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Chapter 211 Tangled Spirits

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 This is a story from many decades ago when the settlement was still a land directly under the emperor’s control.

 During this time, the settlement was struck by fierce storms, and there were fallen trees and rocks scattered around in a terrible state.

 In this settlement, two spirits were exchanging words.

 ’The creator has contacted us. It seems a new replacement for the wind is being sent.’

 ’Finally? It took quite a while since the previous one went out of control and was reborn.’

 These were earth spirit and water spirit, who still resided in the settlement.

 ’It seems that there is no room for us, and that’s why the wind being sent here is not a rebirth one, but a newly created one. That is why we are ordered to educate her.’

 ’Such a bother. I’ll leave that to you, earth.’

 ’Why don’t you lend a hand too, water?’

 ’Oh, is it fine? Even if I take on the role of educator?’

 ’…I will do it.’

 The earth spirit, feeling uncertain about the words of the water spirit, was assigned the task of education. The next day, a newly born wind spirit was sent to the settlement…

 ’Listen carefully, without manager, the natural environment will deteriorate, and the world will inevitably perish.’


 ’Our purpose is to manage the natural environment and prevent the world from self-destruction. That is our primary task as spirits. We must avoid deviating from it.’


 The wind spirit didn’t respond to the earth spirit’s discussion about how spirits should be.

 However, the earth spirit continued to repeat similar words to the wind spirit without seeming concerned. Then, the water spirit came to check on the situation.

 ’How are things going?’

 ’No different from before.’


 ’Being newly born, her consciousness is still unclear. It will take some more time for her to establish herself.’

 ’If that’s the case, why not just leave it alone until it finishes self-formation?’

 ’No, the current wind spirit is in a state of gathering necessary information for her self-establishment. If we don’t firmly instill her role as a spirit here, she may deviate from being a spirit.’

 ’Such a bother… You should at least give it the minimum knowledge, like how to handle its power, from the moment it is created.’

 ’Save your complaints for elsewhere. This conversation also affects the wind spirit’s self-formation.’

 ’Alright, alright. Then I’ll leave you to it.’

 The water spirit said so and dispersed from the spot, while the earth spirit, amazed by the capriciousness of the water spirit, continued to speak to the wind spirit.

 Whether the efforts of the earth spirit bore fruit or not, a week later, the wind spirit had begun to develop consciousness to the extent of giving simple responses and returning questions.

 ’Our duty as spirits is to manage the natural environment, but once a spirit resides, the natural environment stabilizes, so fundamentally, we don’t need to do anything.’

 ’Then when would I use my power?’

 ’The most common would be when interfered with by humans. It is forbidden for us to interfere with humans, but it is permitted if humans interfere with us.’

 Even though consciousness had begun to develop, it did not mean that self-formation had ended. Mechanically answering and asking questions, there was still no sign of emotions budding.

 ’When do humans interfere?’

 ’There are so many different areas that there are no clear limits, but there are clear boundaries that we must not cross.’

 ’And that is?’

 ’Interfering with human life. We are forbidden from helping or taking human lives. Even if requested by humans, that is an absolute line not to be crossed.’

 ’What is life?’

 ’The precious thing that all living beings possess.’

 ’I don’t quite understand. What would that be for us?’

 ’Unfortunately, we do not possess life, nor do we have a similar concept. We do not have life, nor does death exist for us.’

 ’Life… death…’

 ’Wind, you have just been born. You don’t need to understand everything right now. You should deepen your understanding by observing the creatures living in this forest.’

 In addition to life, the world is full of concepts that are difficult for spirits to understand.

 It is difficult to convey these things to newborn spirits in words, and the best way is to deepen their understanding as they continue to exist in this world.

 Fortunately, spirits with no concept of life have no lifespan, and they have plenty of time to learn.

 The earth spirit took her time and continued to carefully tell the wind spirit about the world and humans.

 Ten years have passed since then, and the wind spirit has established herself.

 Spirits that have established themselves begin to act spontaneously without being told by anyone, so once they reach this state, they no longer need education from other spirits… but it was supposed to be that way.

 ’How many times do I have to say it before you understand? It is forbidden for us to interfere with humans.’


 ’Hey, are you listening?’

 ’…I’m listening, you’re exaggerating by saying that the wind just pushed you away.’

 ’It’s not a matter of degree. The problem is that we interfered.’

 In a nutshell, the wind spirit was completely agitated.

 She repeatedly harassed the humans who came to inspect the mansion built to store Amelis’s wedge, harboring strong negative emotions towards humans.

 The reason for this behavior was twofold: the straightforward evaluation of humans by the earth spirit, without any sugarcoating, and the inability to personally experience the environment of the settlement settlement.

 At that time, the land was still under the direct control of the emperor and Neil had not yet begun colonization, so naturally, no one lived there.

 Although humans visited the mansion a few times a year for maintenance purposes, they would leave within a few hours if there were no major issues.

 It was overwhelmingly insufficient for the wind spirit to judge humans with her own eyes, so she ended up having no choice but to trust the earth spirit’s words, resulting in this situation.

