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Chapter 42 Huge Harvest

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 ”Oh,this is bad.”

 ”Yes, I know.”

 ”Yes, it is.”

 It’s the first week of the Ice Star (氷星), or early autumn in my previous world.

 I was with Diana and Lewya in front of the storage room of the mansion.

 The reason for this was the overflowing crates of crops in the storehouse.

 Thanks to the spirits, we can now grow whatever we want all year round, but it seems that the benefits of the spirits are not limited to that, but also affect the speed of growth.

 The speed is so fast that even crops that require seasons from germination to harvest can be harvested in two weeks, and what has happened as a result is that all the crops grown in the vast farmland have come to be harvested at once.

 The fast growth of crops means that the crops wither quickly after they are fully grown, so we rushed to harvest the crops, and by the time we finished harvesting the crops in the vast farmland, the storage room in the house was completely overflowing with crops, and we could not close the door.

 We had no choice but to send some of the crops to my parents’ laboratory via an item box, and what we couldn’t fit in the box was given as a gift to the spirits, and we managed to close the door of the storage.

 ”I wonder how many round trips it would take to carry this to the city with that carriage.”

 ”It would take at least a few days to get it there.”

 ”Wouldn’t it be better to give it to the spirits before it rots?”

 ”That’s one option.”

 Actually, that would be much better than letting them rot.

 However, if we have enough money, we would like to secure as much money as possible for now, so we would like to sell them somehow.

 ”Neil, can’t you change the connection point of the item box to the storage room of this mansion?”

 ”Well, I thought of the idea of the item box, but it was developed by another person. I don’t understand this magic well enough to play with it as I like. The entrance isn’t big enough for a crate of that size to go in and out.”

 It might have been easier if “that guy” was here, but since things like this, that guy is probably holed up in his laboratory in the capital, and considering the distance to the settlements, I can’t bring that guy here just to remodel the item box.

 In the first place, the crops would be ruined while communicating with that guy.

 ”Anyway, there’s no point in dwelling on this forever, why don’t we just load up the wagons and head for the city?”

 ”……Well, we can just think about it while we are on the move, so why don’t we head for the city?”

 There is no use sitting still in front of the warehouse, so I take Diana’s suggestion and head for the city to sell the crops.

 This time it was me and Diana who went to the city, while Lewya stayed in the settlement to manage the work of the slaves.

 With as many crates as we can fit on the back of the wagon, we depart from the settlement.

 Unlike the last time, the wagon moves a little slower because of the full load, and the scenery slowly drifts behind us.

 While I was gazing at the scenery in a daze, Diana unexpectedly calls out to me.

 ”Master Neil, have you thought about your future plans?”

 ”No, I have no idea. I don’t know how we’re going to deal with all those crops in those storage rooms.”

 ”No, I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about after we arrive at the city.”

 What is the plan after arriving at the city? What else is there to do besides selling the crops?

 ”You didn’t think about which firm you were going to bring your crops to, did you?”


 At Diana’s exasperated words, I finally understood the meaning of her question.

 It was true that I had said I was going to sell the crops, but I hadn’t decided where exactly I was going to sell them to.

 ”Why don’t we just go where we brought them in before? It’s a big deal, they’ll buy most things.”

 ”Sure, they’ll buy most things, but they’ll only buy most things.”

 ”Well, if it’s something too weird, we might have to go to a firm that specializes in it, but we’re selling crops, right? It shouldn’t be a problem.”

 Diana lets out a sigh, this time a very obvious sigh, before taking one look at my face and opening her mouth to speak.

 ”Master Neil, I think crops that are never available around here this time of the year would qualify as odd enough, don’t you?”


 ”In addition, if you want to sell different kinds of goods at a time, you can go to a firm that specializes in selling crops only.”

 That’s right.

 It would be difficult to find buyers for special products if they are sold in a wide and shallow market.

 It is doubtful whether they will buy them or not, and even if they do, they will be hammered by the buyers.

 Therefore, we decided to wholesale our crops to a special firm and headed for the city.

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