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Chapter 24 Rescue Time Attack

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 I was running through the forest, where even the moonlight barely penetrated, almost overtaking Lewya-san, who was leading the way.

 ”Lewya-san! Are we there yet!?”

 ”We’re almost there!”

 ”Then I’ll speed up!”

 Normally, I would be too nervous to speak well to someone I just met, but at this moment, I didn’t have time to worry about such things.

 Even though my eyes had gotten used to it, it would have been suicide for me to run at a high speed in the forest, not to mention Lewya-san, but my instincts were sharp in this critical situation, and I ran through without getting my feet caught by bushes and roots.

 ”Neil! Behind the tree ahead!”

 I accelerated at once at those words, and as I jumped in to check behind the tree, I found a man there.

 To be honest, I hardly recognize his face, but I am almost sure that he is the one who escaped from here.



 I jump at his back as he runs to escape, and try to restrain him by holding him down to the ground, but he is not easily subdued by my attempts and resists desperately.

 ”L-let go of me!”

 ”If I let you go, you’ll run away, won’t you!? Just be quiet―”

 I tried to persuade him while holding him down, but his knee hit me clean in the lower part of my abdomen.



 With a loud grumbling sound, I felt a stomachache and a bowel movement, and my whole body broke out in a greasy sweat.

 ”Don’t move!”

 Lewya-san, who was standing behind me, immediately seized him, so she did not let the man escape.

 However, the man seemed to be stronger than her, and it was only a matter of time before he escaped from the restraints again, and it was also only a matter of time before I reached my limit.

 With the current blow, the content was in full standby at the exit, and I could see my social death if I relaxed even for a moment.

 ”Ggh, if this happens…”

 I cast a spell with all my might, thinking that I can’t just stand by and do nothing.

 I cast a physical strengthening spell, a simple one that simply increases the strength of my muscles, and I apply it not only to my whole body, but also to my anal sphincter muscle with a fifty percent increase.

 The next day, I will probably have severe muscle pains in my buttocks area, and I will be in hell, but if it happens, I can do something about it with healing magic, and I can’t afford to be extravagant in this case.

 So, I stand up in spite of my pathetic state of having strengthened my ass muscles, and join Lewya-san to seize the man.

 There were two of us, and I was strengthening my muscles with magic, so there was no way a man who couldn’t use magic could win, but the man was so desperate that he didn’t give up and kept on fighting.

 ”Damn you! Let go of me!”

 ”Just be quiet! Or you’ll die!!”

 I’m socially responsible!

 Perhaps sensing the urgency of my cry for death, the man shudders and becomes quiet, as if his earlier outburst is a lie.

 Well, actually, it is not wrong to say that the man’s life is in danger not only for my social death but also for the possibility of encountering the monster, because the more time he spends in this situation, the more likely the monster is appear.

 Anyway, as soon as I confirm that the man has calmed down, I continue to hold him up with the help of my enhanced muscle strength.

 Frankly speaking, this should be faster than the three of us running.

 ”Lewya-san! Where’s Diana!?”

 ”Not far from here, this way!”

 Led by Lewya-san, I run through the dark forest again with the man in my arms.


 ”Huh!? Whoa!!”

 Lewya-san, who was running in front of me, suddenly stops running, and I am pushed down to the ground as if I were jumping back, and all of Lewya-san’s weight is pressed heavily on my lower abdomen.



 Aaaahh! I can’t, I can’t! I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die socially! I mean, if I hadn’t strengthened my ass muscles, I’d be dead for sure!

 ”Whoaa… Wh-what’s going on all of a sudden?”

 ”There’s Rannart up ahead. It’ll find us if we show our faces too carelessly.”

 Rannarts are hyena-like creatures that are nocturnal and have good eyesight, but their other sensory organs are dull.

 They have no sense of smell or hearing, so they can never detect something by its smell or sound, but if it is caught in the corner of their eyesight for a moment, they will never miss it.

 ”Well, we’ll just have to take the long way around…”

 ”Huh!? We don’t have time for that!”

 ”I know you’re worried about your servant, but if Rannart finds us in a hurry here, we’ll take more time than if we take the long way around.”

 No, I’m worried about Diana, too! To tell the truth, I think Diana is strong enough, but my anus is not as strong as Diana’s! I’m at my limit! There is no way I can make such a pathetic weak statement, so I desperately think of a way out of this crisis.

 ”Yes! Is there a spirit of light around now?”

 ”Spirit of light? There are not many of them because the moonlight is blocking the light, and although there are some, they are not in a good mood because of this darkness.”

 ”So they’re here. Then that’s for the best, please shut your eyes, both of you! O Spirit of Light (Raa Alast), Shine Brightly (Ullabaram)!”

 As soon as I cast the spirit magic, the darkness around me was instantly covered with light as if a flashbang burst in front of my eyes.

 It was really so bright that I could see the blood vessels passing through my eyelids, and the light was so intense that it penetrated my closed eyelids and leapt into my eyes.

 If I open my eyes, I might go blind.

 ”Neil! How could you ask them to do that! If you give them a command like that when they’re in a bad mood, the spirits must be angry with you!”

 ”I-I’m sorry! I don’t know that much about spirit language.”

 ”Seriously, I’ll talk them down, so just wait and see.”

 In order to persuade the angry spirit, Lewya-san spoke to the spirit in the spirit language. The light gradually subsided, and after about a minute, the surroundings were again enveloped in darkness.

 ”You can open your eyes now. Yes.”

 ”I’m sorry, thank you.”

 I had not expected the light to be so intense.

 Lewya-san let out a sigh of exasperation at my careless behavior, and then started to lead the way again.

 The light piercing through my eyelids made my eyes, which were supposed to be accustomed to the darkness, go back to normal, and we walked more cautiously than before for a few minutes before Lewya-san suddenly stopped and asked me to look ahead.

 ”Look, Rannart is down.”

 ”At any rate, the battle has been successfully averted.”

 Looking at the ground, there is a four-legged monster lying on the ground blowing bubbles.

 I felt a bit sorry for the monster that had originally had good night vision and had witnessed such a strong light, even if it had been targeted.

 ”Well, their eyes must be getting used to it again by now, let’s hurry up.”


 To tell the truth, I’ve put so much pressure on my ass that I’ve already lost the sensation in my ass, and I’m starting to feel calm, but thinking about it calmly, it would be a bad idea for me to leak my pants, and there’s no better way than to hurry.

 Although it took some time to persuade the spirit, we definitely succeeded in saving time considering the detour, and we soon found Diana.


 ”Master Neil! So the light was Master Neil!”

 It seems that Diana could see the light even though she was far away.

 Considering the fact that Diana might have fainted just like Rannart if she had been a little closer to the light, we might have been in too much of a hurry.

 ”Master Neil has secured him. How can a servant bother the Master’s hand?”

 Diana looked at the man I was holding and said something like that with a look of shame on her face, but it was more important than that.

 ”I don’t care about that, we’re leaving right now. I’ll reprimand him as much as I want later.”

 ”Huh? Yes…”

 Diana looks shocked at my unusually strong words.

 I try to look cool, but I can’t feel my ass anymore, and I don’t have time to listen to Diana’s confession.

 After that, we arrived at the mansion without any problems after retrieving the runaway, and since I had lost my senses, I was worried that I might have already peed my pants. But that was not the case, and my dignity was protected.

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