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Chapter 229 Volume 5 – Character Introductions

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

Since we couldn’t fit everything into the main story each time, we’ll introduce the characters briefly this time.

We won’t reveal all the settings, but we’ll introduce the characters who appear frequently in the main story with some of their settings.

When we reveal more settings in the future, we’ll write another introduction.

Name: Harmon

Status: Commoner

A big-built man who came to the frontier settlement as a merchant’s guard after the emperor’s dinner party and ended up staying.

He gives off a carefree and frivolous impression with his words and actions, but when it comes to hunting, he’s precise and cooperative with his allies, and has the skills to corner his prey. With the most hunting experience in the frontier settlement among those who came after the dinner party, he’s been entrusted with leading the party despite being treated roughly.

Name: Demar

Status: Commoner

A man from the Theocracy who came to the frontier settlement after Harmon.

He has a similar fighting style and personality to Harmon, which leads to constant bickering and rivalry.

However, during hunts, he knows his role and yields to Harmon, so they’re not exactly on bad terms.

Name: Dominic

Status: Commoner

A man from the kingdom who always exudes a calm and collected atmosphere.

As expected from his impression, he’s exceptional at considering others and takes on the role of negotiator among our strong members.

But contrary to his impression, he’s actually similar to Harmon and the others, and when he lets his guard down, he becomes the most reckless type.

Name: Jott

Status: Commoner

A man from the kingdom, just like Dominic.

Although he doesn’t show any physical characteristics, he has the blood of the wolf-like beastman, Lycus, and excels in his sense of smell and agility.

Due to his abilities, he’s often tasked with reconnaissance, but he also has decent combat skills and can use magic to a limited extent, making him a versatile and convenient guy who’s often relied upon.

Name: Victor

Status: Commoner

A tall and slender archer who is quiet by nature.

He doesn’t talk much to begin with, and with Harmon and the others being so loud, his impression has become even more faint.

However, even if he’s called quiet and calm, He has the strength to push through with his unwavering determination, and he’s a member of Harmon’s group.

To be honest, he’s a pitiful existence that’s so thin and weak, the author even forgot about him until he wrote this introduction — it’s a real tragedy.

Name: Kilk

Status: Commoner

A man from Dimash, the northernmost part of the Republic, where the climate is extremely cold.

Due to his upbringing, he’s negative about relying on others and prefers to work alone, having a strong sense of individualism. When Harmon’s group invited him to work together, he initially refused, and even after working with them once, he thought, “I’ll never team up with them again.”

However, as he continued to work with Harmon’s group, his mindset changed, and eventually, he chose to fight to protect the frontier settlement.

Name: Alex

Status: Spear of Shouhyou Employee

A firm that dispatches personnel for various tasks, from rough jobs to office work, “Spear of Shouhyou” is responsible for managing the members.

As the person in charge of Spear of Shouhyou in the frontier settlement, Alex is also a hard worker who has to deal with the quirks of the members.

It seems like Alex is involved in some other activity behind the scenes of Spear of Shouhyou, but the details are currently unknown.

Name: Shaina

Status: Spear of Shouhyou Employee

One of the employees gathered by Alex, Shaina is a confident woman who possesses top-notch skills among the recruited members.

Like Alex, she seems to be involved in some other activity behind the scenes of Spear of Shouhyou, but the details are unknown.

Name: Ouza

Status: Spear of Shouhyou Employee

Similar to Shaina, Ouza is another employee gathered by Alex.

As a “warrior,” Ouza has made a name for himself, and previously belonged to “Battle Axe of Ten Thousand Thunders,” a firm that dispatches personnel and values strength.

Ouza himself also prioritizes individual strength, but no one knows why he switched to Spear of Shouhyou, and he doesn’t talk about his reasons, so it remains a mystery.

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