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Chapter 49 Meisy and Narsht

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 Although it was a bit confusing to deal with the harvest hoe people because they had to wait for the paperwork to be completed, I was able to finish the meeting without any problems.

 I was surprised to see Gibbett-san, the owner of the company, among the people of the hoe, but I guess the fact that he came to pick up the crops in person proves how much effort the company is putting into this business meeting.

 And since Gibbett-san bought three wagons’ worth of crops, which were bigger than our wagons, the amount of money I had spent on yesterday’s sales was not a problem at all, though Gibbett-san gave me some extra money for the large quantity of crops.

 To my relief, I am relieved to know that Diana might have given me an additional lecture about the extra money if I had not made such a big sale.

 After I had taken care of the scheduled visitors, I looked at the other visitor and saw the four of them chatting happily with each other.

 ”What, what’s this situation?”

 I thought there was a situation, but the first thing that jumped out at me was the image of Ronald-san sitting on the floor.

 ”Master Neil, is everything all right over there?”

 ”Uh, yeah, Gibbett-san and the others are back, they bought over half the crops in storage.”

 ”That’s a lot of crops, thanks to them, but I wonder if it’s all right to buy so much at once.”

 ”It’s a good thing, or else they wouldn’t have bought it. They came with three wagons twice as big as our wagons. More importantly, what did Ronald-san do?”

 ”Master Neil, you don’t think I’m guilty, do you?”


 I’m sorry Ronald-san, but it’s just routine.

 ”He just brought refreshments for the slaves… and I was giving him a little lecture when he tried to mess with them.”


 It’s unfortunate that his own daughter treats him like this, but it’s not nice to do so in front of her.

 I heard that he used to play around a lot when he was young, but now that he has two daughters and is old enough, I think it’s time for him to lighten up.

 ”Well then, I’ll leave Ronald-san to Diana.”

 ”Master Neil!?”

 Not wanting to get caught up in Diana’s sermon by offering a helping hand, I sit down on the sofa, avoiding Ronald-san who is sitting on the floor, and face Mei and Narsht-san who are sitting opposite to me.

 ”Hello again, it’s been a few months for Mei, but about three years for Narsht-san, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes, yes, it has.”


 I wonder why Narsht-san is acting strangely distant, just like me when I’m talking to someone I don’t know before.

 In the first place, it is a mystery why he came to this place with Ronald-san and Mei, when he left our house three years ago to join another noble family.

 Perhaps my thoughts were reflected on my face, Mei looked at Narsht-san who was sitting next to me and told me why.

 ”You don’t seem to know anything about it, do you? After leaving Count Atmiras, Narsht was hired by the Duke Clement’s family.”

 ”Wasn’t the Duke Clement famous for being a gourmet?”

 ”Yes, Narsht was employed there for a while but was fired two years ago.”

 ”What? Why?”

 ”Two years ago there was a coming of age party for the second son of the Duke and Duchess Clement… and Narsht was in charge of the food.”

 ”Did he get fired for something he did then?”

 ”No, it’s not.”

 What? I thought the story was that he was fired because the food at the party was not well-received, but it seems I was wrong.

 ”Yes, nothing happened. The party, the food, everything went without incident, that’s what was wrong.”


 ”You still don’t get it? Think about it, a chef who made a name for himself in the aristocracy with his Narsht sauces, who cooked the food for the party, how much do you think people expected him to cook?”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 The same story would not have been much of a problem for other cooks.

 However, the Narsht sauce made him famous, and people expected “the food that Narsht makes”, and the food that came out did not live up to the expectations, so he was fired.

 ”But how does Mei know all that?”

 I’m not in a position to speak for others either, but Mei is even more out of touch with such information.

 Neither of us would actively go out to pick up gossip spread among the nobles, and neither of us would be interested in socializing with other nobles, but in her case, she is indifferent to what she is not interested in, which is her own temperament or character. So, it was surprising that she knew about Narsht’s story.

 ”Of course it’s because I was actually at the party. How else would I have known such a story?”

 ”Even Mei goes to parties like that.”

 ”Hey, what does Neil think I am?”

 ”Happy science.”

 ”I don’t know what that means, but I know it’s not a good thing.”

 Good or bad, Mei is in fact the type of person who is happy as long as she can do her research, so she is not mistaken.

 ”By the way, the only thing I know about him is that he was fired after that party, but I don’t know what he did after that, so you’ll have to ask him.”

 ”Well, Narsht-san, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

 ”No, I can’t keep quiet forever. Besides, I was planning to tell you when Master Neil comes. I have been thinking of telling you about what I have been doing since I left the Count Atmiras and why I am here now.”

 Narsht then began to tell the story of his life.

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