Develop 22

Chapter 22 Escape

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 It hasn’t been that long since I’ve had a hearty meal, but it’s been a few days since I had a hearty meal, and my stomach is completely upset.

 I lay down on my bed, rubbing my heavy stomach, though I hadn’t even finished taking a bath yet.

 I thought I had reflux esophagitis if I lay down right after eating.

 However, it’s hard to wake up, and I guess I’ll be fine for the day.

 It was when I was spending a leisurely time in my bedroom, thinking about such an unimportant thing.

 ”―! ――!”


 ”Hmm, what is it?”

 I couldn’t hear clearly, but I thought I heard someone shouting from inside the house.

 I knew from the volume of the voice that it was something out of the ordinary, so I got up and opened the bedroom door to go out into the corridor.


 The voice seems to be a little more distant than before, and it seems that the owner of the voice has gone outside.

 I hurried to the entrance hall and found the women gathered in front of the open front door.

 ”What in the world is going on!?”

 ”M-master Neil! That’s…”

 When I asked this question to the woman who was closest to me, she seemed to have difficulty in saying something and kept her mouth shut.

 I tried to ask the others, but they all responded in a similar way and I could not grasp the situation at all.

 Then I suddenly realize that Diana is not here.

 It was impossible for Diana not to notice that there was such a commotion that people were gathering here.

 As soon as I realized that, a bad premonition ran through my body.

 ”Where did Diana go?”

 ”Uh, that…”

 ”I said, where did she go!!?”

 I shouted in impatience, and one of the women who thought she had caught my attention started talking as if she was in a panic.

 ”H-Helene-san’s husband came into the mansion, but Diana-sama found him, so he ran away and Diana-sama followed him into the forest…”

 I don’t have a clear picture of the whole story, but I could understand at least what happened.

 Perhaps he wanted to see her family, or perhaps he wanted to take them out to escape from the mansion, but it is likely that Diana found him when he broke into the mansion and he escaped.

 I don’t know who he is talking about at all because Diana is in charge of the house, but anyway, even if Diana alone could catch up with him, it might be difficult for her to come back here with him.

 Since I can’t chase her unarmed, I rush back to the bedroom to get my sword to enter the forest, and immediately go back the way I came.

 I never expected such a commotion after I served them steaks to improve their spirits, was it too late to do something, or did I do something wrong?

 As I was running down the corridor thinking about the cause of this incident, a side door opened and Lewya-san appeared from inside the room.


 ”Whoa, Lewya-san!”

 ”It seems like there’s a lot of noise, what’s going on?”

 ”Well, one of the laborers ran away, and Diana chased him and they both went into the forest…”

 ”I see… Don’t tell me, Neil is going into the forest now too?”

 After I had given a few words, Lewya-san took one look at the sword I was holding and asked me.

 ”Yes, I’m worried about Diana alone.”

 ”I didn’t think you, a nobleman, would go to such lengths, after all, when it comes to slave…”

 ”Excuse me! I’m sorry! If we don’t hurry we may not be able to save them! We’ll talk about it later!”


 I forcefully ended the conversation there and took a step forward to run again, when Lewya-san grabbed my shoulder from behind.



 I managed to hold myself back from falling down, and when I turned my head to look back, I saw Lewya-san staring at me with serious eyes.

 When I was stuck in my position, wondering why she was staring at me like that, she made an unexpected proposal to me.

 ”Can I help you, too?”


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