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Chapter 5 Thirty Slaves and the Settlement Land Situation

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 After that, we continued to ride on the carriage and arrived at our destination before dusk, but as soon as we got there, I couldn’t help but clutched my head.

 ”Hey, Diana…”

 ”What is the matter?”

 ”Didn’t father say he’d give me 30 laborers to help me settle the settlement?”

 ”Yes, Master Neil, that is exactly what he said.”

 I see, I guess I’m not mistaken.

 If so, what does this mean?

 ”It looks to me like there are 30 ordinary villagers?”

 ”Yes, Master Neil, you are correct in your assumption.”

 ”No, I mean… you know how I’m in charge of development this time, right? Do you know what that means?”

 The fact is that it is very difficult to develop new lands in this world.

 The first reason is the Labyrinthization nature.

 Labyrinthization means that the land becomes a part of a labyrinth, a so-called dungeon, and all the unexplored lands are left unexplored because of this labyrinthine state.

 What is troublesome in the labyrinthine state of the land is the existence of monsters called ‘clones’ (複製体).

 Clones are the lumps of magical power ‘clone’d from a single monster called the root body, and as long as the dungeon is filled with magical power, ‘clones’ will be produced endlessly.

 One of the troublesome points of the ‘clones’ is that they do not need to sleep or eat, and can keep moving without rest until they are destroyed.

 They are also very troublesome because they do not have even primitive feelings such as fear and fright that all living creatures have, and they come at humans without fear of death.

 However, there are some drawbacks to the ‘clone’.

 First, ‘clones’ can only exist under the influence of the labyrinth and cannot leave the labyrinth.

 Secondly, when the source of the ‘clone’ dies or disappears from the labyrinth, the ‘clone’ cannot maintain its existence and returns to its magical power.

 And every labyrinth has a nucleus, and if the nucleus is destroyed, the labyrinthine state of the land is lifted, and the ‘clones’ that can only exist under the influence of the labyrinth are annihilated.

 In short, development in this world is almost synonymous with conquering the labyrinth.

 ”I heard that they are laborers for settlement, so I thought soldiers would be sent to me.”

 But in fact, there are only 20 or so villagers who don’t even look like soldiers, and since there are some women among them, they don’t look like the kind of people who can be sent to attack the labyrinth.

 Or perhaps it is my imagination, but their expressions seem to be a bit dark.

 ”Hey Diana, what is the reason why these 30 people were gathered? I don’t think my father would send ordinary people out to settle the land.”

 ”Master Neil, I must inform you that these individuals are not subjects, but slaves.”


 Diana’s reply made me want to cover my face.

 Slaves, I see, no wonder their expressions are gloomy.

 The point is that they didn’t volunteer to be settlers of their own volition, but are here only because they are slaves and don’t really want to do such a dangerous thing as settling a new land.

 (What’s the point of punishing me if I fail? This is already a punishment.)

 Here comes the realization that I will be responsible for the lives of 30 people, and my head starts to ache.

 It may be to make me aware and confident as an aristocrat, but it is too rough a treatment.

 The reason why he sent slaves instead of soldiers must be in case I fail.

 In this world, human lives are treated much lighter than in my former world, but the lives of slaves are treated even worse.

 Although there is a minimum human right, or at least a prohibition against things that are morally wrong, it is not enforced by law, so it makes little sense.

 The fact that slaves were sent as laborers for this settlement also showed the situation of this world.

 (Because it doesn’t matter how many slaves die, right?)

 This is not a story about my father’s fault.

 This is the common sense in this world.

 Once again, what a harsh world I have come to, I thought to myself as I looked at the 30 slaves in front of me.

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