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Chapter 36 Elf Servant Training

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 Lewya-san is going to stay in our settlement for a while, but there is a problem here.

 We could not afford to have guests in this settlement, and Lewya-san was not willing to accept free help, so we asked her to help us with some work.

 So far, so good, but the problem was what kind of work to assign her.

 The current settlements are still so small that the range of work is almost nonexistent, and most of the work is done by slaves alone.

 Although they are treated no differently from ordinary laborers, it does not change the fact that they are slaves in the eyes of the world.

 So, I thought of asking her to do different jobs from the slaves, but unfortunately, such jobs are not available, so I came up with the idea of asking her to work as my servant, just like Diana, out of sheer desperation.

 However, in terms of the work, it is not so much a servant of mine, but more precisely, an assistant of Diana, who is my servant.

 In fact, if she is going to observe people in this settlement, it would be more convenient for her to work with Diana, who gives direct instructions to the slaves, than with me.

 So, the training by Diana started from today.

 ”Lewya, here’s what you should do when you put a sleeve on the arm.”

 ”Is it this way, or this way?”

 Now I’m being changed out of my sleepwear by the two of them, just like a dress-up doll.

 When I first came to this world, I had once resisted changing clothes by a servant when I could have done it by myself, but as a result, the servant who tried to help me change my clothes was almost unjustly dismissed, saying that the servant must have done something wrong if I refused to change my clothes.

 The funniest thing was that when I finished changing my clothes by myself, the servant said, “I can’t believe you can do it by yourself! Did someone make you do it?” I was asked in a very upset state.

 I didn’t think they would say that just because I changed my clothes quickly, but what was worse was when they started to look for the culprit who did that, and I had to stop them.

 Because of that experience, I gave up changing my clothes by myself and asked servants to help me, and I was supposed to be used to being changed by others… but now I was a little nervous for the first time in a long time.

 ”Lewya, the buttons on the sleeves are undone. And one of the buttons on the chest is misbuttoned.”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry, the buttons on the sleeves are…”

 ”On the right sleeve, here.”

 ”This one.”

 The reason why I was nervous was because of Lewya-san’s unfamiliarity.

 The servants of Count Atmiras had helped me change my clothes in the past, and they were used to helping noblemen change their clothes, and they did it without changing their facial expressions.

 But now, Lewya-san was blushing at the thought of having to undress and change a man’s clothes, trying her best to push aside her shyness, saying that it was her job.

 Although she was trying her best, it was obvious that she was conscious of the man’s body, and it made me nervous when she looked at me like that.

 ”Now, let’s put on trouser.”


 Please don’t react like that.

 Even I, the one who is made to change my clothes, would be conscious of it.

 Still, Lewya-san puts her hands around my waist with fearful hands, but then, as if deciding to do something, she grabs my waist with all her might, but not with that much force…Ugh!


 When she tries to take off my trousers, my underwear also comes off with her, and my alter ego, which has been energized by the morning physiological phenomenon, jumps out, and Lewya-san, who witnessed it up close, is wide-eyed and mouth agape with astonishment.

 ”I change his underwear when he takes a bath, so there is no need to make him take off his underwear as well.”

 Diana says in a nonchalant manner, while Lewya-san is upset, and grabs up my underwear and puts my thing in my underwear as if nothing had happened.

 ”Lewya, don’t get upset at the sight of a man genitalia. Here is the spare pair of trouser.”

 Even though Diana said so, she also gasped when she saw my thing for the first time, but now she looks so cool and collected.

 At any rate, I was able to get dressed safely in the morning, despite the terrible accident.

 After getting dressed, it was time for breakfast, which went by without incident.

 Basically, during the daytime, Diana and the others were busy giving instructions to the slaves and managing them, while I was really bored during the daytime.

 In the evening, I have to listen to Diana’s report of the day, and then I have to compile it into a report.

 Of course, there are other documents that need to be prepared, such as plans for future development, but there is really nothing to do with those documents, either because there is no point in touching them now, or because I have already done what I need to do and there is nothing more to touch.

 So time flies and in the evening, before dinner, I hear from Diana and the others about the progress of today’s work and compile it into a report.

 ”—This is the progress of today’s work.”

 ”I see, at this rate, the house will be finished by the end of this week. So, Lewya-san, how was your day with Diana?”

 ”Well, there were some things that took some getting used to… but apart from a few things, it was all right.”

 Lewya-san answered with a slight blush on her cheeks.

 I guessed that some of them might be about getting dressed this morning, but I was more concerned about what was going to happen next.

 After this report, it was time for dinner, followed by what would be the biggest challenge for Lewya-san: taking a bath.

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