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Chapter 37 Time for a Hot Bath※

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 After dinner, it’s time to take a bath, and I talk to Lewya-san who is walking a little behind me.

 ”Lewya-san, you don’t have to do this, okay?”

 ”No, I am doing nothing! I’m not overworked! It’s just to bathe and wash, isn’t it! There’s no problem!”

 I think it’s unreasonable for her to say such a thing after she has been so outspoken, but I think it’s just a matter of time before she gets to the bottom of it.

 Now, I arrived at the changing room with a lot of uneasiness, and the first obstacle of taking off my clothes stood in front of Lewya-san.

 ”Lewya, please undress Master Neil”


 Diana instructs Lewya-san to undress me, as if to say, “I taught you this morning, so now you can do it by yourself.”

 And standing in front of me like a rusty tin toy, Lewya-san puts her hands on my clothes and carefully removes them one by one.

 I had gotten used to being stripped naked by others, but Lewya-san made me feel embarrassed.

 ”Well, then, let’s take off the pants next.”

 ”You don’t have to declare where you want to take off the pants, so please do it quickly.”


 Diana says coldly, and then she pulls down my pants, looking a little depressed by this.

 I feel a little sorry for her, but I’m thankful that it’s easier for me than when she’s conscious about it.

 Now, although Lewya-san hesitated for a moment when she took off my pants, thanks to Diana’s words earlier, I was completely naked without any reaction, and while the two of them were changing into clothes that were safe from getting wet, I stepped into the bathroom first and sat down on a chair in the washing area.

 I suppose that the two of them will be washing my body next, but even though Lewya-san is not immune to men, it’s probably no big deal to wash my body after stripping a man naked… maybe.

 But both of them are taking a long time, even if they are just changing their clothes. Just as I think so, I hear the footstep of two people approaching from behind.

 ”Master Neil, I apologize for keeping you waiting so long.”

 ”No, I didn’t wait that long―!?”

 As soon as I turn around with my head, I almost slide off the chair.

 Diana was in her familiar chemise, but Lewya-san was… well, if I’m not mistaken, I think she was completely naked.

 I don’t dare to look back again, and the two exchange a few words behind me.

 ”D-Diana, what do we do from here?”

 ”I’ll show you how to do it since it’s your first time, so just follow my lead.”


 They come up behind me and I feel them kneeling.

 ”Excuse me.”

 Following these words, a cloth is placed on my back, and the cloth moves back and forth across my back with a skillful hand.

 The force is just right, just like Diana, but after a while, the cloth leaves my back.

 ”Okay, now Lewya.”

 ”I got it.”

 Now it’s Lewya-san who, when the cloth is placed on my back, moves her hands in imitation of Diana’s movements, but the force is too soft and ticklish, to tell the truth.

 ”Master Neil, how do you like it?”

 ”Oh, it tickles a little.”

 ”Then, Lewya, please put a little more pressure on it.”

 ”Like this?”

 She did not make the usual mistake of putting too much pressure and the skin turned red, but as I said, she put a little more pressure on it and the pressure became just right.

 ”Maybe it’s just right now.”

 ”I understand. Lewya, please learn to use that kind of pressure.”


 At first, Lewya-san seemed upset, but she seemed to calm down and replied to Diana’s words, and after successfully washing my back, it was now her turn to wash my arms.

 ”Now the arms, please watch as I wash the right arm first.”

 Then Diana came to my side, took my arm, and started to wash my arm carefully.

 As I had a bad feeling about this, Diana finished washing my arm, and now it was Lewya-san’s turn to come to my left.

 ”E-Excuse me.”

 Lewya-san bends down next to me, and I involuntarily look away from her, because she is unmistakably naked.

 Why is she completely naked? Why is Diana not wearing a chemise either?

 ”Well, Lewya-san? Why…?”

 ”Don’t tell everyone! We elves don’t wear underwear like humans! What can we do!?”

 ”I see… But if you’re embarrassed you could have asked Diana to lend you some underwear.”

 ”I would have done the same if possible!”

 ”To my regret, I have all the underwear in my private room except for the ones I’m wearing, so I can’t make Master Neil wait while I go back to get them.”

 So, I guess she had no choice but to be completely naked today.

 I had no problem waiting for a while, but perhaps Diana’s pride in being a servant of mine did not allow her to do so, because she said that she had to put the Lord before her own convenience.

