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Chapter 41 Volume One’s Character Introductions

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Name: Neil Atmiras

 Status: Eldest son of Count Atmiras

 He is the main character of this work. His soul was traded among the gods, and he was reborn in the other world of Kaldor.

 Although he wanted to have “cheat ability (Chī to nōryoku/チート能力)” as a bonus for his rebirth, he was given “status and ability (Chii to nōryoku/ちいと能力)” due to a misunderstanding by the God, and after being forced to take on unwanted positions and responsibilities, he was made to be an average person, but poor in dexterity, having no strengths that no one can beat in this area.

 At the beginning of his reincarnation, he was unaware of his situation and took it easy, but he gradually came to understand his situation and started to acquire power and knowledge from an early stage, thinking about his future.

 He has also been experimenting with various experiments using his modern knowledge, and although he has often failed in the different world from the one he used to live in, he has come up with various ideas from different perspectives from the common sense of this world, and has created several groundbreaking inventions.

 However, because of this, he was called a child prodigy, and was almost crushed by the high expectations of those around him. He was trapped in a vicious cycle where the more he tried to live comfortably, the harder it became for him to live comfortably.

 Name: Diana

 Status: Count Atmiras’s servant

 Diana is the personal servant assigned to Neil when he is put in charge of settling the area.

 Both of her parents serve Count Atmiras, and she and Neil have known each other since childhood.

 She often has a sharp tongue and a harsh attitude toward her master Neil, but this is due to the fact that she was taught by her mother that “a servant should warn her master of his mistakes even if it means disobeying him”.

 However, in front of people who do not know Neil well, she does not show her usual attitude, but rather, she makes it a rule to stand up for Neil so as not to ruin his face in the outside world, and she puts Neil first by immediately following up when he is about to show his faults.

 She is strict not only with Neil, but also with everyone, and even more strict with herself, taking the initiative to punish herself and being strict about discipline.

 Although she often disagrees with Neil, who is the opposite of her and is lenient to everyone, she is not only strict on discipline, but also flexible to suit the situation, such as agreeing to Neil’s opinion when he finds a compromise or judges that it would be better.

 Name: Lewya Nym Valliale

 Status: A member of the Nym tribe

 A member of the elven tribe that resides in the vicinity of Count Atmiras’ settlement.

 She was watching the settlement of Count Atmiras and its people from afar, when she was caught off guard by Heindahl and protected by Neil and his men when she was injured.

 At first she showed hostility toward Neal and his group, but when she learned that Neal’s name was Neil Atmiras, her attitude softened for unknown reasons, and she began to respond favorably, such as offering cooperation when a slave escaped.

 After recovering from her injuries, she returned to the village to tell her friends about the deal Neil had proposed, and then visited the settlement again as an emissary of the Nym tribe, staying in the settlement to see what kind of people the human race is.

 In order to hide her elf identity, and because she does not want to be taken care of for free, she is not a guest of the elves, but a servant of Neil’s, helping him in the settlement.

 Name: Madison

 Status: Slave

 One of the thirty slaves given to Neil with the settlement.

 Due to a leg injury in childhood, he was unable to go out hunting and had to help out with chores to make ends meet, but when a cold wave hit the village, he used up all his reserves and the other villagers could not afford to provide for the Madisons, so he and his only daughter Mira were reduced to slaves, as it was better than starving to death.

 Although he was in despair when he was first brought to the settlement, he is a man of strong character who immediately seeks a way to survive with his family. He plans to gain a leadership position among the slaves by aggressively promoting himself when he builds a dormitory for the slaves.

 Name: Ronald

 Status: Count Atmiras’s official

 He is the personal governor of Count Atmiras and father of Diana.

 He is one of the few servants whom Neil can talk to easily and has been the Count Atmiras’ servant for decades.

 He used to be quite a playboy, and was so much of a degenerate that he used to spend most of his salary on buying women in the city at night until he got married.

 After he got married, he was forced to stay at his wife’s side and stop playing with women completely, but he had a good eye for women, and when Diana was being punished, he noticed the changes in her not as a father, but rather as a playboy, and he sensed that Diana was being trained in the name of punishment.


 Author’s message:

 I was wondering what to do about Neil’s father, Bellick, the escaped slave, and the big nameless man, but they will appear in the future, and there are things I can’t write in the introduction until then, so I’ll leave them for the next time.

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