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Chapter 23 Spirit Magic

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 Lewya-san and I were walking into the forest in the middle of the night to look for the runaway and Diana who was chasing after him.

 ”Although I knew it, it’s so dark I can’t see anything…”

 Even if I looked up at the sky, the moonlight could not reach me thanks to the thick leaves and branches, and it was pitch black in the forest.

 A torch would have made all the difference, but Lewya-san stopped me.

 She told me that even though the area is peaceful during the daytime, hungry monsters wander around at night looking for food, and that walking around with a torch would attract them.

 That’s why we are walking in the dark forest without any lights, and even though our eyes have become accustomed to the darkness, it’s still very difficult to find people.

 Aside from Diana whom we chased, the person who ran away would certainly not have a light, and it was almost impossible for him to rely on his eyesight.

 Even so, we were able to go straight through the forest without getting lost, probably thanks to Lewya-san’s leadership.

 ”I’m amazed that you are able to proceed in such pitch-darkness.”

 ”This forest is like a garden to us. Wait, there’s a root up there.”

 ”Ah, yes…”

 If this forest is like a garden for them, is there an elf village in this forest?

 I was not sure if she intended to say that, but even if she didn’t, she must have been so relaxed about us that she spilled the beans.

 It was still unclear why she had softened her attitude so suddenly…but at any rate, it was very reassuring to have the help of someone who was familiar with this forest.

 ”Anyway, I wonder how far they went. I hope they didn’t go too far into the forest.”

 ”It is difficult for an amateur to go straight through this forest without any landmarks. Even if people think they are going straight, they usually get lost in front of the path. Well, I guess this is about right.”

 Lewya-san stops and closes her eyes to concentrate on the situation.

 ”Spirit of the forest (Fa’arast)…”

 The words that Lewya-san spun out were a spirit magic.

 Spirit magic is different from the magic I used to use, and is a magic that is activated by borrowing the power of spirits.

 The biggest difference is that the spirit magic only borrows the power of the spirit, and is not affected by the person’s magical ability, unlike ordinary magic.

 The spirit is the one who manifests the power, and the magician is merely asking the spirit to do so.

 However, first of all, they have to ask an invisible being called a spirit, which is an uncertain factor. We human beings cannot see or feel the presence of a spirit, so there is a possibility that they are not present and the magic will not work even if we ask for a long time.

 Next, the spirit may not always help people when they ask for help, and since spirits have feelings, they will not help people they do not like, and they may have their own moods at that time.

 And the biggest problem is that if people cannot sense spirits, they cannot talk to only some of them, and therefore they have to ask for help from an unspecified number of spirits who may be present at that moment.

 For example, if a person wants to light a firewood on fire, it is enough to ask a single spirit of fire to help him/her, but all the spirits of fire present at that place will respond to his/her wish, and the whole area will become a sea of fire, and so on.

 The only people who could use spirit magic were elves, who were said to have the blood of spirits and could sense spirits.

 ”…I found it.”

 ”Found it? You found two of them?”

 ”No, I found the slave, I’m going to look for the servant now.”

 Saying this, Lewya-san closes her eyes again and concentrates her attention, but this time she opens her eyes immediately without much pause.

 ”I found the servant too, neither of them seems to be injured, they are not far away.”

 ”I see…”

 I patted my chest, knowing that they were safe for the time being.

 ”Then let’s go ahead with the one who ran away first.”

 ”No, we should meet up with the servant first. There is a difference in the speed between securing the slave who is trying to escape and then joining up with the servant, and securing the slave before joining up with the servant.”

 It is certainly hard to imagine that people who run away will come back to us.

 They would probably try to run away or get out of control, and that would slow down our movement.

 If that is the case, it would be more efficient for the two of us to go to the runaway after meeting up with Diana, who can keep pace with us…

 ”Oh, um, Lewya-san…”

 ”What is it?”

 ”The man is an ordinary villager and has no experience in fighting. If there’s a possibility that monster might appear, I think we should give priority to helping him.”

 ”You’re putting the slave’s life before your own servant’s?”

 ”No, that’s…”

 I’m getting tired of this again.

 I wish I could have dared to put my life in the balance, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the guts to dare to do so with someone with whom I had no relationship value.

 ”It’s not about whose life is more important, Diana can protect herself, and if that’s the case, I’ll give priority to those who have no way to protect themselves, that’s all.”

 ”I see, I understand. I’ll follow Neil’s advice for now.”

 ”Then let’s hurry up and go protect the man.”

 Once that’s decided, there’s no time to take our time and we rush through the dark forest.

 ”Ah, Lewya-san, what was that spirit magic you just used?”

 ”Well, it was a spirit of the forest. I borrowed its eyes. It’s the quickest way to find people in the forest.”

 ”I see… a magic of sight sharing―Ugh!?”

 ”What’s wrong!?”

 I grunted and stopped, and Lewya-san turned around and looked at me warily.

 ”Oh, no, I was running while talking for a while, and the meat from our dinner came up from my stomach…”


 I know, I shouldn’t be saying this at a time like this, so please don’t look at me like that.

 No, it’s just a physiological phenomenon, and to be honest, I don’t think I can help it.

 I don’t have a convenient belly that suddenly lightens up just because of a serious scene when I was lying on the bed with a heavy belly just a while ago.

 However, I know that now is not the time to be so carefree, so I thought I would just let it out.

 Lewya-san came close to me and put her hand on my stomach, and I felt my heavy stomach become lighter, as if she had invoked some kind of magic.


 ”It’s a digestive aid, though it’s all I can do.”

 ”No, no, thank you very much!”

 I see, a digestion magic.

 I guess I still have a sense of my previous life in this area, but I can’t seem to come to the conclusion that magic is the answer.

 I even neglected my sore muscles this morning until Diana told me to heal them with magic.

 ”Let’s hurry up and join them!”

 ”Yeah, we’d better hurry. For Neil’s sake.”

 ”What? Why should you―?”

 Just as I’m about to ask her that, I hear a sickening sound in my lower abdomen.

 No, wait a minute, this can’t be…

 ”Well, it’s good to help digestion, but… it also comes out from the bottom too fast.”

 Doesn’t that mean that it comes out from the bottom instead of the top?

 If anything, it’s a hundred times better to get out from the top for the sake of human dignity.

 ”L-Let’s hurry!”

 Fortunately, I don’t know if it’s right to say, but the contents have not yet reached my rectum despite the loud noise, so I hurry onward, thinking that if I hurry, I may not lose my dignity yet.

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