 Anyway, I managed to get through the situation while trying not to look at Lewya-san as much as possible.

 ”Now, let’s go to the front. Lewya, please come over here instead of staying in that place.”

 ”Y-You want me to stand in front like this!?”


 ”Ugh, ugggh…”

 Lewya-san groaned at Diana’s immediate response and stood in front of me.

 She had a thin, fleshy body different from Diana’s, but her thin but feminine rounded body was enough to arouse my lust.

 I look up at the ceiling, but it is already too late, and my son starts to raise up.


 ”N-Neil, you!?”

 ”This is a force majeure!”

 It can’t be helped, of course… seeing Lewya-san naked would make anyone do the same.

 In contrast to me who can’t lower my gaze, I can feel that their gazes are directed downward.

 ”It can’t be helped, it would be troublesome if it gets dirty after bathing, so let’s just spit it out.”

 ”S-Spit it out!? Diana, what the hell are you doing!?”

 ”Don’t worry, I don’t ask that much of you, Lewya. I’ll take care of it.”

 ”Wait, what do you mean, ‘take care of it’?”

 Before I could stop her, my son was grabbed by Diana, as if she was going to do it in front of Lewya-san.

 ”Ah… really, did you get like this when you saw Lewya naked?”

 ”Ugh, Diana?”

 She seems a little irritated, but maybe it’s just my imagination.

 But her hand was still firmly on my son, and she was surely leading me to ejaculation.


 The pleasure running down my spine makes me bend forward reflexively, and my face falls down, and I see Diana and Lewya-san in my vision.

 Diana’s wet chemise was sticking to her skin, and her puffy nipples were showing through.

 And Lewya-san forgets to cover her skin and stares at my son, her breasts are more modest than Diana’s, and her nipples stand out more, and my eyes are captured by her erect and assertive nipples and her secret cleft hidden in the pale bushes.

 ”Master Neil”


 Diana grabs my head and turns me to face her.

 ”How dare you have a degrading look at Lewya’s naked body while I’m serving you?”


 Diana’s words make Lewya-san remember that she has not covered her body, and she hurriedly covers her breasts and secret parts with her hands.

 No, it’s more important than that, I felt I was in danger and hurried to explain myself to Diana.

 ”It’s not that I don’t care about you, Diana, but when there is a naked person in the room, my eyes tend to be drawn to her.”

 ”Don’t look at me!”

 Lewya-san, who had covered her important parts, turns her back and tries to escape my gaze, but her small buttocks sway in front of my eyes as if to show them off, and when my eyes are glued to them, I am forced to turn my head toward Diana again.

 ”Are you so interested in Lewya’s naked body?”

 ”No, no, no! I mean, it’s not because she’s Lewya-san.”

 ”Then how about this?”

 Without waiting for my explanation, Diana slips off the shoulder straps of her chemise, exposing her breasts, and then she stands on her knees as if straddling my right knee, holding my head, and pressing it against her chest.


 ”I’m the only one you can see now, aren’t I? Now, give it to me whenever you want.”

 The feeling of her soft breasts and hard nipples on my face, and Diana’s hot breath on my head make my son, who has been being handled for a long time, reach its limit, and I spurt out my semen from my bell mouth at once.

 ”Hmm? What did you just spit out…?”

 Since Diana had moved from my front to my right knee, only Lewya-san, who was facing my front, was left in front of me, and Lewya’s ass was stained with my semen.

 Lewya-san, who was facing away from me, did not see the whole scene of my ejaculation, and she wiped the semen on her own butt with her hand and brought it in front of her face.

 ”What’s this? Something smells fishy…”

 She turns her head toward me and looks at my son, who is twitching and twitching.

 Then she compares the white liquid dripping from the bell mouth with the liquid on her hand.


 As soon as she realized what it was, Lewya-san’s eyes went black and white and she fell down on the spot, but her buttocks were covered with semen, so she slipped and hit the back of her head on the ground with great force.

 ”Whoa!? Lewya-san!”

 ”Are you all right!!”

 ”Ah, aaaaaa…”

 Diana and I rushed to her, but Lewya-san was unconscious and just kept repeating “ah, aaaaaa…” like a gibberish.

 Thus, Lewya-san’s first day of servant training came to an end.

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