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Chapter 48 Gibbett’s Miscalculation

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 Gibbett and his crew departed from the city with three large wagons, and it was fine until they left the city and proceeded along the city road, but when they entered the road leading to the settlement, the size of the wagons made them take longer than expected, but they managed to reach the settlement before lunchtime.

 ”So this is Master Neil’s settlement.”

 As soon as he arrived, Gibbett looked around and asked about the settlement.

 It was a small settlement with few buildings as it had only recently been settled, but the vast farmland made Gibbett think about it.

 The farmland is much larger than he expected, and he thinks that there must have been a considerable amount of harvest, but not enough to fill three large wagons.

 The amount consumed in the settlements would have been taken out of the harvest, and even if they bought it back, it would only be enough to fill half of the second wagon at best.

 While Gibbett is thinking about this, Lewya, who was giving instructions to the slaves outside, notices Gibbett and the others and approaches them.

 ”Are you our guests?”

 ”Hmm? Yes, I am. I am Gibbett, the head of a firm called “harvest hoe” and I’m here to buy some crops.”

 ”I understand. Please wait a moment while I call the Master.”

 Lewya then walked toward the mansion and told the workers inside the mansion to inform Neil of his visitor, while she went back to instructing the slaves outside the mansion.

 ”She is an unusual servant, isn’t she?”

 ”Hey, don’t say that even if you think it.”

 When one of the staff members mutters such a thing to Lewya, who has a strange atmosphere for a servant of a nobleman, Gibbett warns him.

 By the way, you may have noticed that Lewya’s language has been improved.

 In fact, Lewya has been learning public speaking skills from Diana since she was pointed out her language when she visited as an emissary before, and although she is still in the process of learning, it is a great improvement from her former strange language.

 Returning to Gibbett’s side of the conversation, Gibbett and his crew had been waiting for a while since then, but there was no sign of anyone coming, so they just kept waiting there.

 Gibbett did not want to ask for confirmation, but he could not wait any longer, considering what was going to happen next.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting!”

 ”No, no, no! It would have been fine if you had left it to the servants to deal with us, but I’m very much obliged to Master Neil himself for taking time out of his busy schedule to respond to us.”

 In summary, “If you are busy, please leave it to the servants and take care of it quickly”, but since he can’t say such a thing directly to a nobleman, he chooses words that show his concern for Neil and casually expresses his request as well.

 ”No, actually, I was going to have my servant handle it, but there is another visitor…”

 Neil turned his eyes toward the mansion, and Gibbett looked in the same direction as Neil, and saw a horse-drawn carriage parked by the side of the mansion.

 At first Gibbett thought that the carriage belonged to the settlement, but it seems that it belonged to a visitor.

 ”I see, so it’s Master Neil himself.”

 ”Yes, that’s why.”

 On the other hand, it did not look like they were so short of staff that Neil himself had to attend to the two visitors, and Gibbett wondered about it, but he decided not to worry about it because he did not have time to rush into it now.

 ”And I’m sorry, but I don’t have the necessary documents ready yet.”


 ”Oh, but they will be ready in a few days! Can you wait just a little while longer?”

 ”If that’s the case, would you mind if I just do the loading first?”

 ”Yes, of course, of course. This way, please.”

 Gibbett, who was wasting no time at the moment, suggested that Neil should go ahead with the loading, to which Neil readily agreed.

 ”Th-this is…”

 Gibbett was at a loss for words as he looked into the open storage room.

 Gibbett had heard that the storage room was full, but his perception of the word “full” was far off from that of Neil’s.

 Gibbett’s expectation was that the crates were stacked up to three or four high, and that the area other than the passageway for people to pass through was filled, but the storage room in front of him was stacked up to the very ceiling, and even the passageway for people to pass through was filled up.

 He had expected that the vaults would not be that big, since they were only inside the mansion, but the vaults themselves were unexpectedly large, and there were more than enough crates to fill three wagons.


 ”Ah! I’m sorry, I was a little surprised.”

 ”Hahaha, you are surprised, aren’t you? I didn’t expect to be able to harvest this much myself.”

 Seeing the storage room filled with crops, Neil muttered to himself in a carefree manner, “I guess it’s a good harvest,” while Gibbett, on the other hand, was not at all at ease.

 He thought that no matter how many he had, it would only be half of the second wagon, and he had brought the third wagon just to show off his selling power, but now he had a reason to use it.

 With the crops, Gibbett cannot afford not to load the third wagon with crops, and he has to buy much more than he expected.

 (No matter how good the crop is, unless all the crops in that vast farmland are harvested at the same time, it will never be as large as it is here.)

 Thinking about it, Gibbett comes up with a possibility.

 The crops that Neil brought in were in different seasons and took different periods of time to grow.

 However, all of the crops brought by Neil were fresh, suggesting that they were all harvested at the same time.

 This suggests that Neil can not only grow crops out of season, but also control the speed of growth and the timing of harvest to some extent.

 (The method itself is unknown, but if he can do it, he can also adjust the timing of when he sells them to us.)

 ”Excuse me, Gibbett-san?”

 ”Ah! I’m sorry, I was just thinking this time.”

 ”Uhhh… well, I’m just going to get the paperwork ready.”

 ”Okay, I’ll take care of the loading, and thank you for your cooperation.”

 With that, Neil turned around to go back to his office, and Gibbett and the others who were left in front of the storage room looked at each other silently.

 ”Representative, what should we do with this?”

 ”What are we going to do? We’re going to have to load up the third one.”

 ”Are you serious? Can we buy that many at once and sell them all?”

 ”Whether we can sell them or not isn’t the issue anymore.”

 If they only load the second shipment and leave the third one empty, the other party will wonder why they brought three wagons and it will make a bad impression on them.

 Gibbett, who is willing to build a good relationship with Neil, is willing to buy the three wagons’ worth of crops at the cost of some losses.

 ”Come on, hurry up! It takes time to load three big wagons! We’re going to sell them to our customers as soon as we get back to the city, so let’s not waste time!”

 With this decision made, Gibbett now has to think about how to reduce the loss and make a profit.

 Although there were some miscalculations, there were some gains instead.

 The area of farmland in the settlement and the limit of the amount of land that could be harvested at one time, the possibility of manipulating not only the season but also the timing of harvesting to some extent, and the possibility of strengthening the relationship by selling human resources if they seemed to be short on manpower.

 The loss is great, but the man Gibbett, who has made the plow so big in his lifetime, will not be beaten for free.

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