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Chapter 40 The Weight of Responsibility

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 Regardless of the process, we can now grow whatever crops we want all year round regardless of the climate and soil, thanks to our success in winning over the spirits.

 Moreover, I wondered what would happen when I found out that the crops I harvested before could only be sold for a few bucks, but I was relieved to know that the crops I am growing now can be sold at a high price since I had already checked the crops that could be sold at a high price when I went out with Diana to the city.

 At any rate, we have established a stable means of obtaining food and funds.

 We can now set down our roots in this land with peace of mind, and we will be able to focus our efforts on cultivating the land.

 What we lack most at the moment is manpower, but there are many other things we need to improve our manpower.

 First of all, housing, of course, is indispensable because of the increase in the number of people, and this must be provided as a top priority.

 Secondly, how to spend the money, no matter how much salary is paid, it is meaningless if there is no way to spend it.

 And entertainment, not many people would want to come to a settlement where there is nothing to do but work, and entertainment is also necessary to attract people.

 If the transportation to the city was convenient, people could spend their money and have entertainment there, but it is not so in this settlement, which is not too much to say that it is an isolated island on the land, so it is necessary to provide some way to spend money and have entertainment in this settlement.

 The lodging is not a problem if we have enough materials and labor, as long as we have enough time.

 The problems will be the use of money and entertainment.

 These two problems cannot be solved by having materials, labor, and time.

 ”What should we do?”

 When one problem is solved, new problems will come up from behind it.

 As long as we run the settlement group, we will have to deal with these problems for the rest of our lives.

 And the problems we are facing are not only limited to settlement, but the problems with the elves have not been solved yet.

 ”I have so many things to think about… Why am I doing this in another world?”

 When I heard that I was reincarnated into another world, I was happy to escape from the troublesome reality, but I think I have more ties to it now.

 Of course, compared to my previous life, I have better relationships with people and am leading a fulfilling life, so I am definitely happy, but it’s just that I have too much responsibility.

 ”Hah~, I hope the days will pass by peacefully without any problems.”

 I understand that as we gather our forces and proceed to attack the labyrinth, contrary to my wish, we will be far from peace and quiet.

 Someone will be injured, or worse, die, many times in the future.

 It will probably happen in the not-so-distant future, and I, as a nobleman and the head of this settlement, will have to bear it all―

 ”―It’s heavy.”

 Once again, the weight of my position and responsibility sometimes made me want to forget everything and run away.

 It all started from God’s mishearing and misunderstanding that I was supposed to be born as an ordinary citizen without the status and responsibility of an aristocrat.

 I often thought that God would not complain if I ran away and I would be allowed to enjoy my life freely.

 But with the support of people who truly believe in me and truly care about me, I have somehow managed to come this far without running away.

 I don’t want to betray their expectations after all this time.

 ”So, at least for now…”

 I try to hold on to the peace and tranquility of this time, and I burn the scene of this still small settlement in my heart.

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