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Chapter 38 The Solution to the Problem

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 One day, a few days after Lewya-san’s training, I was looking out the window of the second floor of the mansion and groaning as I watched the people harvesting in the fields outside.

 The reason why I was groaning was that the problem of that man not eating meat and the problem of the source of income were bothering me.

 Unfortunately, I don’t have any vegetables that can provide protein instead of meat, and for the time being, I have to manage with vegetables and bread baked for preservation that I bought from the city.

 As for the other source of income, it turns out that the crops that we had planned to use as a means of earning money can only be sold for a fraction of the price, which is another headache.

 Since we had to cultivate a lot of farmland to sell the crops for our own consumption, the harvest is too large.

 This would destroy many crops before they can be consumed.

 ”If only soybeans could be grown…”

 Soybeans exist in this world, but they do not grow well in the warm south and only grow in the cold north.

 As I recall, soybeans grow well in warmer areas, but I wonder if this is another world’s difference.

 Well, in my original world, soybeans are bred to grow in places where they cannot grow in the first place, so basically, I should not think of them as the same thing.

 In that sense, it may be natural that natto could not be made from soybeans and straw… although it was unexpected that a biological weapon could be made from them.


 ”What are you grunting about?”

 I turned around at the sound of that voice, and there stood Lewya-san, dressed in a familiar servant’s uniform that I had seen in the past few days.

 Since I had blown my load on Lewya-san’s butt on the first day of the training, things had been a little awkward for a while, but recently we had been able to talk again like before.

 Well, maybe it’s because Diana’s Spartan education didn’t allow it, but at any rate, it’s good to know that things are not awkward anymore.

 ”Well, I’m a bit worried about the problems of this settlement.”

 ”Oh? I don’t know if I can help you, but I’m willing to listen.”

 Ah, I haven’t talked to Lewya-san about these problems.

 ”I have two problems. One is that one of my slaves won’t eat meat…”

 ”Oh, you mean that big guy. Diana also told me that you told the big guy that he didn’t have to eat meat if he didn’t want to, right?”

 ”If it was just a matter of preference, I would have asked him to eat it, but he seemed to have some complicated reasons.”

 ”I see, but you said he didn’t have to eat meat, didn’t you? What’s the problem with that?”

 ”Well, I don’t know what to do, since there is no substitute for meat in the current frontier, so the nutritional content is unbalanced.”


 ”What is it? Lewya-san?”

 Lewya-san looked at my face and made an indescribable expression.

 ”Yes, Neil was like that, wasn’t he?”

 ”What? What is it suddenly?”

 ”No, it’s nothing. But a vegetable instead of meat. Can’t it be soybeans?”

 ”I knew you’d think of soybeans as a meat substitute. But it doesn’t grow in this climate.”

 As I let out a big sigh and feel dejected, Lewya-san looks at me strangely this time.

 ”Then why don’t I ask the spirits to adjust the climate of a part of the farmland so that soybeans can grow?”

 ”What? A spirit?”

 ”Yes… but… I thought you humans can’t recognize spirits. I see, that’s not so easy.”

 ”Wait a minute! Can we grow soybeans here if we ask the spirits? Or maybe other crops too?”

 ”Ah, yes, we can grow any crop if we ask the spirits to adapt the climate and soil for that crop. In fact, we elves have been growing crops in this way regardless of the season or climate.”

 Really, there’s a way to do that?

 If they can do that, they can grow more crops than just soybeans, and maybe this will solve the problem of income sources at once, right?

 I bowed to Lewya-san and asked.

 ”Lewya-san, I wonder if you could help us with the settlement.”

 ”Can a nobleman bow down so easily? I am your servant now, you know. Why not just give me an order?”

 ”But Lewya-san is a guest of honor.”

 ”What do you mean? I myself don’t want to be treated like that, and I’m working as your servant of my own volition. What are you waiting for?”

 ”If you put it that way, you’re right, but…”

 While I was being so unreasonable, Lewya-san stepped forward and came so close to me that our noses were almost touching each other.

 ”I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time.”

 ”Oh, yes, what is it?”

 ”Can you stop calling me ‘Lewya-san’ for a while? Regardless of the person’s status, it’s a virtue of yours to maintain a polite manner, but it’s also a bad habit to maintain that manner forever.”


 She’s hitting a sore spot.

 It’s not that I like to be polite.

 It’s simply that I’m a weak communicator, and I don’t know when it’s appropriate to break my attitude, or if I do, how far to break it, and I end up not being able to do so.

 ”If you don’t want to break down your attitude, I have my own ideas. As I said before, as an emissary of the elves, I have to decline.”


 ”But I’m talking to you as a messenger of the elves. As Neil’s servant, if the Lord commands me to do something, I’ll do it.”

 I didn’t expect her to bring it up here… but she has asked me to change my attitude, and I’m sure she won’t say “what a sudden change of attitude you’ve made.”

 The problem is how far I should go, but I really don’t know.

 Besides, in my previous life, I was once told “You’re too familiar with me” when I made a mistake in this regard, so I give an order to Lewya-san with a cautious mind.


 ”Don’t add ‘san’.”

 ”L-Lewya, please. It’s about the farmland.”

 ”Don’t even use polite speech.”

 ”I need your help with the farmland.”

 ”Don’t ask me to help you, order me to help you.”

 ”H-Help me.”

 ”Do it right, all at once!”

 ”Lewya, about the farm, help me.”

 ”All right, I’ll help you.”

 What’s going on here? While I was puzzled, Lewya was smiling with a very satisfied look on her face.

 I don’t know what made her so happy, but we headed for the farmland to ask the spirit to help us, with Lewya in a good mood.

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