 From the perspective of the earth spirit, it didn’t hold any ill will towards humans and simply accepted that it was just the way humans were. However, the wind spirit couldn’t comprehend that.

 ’If the wind blows, you’ll be swayed by your emotions, and the ground will also be in trouble.’

 ’Water, huh? That’s right, she’s been through a lot. She’s a spirit who hasn’t experienced rebirth yet. I expected her to be emotional to some extent, but this was unexpected.’

 ’Isn’t it wrong for you to be too direct? When she asked, ‘Why do humans keep other living things as livestock and repeatedly exploit them?’, what did you say in response?”

 ’It’s the same as harvesting crops. It’s more efficient than harvesting crops left to their own devices. Humans tend to put morality on the back burner for efficiency.’


 The water spirit let out a sigh in response to the earth spirit’s answer.

 ’Because you keep giving her answers like that, I guess the wind has started to have a biased way of thinking that she hates humans.’

 ’I had heard the same thing from my great predecessors, but it didn’t happen to me. After observing humans and the society they form, I realized that this was something that could not be helped.’

 ’Then where is that person? Since there is no one to observe, how can she learn about it?’

 ’However, considering our role, there is no reason not to teach her about humans.’

 ’So I guess you should have done something about the way you taught her. You’re really inflexible, aren’t you? You’re like a serious, typical spirit.’

 ’You’re too insincere like that.’

 ’I agree that it’s not serious, but she’s ripe for the role of a spirit, so there won’t be any problems, right?’

 While the water spirit casually talks about such things, the earth spirit asks a certain question.

 ’Why have you, of all beings, suddenly started meddling in the education of the wind? Until about a year ago, you didn’t interfere with the wind at all.’

 ’Your handling of education is so awkward that I couldn’t help but chime in.’

 ’Is that really it? Are you, who always complains about being a bother, lending a hand to educate the wind for just that reason?’

 ’I just remembered my old self. Although, it was completely different from the current wind.’

 ’Different? Did you actually like humans back then?’

 ’Well, who knows? But even you must have had your youthful indiscretions, right?’

 ’I have never been emotional since the day I was born.’

 ’Oh, so you’ve always been a boring one… Oh, that’s right.’

 The water spirit, initially uninterested, suddenly perks up as if struck by an idea, despite being described as uninteresting.

 ’I’ve come up with a way to deal with the wind’s hatred of humans.’

 ’What did you say?’

 ’Wind, I wonder if it’s okay?’

 The water spirit, which until now spoke only to the earth spirit, now speaks to the wind spirit as well.

 ’…What, are you trying to lecture me all the way?’

 ’No, I don’t like formal talk. Beyond that, may I ask what it is that you dislike about humans?’

 ’The earth spirit said that life is precious and there is only one life. And that it dwells not only in humans, but also in monsters and plants. But humans take more lives than necessary.’

 ’Yes, humans take away many things in order to enrich their lives. Nature such as forests and the sea, and the lives of those who live there. But what if only a very small number of people benefit from it?’

 ’What? What does that mean?’

 ’Most of the humans who actually violate nature and take lives are simply executors who are forced to work for a small price. Such people are given only what they need to survive each day, and those who control the actors are the ones who receive the benefits.’

 ’Who is that?’

 ’A nobleman, a person who stands above many humans and rules over them’

 ’Dominating humans… humans’

 ’Yes, aristocrats abuse the people below them and monopolize the blessings they can get. The person you hated and messed with was also a victim of being exploited by such an aristocrat.’

 When the water spirit spoke this to the wind spirit, the earth spirit spoke only to the water spirit.

 ’Hey, what’s with that biased way of reporting?.’

 ’I do this on purpose, so it’s different from yours doing it naturally.’

 ’What’s the point of doing something like this? Isn’t this just accelerating the hatred of humans?’

 ’That’s not true. If my thinking is correct, the wind will turn her enmity towards only a certain group of humans, the nobility, rather than the entire human race. If she knew that the humans who came to the settlement were just being used by the nobility, she wouldn’t try to mess with them.’

 ’But that would only change the focus and would not be a fundamental solution.’

 ’That’s okay, so no matter what you say now, it won’t cure her hatred of humans. The current problem is that the wind is interfering with the people who come to the settlement, and if that can be resolved, it will be enough. And in all the decades you and I have spent here, have any nobles ever visited a place like this?’

 ’…I see, since nobility doesn’t come here, it doesn’t matter if the wind has hostility towards them.’

 ’That’s the case, even if the wind moves to another place and there are nobles in that place, she will be reborn. If that happens, any bad feelings toward the nobles will completely disappear, so there’s no problem.’

 ’That may be true, but I wonder if things will actually work out as planned.’

 ’The wind is so simple, I’m sure it will.’

 The earth spirit was worried, but the water spirit was optimistic. The result was as expected by the water spirits, and from then on, the wind spirits stopped interfering with humans. The earth spirit was relieved, and the water spirit spoke proudly.

 However, the spirits at the time could not have imagined that a few decades into the future, aristocrats would come to or live in this settlement.

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