting others or being tormented.”

 ”Well, I figured that would be your answer. If that’s the case, there’s nothing I can do… You guys!”

 ””””We’re here!””””

 ”Oh, crap!?”

 When Harmon gave the signal, the four people quickly grabbed Kilk’s arms and legs, lifting him up again.

 ”Keep hold of Kilk! Let’s go with the ‘Whip of Love!’”

 ”Wait, wait! I don’t want to spend money in a place like this!”

 ”Don’t worry. I won’t force you to pay. I’ll treat you this time.”

 ”Huh! Harmon, you’re so generous!”

 ”What do you mean he is generous? He just want to see me panic!”

 ”Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll choose a recommended ‘guide’ who will help you, a beginner. By the end, you’ll be a fully trained servant.”

 ”What do you mean by guide!? And hold on, the way you’re saying it, does that mean I’ll definitely be the submissive one!?”

 ”Of course! It wouldn’t be interesting if you were the one attacking!”

 ”You jerk! Let go of me! Let gooo!!”

 In the dark and gloomy night sky, Kilk’s screams echoed without any effect.

 Several hours later, witnesses said they saw Kilk looking lifeless, drained by the sound of the ‘Whip of Love.’

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